12 Jul 2019

Following on from my first meeting with steve i thought that after my night of being a married slut that id got it out of my system and that was that but as the weeks went by i kept thinking how much i enjoyed my night with guy from the pub. I decided to text Steve and see if he wanted to meet up for a drink, to be fair i didn't expect a reply i thought he has had his fun and lost interest. To my surprise he replied and said save meeting at the pub i knew where he lived so why not come round that Friday. We texted a few times during the week with a bit of flirting and he suggested that if i wanted to be naughty i should come round in s summer dress with no knickers on .

Friday i finished work went home an showered an put my some dress on and of course no knickers and to be extra daring i left of my bra ,my boobs are quite small so they are still pretty pert. i told hubby I was going back out with a group of people from work and off i went.

i Pulled up outside Steve's and started to feel nervous but i summoned up my courage and knocked on the door. Steve opened the door with a smile and invited me in. When inside he gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek and gave my bum a cheeky squeeze. he lead me through into the kitchen and offered me a drink so i had a glass of wine and he suggested we site in the garden as it was so nice. when we went out to the garden i saw that his mate Colin was sitting there i said "hello" to which he replied fancy seeing you again. we all sat down chatting and it wasn't long before the conversation got round to sex " picked up any strangers in pubs lately" Steve asked " No not lately " I replied " So have you come round for round 2 " Colin asked " Well the wine was starting to relax me so i replied " i was Kinda hoping so " i chuckled. " did you do as i asked , i see you didn't wear your bra" i nodded with a knowing smile " show me then he quipped i pulled my dress up and opened my legs slightly to show i wasn't wearing any knickers. " good girl" Steve smile Colin got up and came round to have a look " Very nice" he placed his hand on my thigh and started to rub it up and down getting higher each time. his touch was electric and i could feel myself getting turned on then he reached my pussy and started to play with my clit making me wet before slipping a finger in me and start to finger my pussy and after a few minutes he had me cumming. Steve came over and started to slip the straps of my dress off my shoulders i put my hand up to my chest to stop him "what about your neighbours" that side are away he gestured and that side is an old man who is probably asleep by now.. i released my hand and allowed him to slid the top of my dress down revealing my naked breasts my nipples already hard in the evening air. Steve started to play with my nipples squeezing and pulling on them while his mate was fingering my pussy making me cum again.

Colin took his finger out of my pussy and offered it to me i took it in my mouth and sucked it clean. he reached down and undid his shorts releasing his already hard cock and sat down next to me " i think you should get your mouth on this " he said with a gleam in his eye. i stood up and bent over in front of him and started to tease his cock with my tongue before talking it in my mouth and sucking it hard " fuck she can sure suck cock this one" he exclaimed. Steve got up and stood behind me and completely removed my dress, there i was completely naked in a strange garden with a young studs cock in my mouth i felt so slutty and was getting so turned on. Steve slipped two fingers in my pussy and started to work it just as i was about to cum his phone went off he looked at it and said he would be right back. All the while i kept sucking on Colin's cock.

Steve returned a couple of minutes later and to my horror and four guys with him. i stood up and tried my best to cover myself up. "don't worry" he said " we are all friends here and they know all about you" i dropped my hands and gave an awkward smile and did a little pose to try and relieve some of my nerves. The guys walked towards me and before i knew it their hands were exploring my body feeling my nipples pulling on them and fingering my pussy and soon had me cumming.

i was pushed to my knees and one by one they took out their cocks. i was surrounded by 6 hard young cocks. i started to suck on one cock while having a cock in each hand oh what a slut i had truly become. i had no thought of my hubby sitting at home totally unaware what his wife was up to. i had no idea what cock belonged to who i was just sucking.

Colin was the first to break the circle as he lay on the grass " i want that pussy " he comanded. before i had chance to move i was picked up by two guys and lowered onto Colin's cock it slid straight in and i felt him fill my inner depth. i then proceeded to ride him bucking on his hard cock loosing count of the time i came. of the others came behind me and thought he could take my arse but i said not my arse to which he replied" your cunt better be ready for a good fucking then as we are all going to take it" with that he got up and pushed his cock in my mouth. they were all cheering and calling slut,whore and all the name under the sun. then Colin let out a cry"oh fuck im cumming" with that i felt his hard cock throb as he pump me full of his spunk.

He had barely finished when i was lifted to my feet bent over an another cock thrust into my pussy and another in my mouth. for the next two hours they took turns fucking me and all bar one cum in my pussy. i had so much cum in me it was running down my leg down my bum ,it was everywhere. At one point i even looked up to see Steve's neighbour looking over the fence watching what was going on.

After they hard all taken their turn fucking me i sat still completely naked and my legs still open, i could hardly close them. Steve sat beside me "have you had a good time, did you like my little surprise" i looked at him" what this was your plan along ,to gangbang me" "Yep " he smiled back " and ive got a little keepsake as well" as he nodded towards the hose i look around and see a cctv camera on the wall" what the fuck tell me that wasn't on" I said in horror" oh yes its always on maybe i should send a copy of the fun to hubby" "He would probably like it if im honest "i replied. Steve reached between my legs and slid two fingers in my well used pussy " i want this again "he said" do you fancy coming around again" i thought about it for a second and just winked.

After resting a while Steve suggested i take a shower to freshen up. i got dressed and said my goodbyes and went home to hubby. when i got in he asked if i had a good night " you will find out all about it soon enough" i said " are you going to fuck me" i asked and lead hubby upstairs

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