1 Apr 2018

My wife and I have enjoyed a couple of random encounters.

This was unexpected as we had finished work For the day and it was early evening and we popped to Dunelm in Radcliffe. I parked the car over into second car park alone. We went in the shop and my wife looked great in pencil line skirt, black tights and blouse.

When finished we put purchases in boot and then feeling horny I told my wife to get in the back. I got in with her and we started snagging and I dared her to suck me off. She was on her knees with ass in air going to work on me. Another car pulled up nearby and driver got out. He saw what we were up to and it was like he was frozen in time.

I told my wife but said I now need to roll your skirt up and pull your tights down. The man saw this as an invite and came by our window, I opened the door and let him watch. I had 2 fingers in my wife’s pussy and took them out to show the stranger. His hands were shaking but he managed to start rubbing her pussy. My wife looked over her shoulder and smiled at him and got her head back down

Our new friend got his cock out and started stroking it by my wife’s crack, I pulled her thong completely away and widened her so that he could see. With that he just put his cock straight in and started fucking her

We knew this would have to be quick and it only seemed about a minute and he just cum deep inside her. He quickly withdrew and left. We then went home and I ran her a bath to relax after another horny show

I’d like a nice suitable SH man with a nice big cock to fuck her in our bed next