Written by dog2222

26 Jul 2010

Jo was feeling down, nothing had been happening in her life for some time; mundane job, low pay, regular bills and nothing but earache from her former partner. She was sitting in her flat watching the telly. She had just finished a plate of beans on toast and was too fed up with life to tidy up. The plate slipped of her lap, turned sideways and left a bright orange streak of tomato sauce all down one leg. Fuck she thought, that’s all I need more washing. She picked up the plate and added it to the pile in the kitchen.

On the way to the bedroom to get changed, Jo caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, as she swept past. No wonder your life is dull, girl, she thought. How plain are you? Jeans (with sauce), loose fitting blouse to hide the flabby middle and a t-shirt bra because it was comfy (but, let’s face it hardly flattering). Pull yourself together, girl, doll yourself up and live a little. She entered the bedroom with an almost forgotten spring in her step.

She sat on the bed wondering what to put on when she remembered why she was so bored. She didn’t have any money left. That bastard had taken the savings when her ran off with his little tart. The bastard. He had left her with the flat (very kind) and with 3 months arrears. She owed the Electricity Company too. All in all, she was skint to the tune of £486.

Jo was naturally optimistic though and she said to herself if I pretend to have a good time, I will have a good time. If I go to the pub someone will buy me a drink. If I go to a club someone will get me in. She smiled to herself and thought what shall I wear.

She preferred to do this kind of thinking naked and work from the skin outwards. She stripped off her blouse and bra in one movement and her big tits seemed to perk up on the removal of their constraint. She took her jeans off, leg by leg and threw them over the unkempt bed into the laundry basket. She blushed to herself when she remembered the knickers she had on. The fitted like a glove, fully covering both cheeks and were broad and concealing at the front but what a colour. Was it faded blue or dirty white and how did the crotch get that colour? Off they came.

Now she was naked. She looked herself up and down. Not a thin as she used to be but the boys would think curvy in all the right places. 36 inches up top and 36 inches round the bottom. She thought her pussy could do with a tidy up but not tonight. Stockings and suspenders are bound to be good for a couple of drinks so she started with those. Flesh tone stockings so as not to be too obvious and her white suspenders with the blue details because she had always liked those ones. White suspenders means white pants, but no tonight. As she went through her drawer she had put her hand on her red thong. Her lucky thong. The thong that once got her screwed good and proper in the passenger seat of a Ferrari. On they went.

She looked at her bras. Uplifting, thought Jo. She picked out the lace bra that closely matched her suspenders. Underwired for cleavage, low-cut for maximum offers of drinks. She slipped on her chosen bra, being careful to get everything in the right place. Jo looked in the mirror and thought she looked a lot better than 5 minutes ago.

Next, leather skirt, black of course. It was tighter than the last time she had it on and seemed to be shorter too. Another drink winner here, Jo was sure. To cover her bra Jo chose a blue and black checked blouse that she tied at the waist and buttoned only as far as he cleavage. Two mounds of pleasure squeezed themselves forward to attract the attention of any male who happened to be present. None at the moment.

With only her footwear and jacket to go Jo knew what was coming next. It had to be her knee length leather boots. Out they came from the back of the wardrobe and she slipped her long legs in and zipped the boots up the sides. I’m a biker thought Jo so on went her leather jacket. She was proud of her leather jacket, a proper bikers jacket not a fashion imitation. An old biker boyfriend had insisted she wear it and she was glad she had kept it.

On with her make up and a quick visit for a pee and she was good to go. She took a small clutch bag with the essentials but left her near empty purse behind. Jo had no intention of spending a penny tonight. She didn’t have a penny anyway.

When Jo walked into the city centre pub nobody she knew was there. She walked up to the bar slowly and she could feel herself being watched. She kinda liked it. The bar man asked what she wanted to drink and she replied, nothing, as she was waiting for someone. (Someone to buy her a drink that is.) She sat on a barstool and scanned the saloon. A middle-aged man was sitting at a table on his own beckoning her over.

Are you Jo? he asked. Can I buy you a drink? Jo replied, yes, a vodka and orange and thought, god that was quick and how did he know my name? He came back with a drink for them both. Jo asked if she had met him before but he said no but the lady had told him all about her on the phone. Go on, said Jo and he explained he had booked Jo, Biker Jo, to be his escort when he was in town. Jo didn’t say anything.

The man said his name was Sid and that Jo was everything he had hoped for and more. He then shut up and the expression on his face left Jo with no doubt that she should be saying something. Did the nice lady on the phone explain what Biker Jo was expected to do? Oh yes, he said. I have to pay you the £500 first. And did she say what Biker Jo would do for you. Oh yes, he said, I’m taking you to my hotel and we are going to ride like a Harley Davidson on Nitro.

Jo knew this was a case a mistaken identity. The bloke was nice enough and he had £500. Boy could she do with £500. She sat silently for almost too long. Could she take his money? Had she become that desperate? Well frankly yes. She would do it. Ok then Sid lets go to your hotel. Right after you give me the £500. Sid smiled and gave her a white envelope containing the readies.

They got back to Sid hotel and went up to his room. Sid took more vodka from the minibar and poured Jo another. She had checked the money in the bathroom and had also checked she had a couple of condoms in her essentials. She did.

Sid was on the bed taking his shirt off. Jo said let me do that. Sid let her. She took off his shirt and then crouched down to undo his shoes. Sid could see up her skirt quite clearly and leaned forward and ran a finger up her red thong. The shoes fell to the side and she rolled down his socks. His hands rubbed the flesh between thong and stockings. He seems to be enjoying himself thought Jo. He moved up to his trousers and she knew he was. The bulge was unmistakeable. Off came his belt and down came his trousers. He was a big man, she could tell, even through his CK boxers. As she took the boxers off he sprung back up like parking bollard.

Shall we start with a suck? she asked. Yes please, was the reply. Jo still crouching put one hand on his chest and forced him to lie down. She took his cock in her mouth, closing her lips around him and sucking so that she sucked herself down onto his swollen knob. Her hands gripped his balls and she used all her skill to give him good head. His hand grasped her dark hair and helped her with the up and down movement. He pulled her hair and it hurt but this seemed to turn Jo on. Suck on that you greasy tart, said Sid as he thrust his pelvis towards her. Jo gagged as he went further than she expected and his cock forced passed her tongue and down her throat. That good bitch, that’s so good, said Sid. Jo thought so too.

Sid came moments later when Jo squeezed his balls in response to his hair pulling. There was loads of it and some went in her mouth but more went all over the place. On her face, her tits, her jacket, everywhere. You are some boy said Jo. And a repeater said Sid. I hope so replied Jo.

Just then the phone rang. Sid answered. I’m busy. Yeah, I’d like a drink but I’m bu..sy………………. Yes, right now…….. A biker……. I don’t know…….. I’ve paid……… I’ll ask her. Jo looked at Sid. Sid looked at Jo. Sid said, my colleague wonders how much it would cost to let him join us. Jo said nothing, Sid held the phone. Jo thought hard and said twice the work twice the price and not a moment passed midnight. Sid turned back to the phone and said she’s up for it. I’ve given her £500 already and you’ll need to do the same.

Sid answered the door in the handy bathrobe from behind the bathroom door. Jo, still fully dressed was introduced to Mike from accounts, also middle-aged and bearing a white envelope. She took the envelope and went to the bathroom. She caught her self in the mirror for the second time tonight and was pleased at the contrast. She opened the envelope and counted twenty notes. She was only expecting ten to make the £500 but then she realised she'd been given twice as much as she asked. Nomatter, she put them back in the envelope and into her jacket pocket with the other one.

Jo left the bathroom and was just about to say Mike had given her too much when she saw a third man. Much younger, Jay from dispatch was naked apart from his socks. It’s his birthday and its my treat said Mike. Get your jacket off Jo. Jo did as she was told. Her blouse was hauled roughly off but her bra was left on. She was bent over the bed and her lucky thong was pulled to the side. Jay stood behind her and she knew what was coming. She could smell his youthfulness moments before he touched her. His hard cock slid straight into her pussy not stopping for anything. Jay’s strong arms held her waist and he pounded her snatch. Jo was enjoying every second. Sid and Mike, both naked were watching, impressed, either side of Jo each holding their own dicks.

Jo stretched out for Mike’s and pulled him into her mouth. She grabbed Sid’s who, although softer than before, was proud and erect. She wanked him. Sid and Mike both started to pull at Jo’s tits. They struggled with the fabric of her bra holding them in place. Her nipples were being rubbed by the fabric and because they were hard the men could sense she was loving it.

Jay’s hand reached for Jo’s bra strap and with a quick snap of his fingers the hooks came apart. Jay was now looking at Jo’s back, all smooth and creamy. Her leather skirt was round her waist and he smiled as he saw his cock plunged in and out of Jo’s pussy. He loved her boots. Parts of which were rubbing his legs in time with his thrusts. Her white suspenders and stocking tops beautifully framed her bottom. The red flash of the thong only added to the delight. He stretched an arm round and felt for her clitoris.

Jo’s love button was firm and reacting. Her pussy lips were swollen and the natural lubrication of her fanny was everywhere. Her juices coated Jay’s fingers. He brought his hand round the back and put his middle finger on her puckered ring. Her anus tightened as she felt him. He noticed but was expecting it. With the aid Jo’s own fluids Jay pushed his finger in, up to his second knuckle. Jo reaction was to almost bite off Mike’s cock and to squeeze Sid’s balls too hard. They both pulled away from her clutches but it was too late for Jo. She came with an almighty bang. This triggered Jay who pulled out and huge globules of his semen covered her back and bottom. All three guys were impressed. Jo was delighted.

After a few moments, nothing was said but Mike took Jo’s bra from her arms and removed her skirt. He then lay on the bed with his legs bent at the knee with his feet on the floor. Jo got up. She looked at Mike lying there with his manhood pointing at the roof. Jay and Sid watched as Jo removed her red thong and threw it to the floor. She was still proudly wearing her boots, stockings and suspenders. Her pussy was stretched and wet; her ass was slimy but unfulfilled.

With one stride Jo stepped onto the bed. She turned round to look at Sid and Jay giving Mike a great view of her crack. Jo lowered her self slowly to Mike’s cock and with her right hand ensured he was directed to her darkest hole. Gently, she lowered herself on. The tightness of her ring finally gave way and Mike was inside her. Mike felt like a warm glove had firmly taken hold of him. He thrust up but Jo’s weight held him down.

Jo leant back until her head was next to Mike’s. Her tits were in full view and Jay knelt on the bed and began to massage one and suck the nipple of the other. Jo had not been with two men before so the experience of MMMF was mind blowing. Her knees were bent and her boots were on the bed. Sid’s view was of boots, stockings, knees and a gaping pussy. All of which were supported by Mike’s cock buried deep into Jo’s bum.

Jay and Mike clearly had Jo’s attention. Sid was fully focussed on Jo’s pussy. He had come already but this was just too inviting. He stepped forward between the four legs of the ass fucking pair and rubbed the end of his knob between Jo’s pink lips. Her clit was poking through and was given good rubbing by Sid. Jo wiggled to help him get to the right spot, all the while, heaving from Mike’s rhythmic thrusting. Sid could resist no longer. His hard cocked parted her lips and eased up her tunnel. She was hot, smooth and inviting.

The sensation was climactic for Jo. Mike’s largeness had moved her vagina forward from inside and Sid’s cock was rubbing where she was not normally reached. The pleasure was fantastic. Amazingly, she started to come. Not a normal orgasm but a slower more satisfying sensation. Both her vaginal and back passage muscles were reacting. She felt that this orgasm could go on for some time.

Sid could feel every move Mike made. He didn’t know why but he also felt his cock being rhythmically massaged at the same time. This Biker Jo is great shag, he thought. He carried on with his pounding and Jo continued to come. Mike could feel his explosion coming and whispered this information to Jo. Jo moaned and Jay kissed her.

Jo, in only half her biker outfit was being fucked, in two holes, by two middle-aged men. She was being paid like an escort but was loving every minute. The two guys were loving it too. Jay saw an opportunity and threw his leg over Jo. He kept his weight on his knees to avoid squashing the mass of bodies below him. His cock, hard again, was forced into Jo’s mouth. She sucked him hard and could taste his cum from before. Jo now had all three men in all three holes.

She was still coming, the orgasm was the best she had ever experienced. Long satisfying and seemingly never-ending. Mike finally filled her ass with his spunk. The change of pace started Sid going and he came too. The first two spurts went up Jo’s cunt but the remainder was sprayed over Jo’s belly and Jay’s arse. What the fuck, exclaimed Jay and he came as he turned round to see. This pulled his cock from Jo’s mouth and Jay’s spunk went all over her face. White streaks ran down her face.

The four of them lay on the bed. Jay wanted to go for a drink but the others persuaded him to stay. The men wanked over Jo while she brought her self off, at Mike’s request. She also got fucked standing up three times in a row each taking turns a fantasy of Jay’s. Sid gave her a ‘pearl’ necklace.

She left the room at the stroke of midnight.