Written by dorothy

19 Jul 2014

I was divorced, not in a relationship, late 40s, working as a housekeeper at a posh hotel .

One morning I went in to do a room. Lying on a chair was a dress which I hung in the wardrobe. Under the dress was a porn magazine, which I had a quick flick through and enjoyed. I laid that face down on the table and set to making the bed. Under the pillow I found a fancy sex-toy, much better than my vibe. Having made the bed I put it back under the pillow. I finished the room, went out and pushed my trolley to the door of the next room.

I was by my trolley when a couple came along the corridor and let themselves into the room I had just done. In their fifties, nicely dressed , looked like a happy couple. I finished the room and moved along the corridor to start on the next. The couple came out, and as they passed me the lady smiled at me and said hi. She obviously knew that I had seen their little secrets.

A couple of hours later I parked my trolley outside the door of the room next to theirs. This client had been late leaving. The nice couple came back to their room again, the man went in but the lady stopped for an instant and said to me in a quiet voice " the randy old goat wants another go " .

I just answered " lucky you, I'm not getting any at the moment. "

She surprised me by asking if I fancied a quickie with her and her husband. I do have a naughty streak in me and the idea seemed a good one. She asked my name, I said "Dot" , she told me she was Beth.

She led me into their room, the man was already naked and rolling a condom onto his erect cock.

" Jack, this is Dot and she needs a fuck. I told her you would oblige " she said.

Jack smiled at me and reached over to me. Beth told me to get undressed, so I unzipped my housecoat and stepped out of it. I only wear bra and panties, so off came the bra. I do have large firm boobs and could see Jack liked what he saw. Then off came the panties and I laid on the bed.

Jacks fingers were soon playing with my pussy, which was already well wet, he was nibbling at my nipples which I really like. When I am going to have a quickie I like to get straight to the meat and potatoes, I actually get turned on by the fact that it is a quickie.

I heard Beth tell him to get started, he lifted my legs and slid his cock in . I was randy and almost ready to cum. Then Beth came and knelt on the bed by my face, she was naked, and rubbing her clit. I put a finger into her pussy, very wet. Jack was thrusting into me deep and slow , Beth had my hand and pushed my four fingers into her pussy .

Beth then told Jack to go for it, and started to rub her clit faster as she bore down onto my hand. Jack pumped into me faster, I erupted into a loud orgasm , Beth also had one and then I felt Jack jerking and shooting into his condom.

A couple of minutes later he rolled off me . I watched as he peeled off the condom and Beth leant over and took his semi hard in her mouth .

I got up, got dressed and left them to it. I let myself out and went back to work.

Some ladies don't like quickies, but I do, a lot.