Written by The Traveller

14 Sep 2012

Hello all, I thought I would share with you something that occured to me. I was temporarily living in Reading for work and was soon heading back to Manchester and had always thought of southerners as unfriendly, until then.

I was at a loss for anything to do and staying in the hotel was not really a great attraction. I decided to pop into a pub in easy walking distance of my hotel room at the Travelodge to see what was happening. I walked into the pub and it was a little quiet but as only 7 o'clock, I thought I would hang around, especially when the barmaid said there was a quiz on and that any team would happily have me join them.

Anyway around 8 the landlady appeared and I was instantly taken with her. She had blonde hair, a great pair on her and had a gorgeous smile. She was very chatty and we talked in between questions ( I was helping some lads at the bar with a few) and her serving. Anyway, she explained that she was the moment and feeling a bit lonely as her boyfriend was away. I suggested in a flirty way that I could help with that, if she fancied it? She laughed and carried on serving. I stayed on until closing and was just finishing my pint when she offered me a freebie on the house. I thanked her and said I'd love one and drank it down while we chatted about my life in Manchester and living out of an hotel. By the time I had finished, all the other drinkers had left and her bar maid was ready to go. She showed us both out but whispered "Come back in five" before bolting the door as I and the barmaid left.

I waited a few minutes before returning and as I walked in she was stood there in semi-darkness. I walked over to her and we immediately started kissing and she made straight for my cock, which was now champing at the bit. She was straight down on her knees in the public bar, and she had my cock in her mouth before I could say "Long live southerners". I was helpless for a few minutes as she sucked and twisted me to cum. My timing was not great and just as she took me out of her mouth, I shot my load all over her face and top. She looked up at me smiling, before thanking me and saying it was all over and that I should leave. It was not nasty or anything, just frank and to the point. She clearly had a temporary need.

I was happy to oblige and went back after, but nothing further.