Written by playinglady69

1 Sep 2007

The door closes. I can feel him. His presence fills the room.

I look around, but do not yet see him. The aroma of burning

incense clouds the air. Candles are the only source of light

and I see flickering shadows on the wall. There, on the bed,

are his instruments of pain and pleasure. Curious, I go

to the bed and touch each one with my fingertips. He is watching

me...I can feel His eyes on me. Selecting one of the tools,

I pick it up and caress it, bringing it to my face..stroking

my cheek. I delight in its fragrance... its texture.. its


And then I hear him. Entering the room, He asks "Do

you like it?" His voice is deep and resounding.

I shudder..not daring to turn around "Yes, Sir. Very


"Then you shall have it."

He walks up behind me and I feel his strong hands on my shoulders.

I am trembling and my legs begin to fail me. He slowly turns

me around and I see his eyes...sharp..strong..deep...piercing...consuming.

Wearing black leather gloves, he touches my face and smiles...a

smile like none I have ever seen before. I am captivated.

My gaze fixed on him as he commands me, "Come..it is

time to begin."

Surveying the items on the bed, he picks up a very long, thin

strap of leather lacing. Taking my wrists, he draws them

behind my back and secures them. I feel his hot breath on

the back of my neck as he whispers, "You are Mine! You

are here for My pleasure. I will take from you what I want."

As he guides me toward the bed, I begin shaking. The anticipation

is overwhelming. He stops me at the edge of the bed, kissing

the back of my neck and shoulders. Suddenly, he reaches

for my breasts and fondles them savagely, pulling on the

nipples. I gasp. One hand covers my mouth as he continues

to maul my breasts. He runs his hands through my hair and onto my shoulders,

lowering me to my knees. Clutching my throat, he tilts my

head back and I can see him standing over me. He looks down.

His face is calm and deliberate as I feel his hand begin to

tighten. He is excited by the fear in my eyes. My juices flow.

He releases his grasp and I inhale deeply.

The room goes dark as he ties a black satin blindfold in place.

There is no sound except the pounding of my heart. I strain

to listen for his movements. He is still behind me.

I hear him untie and open his silken robe as he moves to stand

in front of me. His cock is hard and he strokes it, uttering

a low growl. "Lick it, my pet" he commands me

as he brings my head forward to him. I lick his hard cock from

base to tip. It is wonderful! He rubs it on my face and then

plunges it full into my mouth. He begins to fuck my mouth

with both hands holding my head. Just when I think he is about

to cum, he stops. His laugh is sinister. "Not yet,

my sweet".

He reaches over and takes his flogger. The handle is long

and thick. He dances the tails over my face and across my

shoulders. Teasingly, he glides the strands down my back

and over my legs.

He bends me forward and rests my cheek on the edge of the bed.

He turns the handle around. "Make love to it!, "

he orders as he thrusts it into my pussy. I am so wet and swollen.

I meet his every stroke. "Yes...Yes... Fuck it my

dear!" He reaches up and grabs my hair, pulling my

head back. I want to cum. "Oh please ....I am so close!"

I plead to him. "Please! Please let me cum!"

He pumps the flogger faster and faster. "So...you

DO love my toys." "Yes.. cum for me. Cum for me

now!" My head begins to reel as wave after wave of orgasm

rushes through me. He releases my hair and I fall forward

onto the bed. Pulling out the flogger, he turns it back around

in his hand. "Very good...now make love to the rest

of it."

The first lash falls on my back. The sting is bittersweet

and I cry out. His hand knows well his pleasures and he keeps

a perfect rhythm. My scent is carried through the air as

he wields his desires upon me. His torment seems endless.

I am on fire. A single tear flows down my face and he stops

to gently brush it away.

He kisses my neck and down my back as he unties my hands. Removing

the blindfold, he turns me to him and kisses me deeply. The

passion in his eyes! His strong arms hold me close and I am

engulfed in his embrace.

I take a drink from the glass of wine he offers. I am still

shaking as he raises me onto the bed. Without saying a word,

he lifts my hands over my head and places them into the restraints

he has prepared. His eyes flare and his jaw tightens as he

looks at me with pure primal lust. He removes his robe in

a single motion.

"Now...Now, I will have you."

His eyes are ablaze as he surveys my body, stretched out

with my hands over my head completley vulnerable to his

attack. He walks around the bed, inspecting me as if deciding

where to begin. My eyes are focused on him and follow his

every move. My breathing is shallow with anticipation

of his next move.

Without warning, he climbs ontop of me, straddling me in

one swift motion, his full weight forcing me deep into the

mattress. Grabbing my wrists, he kisses me hard and deep..pushing

his tongue into my throat... His eyes staring into mine.

I try to move my legs, but he captures them between his imobilizing

me with his feet on my ankles. I try to break away from his

kiss, but his hands leave my wrists and hold my head there

for him. Straining against my bonds and against his legs,

I realize that I am completely helpless to resist him. He

sees the look of despiration in my eyes and breaks away to

sit up, his weight now on my hips. He smiles wickedly.

He turns his attention to my breasts, grasping and groping

them brutally. He bends over and begins sucking and biting

my nipples as he grinds his pelvis into mine. I feel his cock

on my mound, hard and teasing. He licks his way back up to

my neck and grabs my hair as he visciously bites my throat.

He is growling with animal lust as he licks and bites and

grinds his captive slave. My body feels electric.

He moves up to straddle my chest and tempts my lips with his

hard cock. He smiles as he sees how hungry I am for him. I open

my mouth and he rubs the swollen head of his cock on my tongue.

Holding the headboard, he raises to his feet and squats

over me, inserting his power full into my mouth. His hips

undulate as he fucks my mouth once again. It is all I can do

to keep up with him as his stokes become faster and faster.

My hips are squirming and I feel the wetness oozing from

my cunt. He arches his back and after one final thrust, he

reaches down and pulls his cock from my mouth...exploding

his delicious cum onto my face, groaning as he rubs his hot

semen into my cheeks, eyelids and forehead.

Recovering, he dismounts leaving me to relish in his gift.

I hear the faucet and he returns to wash my face with a warm,

wet cloth. His demeanor is calmer now as he cares for his


He pours a glass of wine and takes a drink. His muscles are

relaxed as he gently caresses my torso with his fingers.

He takes another drink and leans over to kiss me, passing

the wine from his mouth to mine. I am honored that he would

share with me in such a loving way. I savor the drink for a

few seconds before swallowing. The wine warms my throat

as I close my eyes in satisfaction that I have pleased my


When I open my eyes, he is standing at the foot of the bed.

"Did you really think I was finished with you, my sweet?

He looks at me and smiles..."Turn over my lovely pet

and give me your ass." Using my legs, I turn onto my

stomach, lifting my ass up for him. My wrist restraints

are attached to a swivel and rotate easily. He removes the

pillows from under my head and places them beneath my hips,

raising me up even further.

He grasps my ankles and loops a length of rope around each

one. He spreads my legs, leaving my knees on the mattress

and secures my ankles to the corners of the bed. I can still

move enough to lift my ass a little, but not much. "Who

is your Master?" He demands. "You are my Master."

I answer without hesitation... even as I test my bonds.

I watch as he goes over to a table and opens a heating pad.

Inside is a bottle of massage oil. He opens the cap and returns

to me. "Such a beautiful ass. Such a wonderful sight."

he says as he begins to pour the oil in a stream down my back.

It is very warm and causes me to shiver. Spreading the oil

over my shoulders, back and ass, his hands feel large and

strong. He drizzles more oil down my thighs and onto my legs

and works it into my skin.

Lighting a candle, he stands over me, watching the flame

flicker. His eyes dance in the shadow of the candlelight,

his face illuminated. A drop of wax falls onto my shoulder.

It sears for an instant and then hardens as it cools. The

effect is stunning. He continues to apply drops and streams

of wax to my shoulders and back, biting my ass and thighs

as he decorates his slave. He runs his hand up and down my

legs, scratching and kneading my flesh. The sight of his

slave in such a position excites him and he breathes in low

growls as he works his pleasures.

He blows out the candle and kisses me passionately. His

cock is hard again with desire. Moving behind me, he grabs

my hips and grinds his cock on my slick ass. My pussy is dripping

with a combination of my own juices and the massage oil.

He slides his cock between my legs, coating it with the slick

mixture. He spreads my cheeks and lets out a deep breath.

"Oh yes..this is what I have been waiting for., "

he exclaims and teases my asshole with his rigid member.

"You know, my dear..." he whispers into my ear,

"giving your ass to me is your ultimate submission...

your ultimate surrender."

He circles my asshole with his thumb before gently inserting

it. I stiffen as I feel the intrusion. "Relax for your

Master" He strokes my rectum, in and out, dialating

me in preparation for his conquest. Stroking his cock,

he slowly enters my hole. My hands flex and my feet struggle

at the ropes as he gently pushes his cock deeper. My muscles

finally relax and allow him full penetration. He begins

to fuck my ass visciously. I begin to pant and cry out to Him,

"Yes! Fuck my ass!...OH please! Fuck my ass!"

I buck my hips furiously as his strokes become deeper and

harder, pounding his power into me. He raises onto his feet,

preparing to deliver his load deep inside me. His fingers

dig into my hips as he pulls me back with each stroke. His

strength is overpowering. Finally, he succumbs to his

lust. His cock pulses with every spurt of semen deep into

my ass. His orgasm is long and intense and he collapses onto

my back, his chest heaving with every breath.

He recovers once again and goes to clean himself. He returns

and releases me from my bonds, pulling me to him. Lovingly

carressing my hair and face, he looks deep into my eyes and

kisses me.