Written by Sinbad8192

8 Jan 2012

For a long time now I have fantasied about sharing my wife, seeing her enjoyed by others or at least hearing some juicy details of sexy escapades. One of my little habits is writing stories about what I would like to happen and sometimes sharing them with her if I think she will enjoy. Here is one I wrote while I was thinking of horny situations that might see Rebecca pleasured. This is written about her submissive side so has a strong element of domination but not her doing something she doesn't want to.

I hope you enjoy!

It was late one Friday night and Rebecca was out with some friends after work, having a few drinks and a good time and I was picking her up. We had both been really busy during the week and so were looking forward to the weekend and spending some time together. I grabbed my keys and went to pick her up, enjoying the last rays of a warm summer sun on the way to get her. I arrived at about 11ish and she came out of the pub with her friends, a little drunk and laughing as she approached the car.

Rebecca said her goodbye’s and got in the car, leaning over and kissing me hard on the lips, not caring her friends were staring. She looked pretty hot tonight, a nice pair of high heels with some tan stockings rising to meet the hem of her knee length skirt with a slit down the side. On top she wore a white blouse, undone a few buttons showing some nice cleavage and a sexy white bra. I was looking forward to finding out if she had matching panties on too! We pulled away and got on the road home. We chatted a bit and after a while I told her to 0pen the glove-box and there was a present inside. She smiled at me as she reached down and flipped it open, letting a nice new vibrator fall into her lap. She laughed and gave me a cheeky smile that made me want her tight there. I told her I remembered she said one of her fantasies was to use a toy while we were driving and that now was a perfect chance.

She hesitated, but only briefly as she turned the toy on, letting it buzz softly in her hand before she lent across and put it in my lap, the vibrations feeling really good against my rapidly hardening cock. She settled back in her seat a bit and pulled her skirt up a bit higher, letting her legs part as she slowly rolled the toy up her leg, letting it glide over her stockings. I risked a glance at her while I was driving and saw she had her white suspender belt on with a sexy pair of white panties. My cock throbbed in my pants as I saw my beautiful wife slowly rub the vibrator against the white panties and tease her pussy beneath. I heard her sigh as she told me how it felt, touching her and how she was getting excited. I could not resists another glance, seeing her hands between her legs and her hard nipples poking through her blouse had got me so horny. If I had known where to park I would have pulled over right there and fucked her brains out. As it was I put my foot down a little more, wanting to be home sooner to join in the fun.

Rebecca took her time, gently caressing her pussy and clit through the thin material of her panties, the toy making her so wet and excited. I could hear her breathing quicken as the pleasure built. “Do you want to see me fuck myself?” I heard her say in a sweet voice from beside me. I could only nod, struggling to concentrate on driving and the sight beside me. Another quick glance and I saw the tip of the toy slipping past her panties and into her pussy. How much did I want to be doing that to her right now. Again the foot went lower and the needle went round a bit more. She slowly pushed the whole toy deep inside her pussy, filling her and rubbing the vibrating bit against her clit . By now I could see her legs moving, jerking each time she pushed the toy in and out as she fucked herself. I was so hard and excited I hardly noticed the car following behind. Finally after going that little bit to fast the blue light flashed in my rear view mirror and the siren came on.

“Shit” I shouted as I was jerked back to reality. I slowed down and looked for somewhere to pull over. Luckily there was a picnic area just off the road so I pulled into it, parking up as the police car pulled in behind me. Rebecca didn’t have time to sort herself out so she just lowered the skirt down and left the toy inside her as we both waited in the car. I saw the beam of a flash light running over the car as a policeman walked up to my window. I lowered it and asked what was wrong? “you were speeding sir, and driving a little erratically between lanes. Have you been drinking?” I replied telling him I had not been drinking, just picking up my wife from her night out. At that point he looked up at Rebecca, who was red faced and trying to make herself as small as possible. She look so guilty of something his gaze rested on her for a while, finally noticing a there was something between her legs sticking up through the material of her skirt. “What do you have there?” he asked her. “N.N.N.Nothing sir, just something..er…personal.” she replied but it wasn’t enough to convince the office who called his buddy from the car to search Rebecca. She looked at me, her eyes pleading but there was nothing I could do. I was told to remain in the car while she got out and followed the 2nd policeman round to the rear of the vehicle for her search.

I was hoping she would get away with it and now she was standing the toy between her legs wouldn’t be obvious. Rebecca stood facing the rear of the car, legs slightly apart and leaning forward, ,waiting to be searched, cringing with embarrassment. The officer checked her arms and round her waist, patting her down for anything suspicious as she waited, knowing what he was going to find if he looked harder enough. She could feel his strong hands on her, touching her and in her current state her skin tingled everywhere he touched her. The hands slowly moved down over her skirt, skimming her ass and then closing round her legs to finish his check. “All clear !” he told her as he finished but as he got up, a buckle on his uniform caught her skirt and lifted it just enough for him to see the edge of the toy poking out from between her legs. “Wait a minute”, he told her just as she had started to move. “What do we have here? Is someone a naughty little girl?” he asked, quickly moving to dominate the situation. He made a signal to his friend who was keeping an eye on me and out came some handcuffs and he handcuffed me to the wheel saying it was just procedure during a search.

At the back of the car Rebecca’s shoulders sank as her secret was uncovered. The office leaned close, a lot closer than when it had been a proper search and whisper in her ear, “You are a very bad girl for concealing something, this time I will do a proper search to check for anything else.” She felt his hands on her neck, smooth on her skin as the slid along her arms to her fingertips and then back, under her arms. She knew what was coming next but it was still a shock when it happened! The policeman slipped his hands round her front and rubbed her tits through her blouse. She felt him cup her boobs and squeeze them, the palms of his hands brushing her hard nipples as he took his search to far. Rebecca remain motionless, worried about what she could do to stop him as his hands carried on playing with her breasts, his body touching hers now. She felt relief when he stopped but almost jumped as the hands didn’t stop, instead they moved lower down her body, down over her stomach to her hips. He stepped forward, making sure his body was pressed against hers as he rubbed her ass and slipped his hands down further, under the hem of her skirt. On the way back up he lifted her skirt again, this time it was no accident.

Slowly and purposefully he lifted my wife’s skirt, inch by inch exposing more of her legs encased in her sexy tan stockings until they stopped and he saw her naked skin. She was shaking with nervousness and worried how far this search was going to go when the skirt finally lifted high enough for him to find her sexy white suspenders and innocent white panties. The hilt of the vibrator we sticking from her pussy as he watched, revelling in her discomfort for a second before he reached down and grasped the toy, pushing it hard, forcing it deeper inside my wife. I jumped from my seat when I heard a low guttural grunt from her, worried something might be wrong I check the rear view mirror to get the shock of my life!

I could see my sweet wife, slightly bent over, her hands planted on the rear of the car, her fingers splayed out. I could see her blouse had opened a bit giving a great view of the top of her chest, bulging from her bra and looking so good. But the real shock was that I saw the police officer standing beside her, holding her skirt up to her waist and his other hand firmly on the vibrator between her legs as he pulled it out slowly and the pushed it back in hard, causing her body to shake and fall forward against the car, making the same guttural moan of animal pleasure a 2nd time. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I blinked and looked again but saw the same thing, her face, her eyes screwed shut trying to remain impassive as the guy pushed the toy deep inside her. The skirt was flapping round her waist, her suspender belt shining white against her skin and the stockings as she was fucked.

The officer leaned in close and whispered “do you like your punishment?” as he pulled the toy out. He pushed harder behind her, rubbing his hard cock against her ass through their clothes as his body weight pushed her against the rear of the car. She said nothing but whimpered as he pushed the toy in again, speeding up and fucking her hard, pushing it deep and making her lift to her toes, impaled on her new fuck toy. I couldn’t believe this, I recognised the signs of her arousal and knew his treatment was getting her off, having a stranger fuck her sweet pussy nice and hard with a vibrator in a situation she had no control. I could tell there was less fight and her face showed more pleasure as I heard a moan every now and again. I could just about see what he was doing below the rim of the rear window, see the toy sliding in and out of my wife, slick her juice from her pussy as her teased her pussy and clit.

“you are enjoying this aren’t you little slut” the policeman asked Rebecca, his voice soft in her ear, contradicting the force her was using as he fucked her. She didn’t reply, trying not to give him the satisfaction of dominating her completely. When he got no response he got angry, deciding to push it further. “if you don’t like this then maybe the real thing will help?” he asked, not expecting or wanting an answer as he fumbled with the fly on his trousers. Rebecca gripped the edge of the car hard, knowing what was coming as she felt the vibrator slide from her pussy and fall against her leg as he dropped it to the floor. Her pussy was on fire, the toy had been teasing her in the car and when the policeman had fucked her with it she had almost cum, her body betraying her. She jumped at the 1st touch of his cock against her body, feeling it rub against her panties and pussy. Numbed she could not think how to stop this as the guy wrapped his arms round her, holding her tight as he drove his hips forward, burying his cock deep inside her hit tight pussy and forcing her against the car.

The whole car rocked with the force of the two bodies pushed against it, I Looked back, jealousy burning through me as I saw her mouth open, the moan on lust ringing in my ears as their bodies remained locked together in a moment of intimate passion. She opened her eyes and looked at me in the mirror, he look a mixture of confusion and animal lust as I watched the policeman’s hips pull back, drawing his cock out of her pussy and then slamming it back in, once again pushing her against the rear windscreen. I sat there, numb and in shock as the car rocked to the rhythm of the policeman fucking my wife. I was going mad with jealousy, unable to believe he would do such a thing, unable to accept she didn’t resist even more and unable to explain why my cock was rock hard in my boxers.

Rebecca could feel his body tight to hers, pinning her against the car as his hips moved back and forward, his thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy easily now she had become excited. The ache in her pussy was growing, spreading throughout her body, her nerves on fire as she was completely dominated and taken by the officer. He held her tight, his hands covering hers, pushing them down hard on the rear of the car, holding her body spread as his hips piston’d back and forward, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. He dropped on hand from hers and rubbed her body, his hand hard on her legs, squeezing her ass, taking his pleasure and she slipped it between her and the car, cupping her breasts as he stopped fucking her briefly to undo some more buttons on her blouse, almost down to her wait. She look so sexy, slightly bent over, her blouse now open showing the sexy white push-up bra and her breasts pushed against the glass. Her skirt was still bunched up, caught between their bodies and unable to fall and cover her up. Her suspenders hung loose and shook each time her fucked her, and her panties were stretched to the side, letting me see the obscene sight of his thick cock pushing inside her tight pussy.

He was still standing there, his cock half inside her playing with her breasts, cupping them and fondling her nipples when I saw something that shocked me. I saw Rebecca’s hips move, pushing back to take his cock deeper. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw her fuck him back. Rebecca was on fire, her body alive to the strangers touch and his cock half inside her was driving her mad so she just arched her back a bit and pushed her hips out, feeling the relief of his cock pushing back inside her once again. She felt so wanton doing this, so slutty but the need to relieve the ache between her legs was to strong, she needed to cum. The policeman got the message and started to fuck her again, his hips pounding against hers as the car started to rock again, faster and faster. I could hear them both, his grunt of exertion as he pumped inside her and her animal moans of pleasure as she responded, her hips pushing back to meet his thrusts, joining him ready to explode.

Rebecca came first, a low long moan escaped her lips and I looked up, watching in the rear view mirror, seeing her flushed red face screwed up tightly, eyes closed and she struggled to push herself back and impale herself deeper on his cock. I could see her muscle taught, her whole body shaking in pleasure as the orgasm took her body over, her pussy muscles contracting round his cock, milking it and drawing his cock deeper. This was too much and the policeman’s hips jerked spasmodically into hers, his cock growing and twitching as he came deep inside her unprotected pussy, his seed spurting inside her belly. Rebecca could feel his grip on her tighten and feel the urgency of his thrust into her, knowing he was cumming inside her spurred her on, making her orgasm more intense. I stared, unable to tear my eyes away as I saw both of them, their bodes moving in unison, pushing together, both trying to get as much pleasure as they could. He jerked his hips more, his cock spurting more cum inside her as she could feel pleasure peak, his lips on her body, his arms tight against her holding her in the embrace. Slow his grip loosened and the pressure on her dropped as they both recovered from the intense passion. She felt his cock slowly drawing out from her, a soft moan of shock as he slipped from her pussy, leaving her empty and vulnerable.

Glad the whole thing was over I wanted her back with me, I wanted to be home and away from this place. To my horror I heard the policeman tell Rebecca to wait right there. I wondered what else could happen and then catching the look on the face of the other officer by my door I guessed. The 1st policeman zipped himself up and walk to my door, looking at me and leering her told his friend that it was his turn to “Check the suspect” I dropped my head in defeat as his friend walked back, unzipping as he did so. I watched him step behind Rebecca and get ready, his cock resting against her pussy, teasing her as he waited, then like his friend before he slammed his cock balls deep into my wife. Already slick with a load of cum inside her his cock slipped straight into her and his thrust lifted her off her feet for a second, leaving her impaled on his cock, the moan escaping her lips of pure pleasure.

I hated myself for watching but I couldn’t stop. I could see him fucking, hear the slapping of their bodies as he enjoyed taking her hard, fucking her deep with long strokes of his cock. Rebecca was exhausted, the passion draining her as she let her body fall limp against him, the pleasure too much and she came again, her body betraying her. It felt so good being dominated and controlled like this, having them take what they want from her was making her feel so dirty yet so excited. She let him fuck her and she enjoyed it, she enjoyed the feeling of his shaft forcing it’s way into her, she enjoyed his hands mauling her tits and she enjoyed his stealing a kiss from her lips. I looked back at them, her blouse off her shoulders, one bra strap fallen down too and her breasts spilling over her bra cup, her nipples hard from the constant teasing. She looked so sexy, bent over, submissive and being fucked, I wished it was me back there but I could do nothing but watch.

The policeman was talking dirty now, telling her how she was a slut for fucking him back, for fucking herself with the toy which got her into this position in the first place. She didn’t reply, only moans of pleasure came from her lips as she let him use her. He told her he was going to enjoy cumming inside her and filling her full with his cum. I saw her expression change when he said this, the desire in her eyes, knowing she wanted this too.

The rocking of the car hastened and I knew what was going to happen and I was powerless to stop it. Rebecca loved the sensations coursing through her body, she was enjoying this so much, the feeling of total surrender and abandonment of any guilt as she let him take her. She could feel his cock ready to cum and she urged him on, her hips pushing back, taking him deeper until he could take no more and he came. For the 2nd time that night she felt a cock inside her grow and expand as the cum spurted into her. She pushed back, grinding her hips, once again milking the cock of it’s cum to fill her. The guy didn’t slow down as he came, his cock still pumping in and out of her pussy, forcing his cum deep inside her. I could hear him groaning, his body taught, the lust boiling over as he fucked my wife. Rebecca slipped on the read of the car and stumbled a bit, making the cock slip from her pussy, he was still cumming and his cum spurted from the tip of his cock and sprayed her nice white innocent panties, it spurted again spraying over her pussy and her skirt, The final spurt of his cum sprayed out and soaked my wifes suspender belt and stockings, I could just see the shiny white cum sticking to her stockings as her body slumped against the car, spent and in ecstasy.

The policeman remained against her, recovering from such a great fuck as she rested too, her lovely clothes half off, messed up and covered in his cum. He reached down and picked up the toy that started this whole thing and smiled. He put it against her pussy and whispered in her ear “We don’t want any of that nice cum to go anywhere do we?” just as he pushed the toy back in, forcing it deep inside her and pushing the 2 loads of cum into her. She yelped one final time as he backed away,. He told her to get back in the car and this time it would only be a warning. Smiling the policeman by my door laughed and walked back to join his friend as they both got back in their car. Rebecca slowly walked round to the passenger door, the toy making her walk seem strange as the policemen pulled past, their hands on the horn taunting us both.

Rebecca got in the car and sat down, her face still red, her chest heaving and her clothes a mess. She looked so divinely slutty and sexy it was driving me crazy. She looked into my eyes and I could do nothing but grab her and pull her close, kissing her fiercely, my passion finally being released as I grabbed her breasts and became excited as she moaned at the touch of my hands on her body. I broke off the kiss and told her I wanted to get home now and she agreed, an impish smile on her face as she said “Don’t drive to fast this time”

I hope you enjoyed the story and I have a fair few more to share if people like.