Written by John-allen

15 Oct 2013

Jo had often hinted at the black arts, and I decided that, with her co-operation, I would take her to a place I knew where this sort of thing went on. Once in the car, I blindfolded her, so the final destination would be unknown and a surprise.

I drove for about an hour and arrived at the appointed place. I helped Jo from the car, towards the building. At the door I knocked, as instructed, and it was opened by a man dressed in a black robe and mask. I gave the agreed password and was ushered into the building and led to a room

We entered and at first could see nothing, although it was warm and I sensed that there were others there. I felt Jo tense slightly, a little nervous, but I reassured her and led her to a table covered in black silk in the centre of the room, which I could now see as I grew accustomed to the light. Rising above the top of the table was a large black phallus shaped object.

I spoke quietly to Jo and helped her onto the table. Had prepared her for this moment and she wore nothing under the long silky dress she was wearing.

Lifting up the dress I helped her lower herself so slowly down onto the huge phallus, taking it bit by bit deep into her cunt. A faint smile was in her lips, and one of the robed men stepped forward and removed her blindfold. As she got used to the light she was greeted by a semi-circle of men, wearing black robes drawn back revealing hard and erect cocks, and masks hiding their faces.

Unmasked, Jo looked at the group of semi naked men, many were stroking their cocks, some had shot their load, others waiting too see what would happen. One moved forward, cock in his hand, the tip dripping with precum, and pushed it towards Jo. Looking at the hard erect member she motioned him closer

One of the watching men couldn't hold on any longer, the sight of Jill taking that big goats prick was too much. He was wanking himself faster and faster and with a sudden gasp a jet of hot white spunk erupted from his cock, arching up in a string of cum

Jo watched as his spunk arched up and splashed over her belly. Great globs of hot white spunk, slippery on her skin were everywhere. She reached down and rubbed it into her belly and cunt, making her even more lubed to take that phallus. What was left she kicked from her fingers, looking at the guy who had shot his load. This was too much for the other watchers,

As he moved closer Jo reached out and took hold if his cock, rubbing and squeezing it so more clear liquid oozed out. She pulled him close to her mouth and with her tongue licked the clear juice from the end if his swelling member, all the time wriggling down on the goats phallus filling her cunt.

She opened her mouth and pulled him closer, her like closing around the red throbbing head of his cock. The others watched, and wanted their share. Bodily she was lifted off the phallus and laid on a covered table. She was arranged so her cunt was at the edge, and one of them moved between her legs, and reached down and fingered her pussy. Hid cock was enormous now, throbbing and twitching as he prepared to thrust it into her wet cunt

The others jostled for position, eager to avail themselves of Jo's willing body, every orifice begging to be filled.

The guy standing between her legs continued to finger fuck her, sometimes bringing his cock between her pussy lips in anticipation. She was aware that someone else was beneath her and felt a finger exploring her arse crack, and finding her tight hole, which was suddenly penetrated as his finger was thrust in her.

Jo shuddered as her cunt and arse were finger penetrated and explored but she didn't forget the cock head in her mouth. The bulb of his cock filled her mouth, which flicked with her tongue before sucking on it. He moaned as she did this, getting bearer his climax. She was aware of other figures around her, all holding and stoking and wanking their pricks. Soon they were going to spurt their load all over her.

She was aware that the fingers in her cunt and arse had gone and now she felt them replaced by two cocks, which were suddenly and without warning thrust deep inside her. She couldn't cry out as she was still ducking another cock, as another guy was trying to get her ti take him too. She felt hot splashes on her body as those wanking started to cum.

The two fucking her arse and cunt started thrusting together, in unison, in and out quickening as they got closer to spinning their load. The one with his cock thrusting into her cunt had spunk from the others on his cock as it dribbled down now making her very slippery. When he came Jo would be impregnated with the hot sticky white cum from all of those spraying their spunk over her.

The two cocks were jumping her cunt and arse harder nesting their climaxes. First the guy fucking her pussy gasped and rammed his cock ad deep as he could into before crying out as he deposited his hot sticky load if spunk in her. Almost immediately the second guy shoved in deep and his cum flooded out filling her arse. The first one relaxed and slowly withdrew his sticky wet cock, and his spunk dripped out, mixing with all the others. The air was heavy with the smell of cum.

She continued to suck and lick the cock in her mouth, and could sense that he was hearing a climax, so she braced herself for the flood of spunk that would fill her mouth and throat. He reached down, grabbed her head and pulled her so his prick was deep in her mouth and with a cry, emptied his balls into her waiting mouth.

Jo felt his balls contract as he started to cum in her mouth. His cum shot out, gobs of sticky hot liquid filling her mouth. It pulsed out in what seemed an endless jet of spunk, so much it went down her throat, and spilled out. She tasted the saltiness of his cream, which made him even more slippery. Fighting the urge to choke, she continued to suck greedily on the bell end of his cock, still spurting cum in streams, but easing s little. As she sucked he responded by grunts and groans, from the sensitive caress of her mouth and tongue and from his continuing spunking. It dripped from her mouth.

He subsided and moved away, only to be replaced immediately by another hard cock wanting to take his place. Shorter, thicker, the shaft was thrust with a grunt into her mouth. Both hands went round the back of her head which pulled her forward roughly, the cock reaching the back of her throat. He still pressed forward. Jo wanted to gag he was in so deep, but he was not going to release her. "You filthy slut" he gasped savouring the feeling, "Take my cock"

Just as she thought she would choke he released her head and pulled his knob free. It was covered in the previous guys cum, which still dropped from her mouth. He grabbed her head again. "You whore, fucking tart" he managed to say "Dirty slut, look what you have done to me. Now lick my cock clean, but don't make me cum"

She lay there as the others continued to watched, excited by what was going on, wanking and spunking over her. Her tits and belly and pubes were dripping from all the spunk that had shot out.

One by one they wanked and fucked until they were all spent. Jo lay there, spunk everywhere, in her hair, over her face, in her mouth and throat, tits, belly and her cunt and arse, all oozing spent cum. Her cunt had been filled to overflowing, all screwed her bareback