18 Jul 2016

My wife went away for the weekend to visit family with the kids. My older neighbour lives with her elderly mother who is bed bound and in the 80s. My neighbour is about 60 and she has couple of dogs so her life revolves around them and her mother. I've spoke to her a few times but never been in her company.

I came home after golf and it was a sunny afternoon so I had a shower then sat in the garden with a beer. After a while I noticed June my neighbour over the fence so I said hello, she knew my wife was away so asked if I was going out but I told her I was just going to have few beers in the garden cause I was golfing in the morning again.

About 8pm I saw June in her garden again, she having having a glass of wine. I said hi and asked if she wanted to join me which she agreed as her mother was sleeping. We sat talking and she explained that she left her husband about 10 years ago and not been with a man since. I don't know if it was the drink but I was a bit turned on by this. She was on her second bottle by now and only had on a short summer dress, she wasn't great to look at but had a decent body.

The subject soon got on to sex and I told her that sex slowed down when your married, she told me she used to love sex and really liked it rough! I'm 42 and always had a thing for older woman but never been with someone in her 60s. June contined to tell me how she missed a man's hands on her, I took this as an invite and touched her knee for a while, June took my hand and pulled it up to inside her thigh. By now my cock was getting stiff and it was clear cause I was wearing shorts.

I then slipped my fingers inside her knickers and started to finger her puss which was soaking! June then reached over and began rubbing my cock over my shorts. I was fully hard and horny as hell. I said that I was going to get another beer from the kitchen and went in my house. As I closed the fridge June walked in and was drunk, she came over to me and said that she wanted fucked. I grabbed her and started kissing her feeling her pussy and tits, then I turned her around lifted her dress and slide my hard cock in her and fucked her hard, it only lasted a few minutes before I filled her pussy with cum for the first time in 10 years.

June sorted herself and said she had to check on her mother. I told her to come back for a nightcap if she wanted. After about 10min I heard the gate open and June came in the kitchen, she thanked me and told me that she wanted to be used and abused all night......I never manged golf in the morning!