Written by Seb

31 Mar 2014

Following my meeting with cock crazy Mak lying in bed next to Koko I imagined this.

The team is in the dressing room. The match is over. They are stripping off.

In comes Mak dressed in the team's colours -red shirt, blue shorts and white socks. Only Mak's take is very sexy. The red shirt is like an athlete's, finishing just below her boobs. The boobs look round and firm and large and her erect nipples stick out amazingly. The royal blue shorts are low cut hipster lycra hot-pants. They are very right making her arse like two firm spheres whilst in the front the fabric is stretched over her mound. Her white socks are white lace topped hold-ups. Her boots have 5" heels. She has tied her hair back in a pony tail to keep it away from her face.

She has come in to reward the team, as she promised she would, if they won. Try scorers would get oral treats and they could come in her mouth or anywhere else. Only goal scorers or try scorers between the posts would get their cock between her legs for a full fuck. The rest she would toss off to spunk over her.

The full-back has kicked three conversions, a wing had run a try, the fly half had scored a drop goal and number eight, six foot seven and 19 stone, had barged through a ruck to score between the posts.

The four rewarded come forwards and immediately hands are all over her. Her breasts are being caressed, then the top is pushed up and hungry lips suck hard on her tits. On has dropped to his knees, hands round her arse, face pressed into her groin.

In the encircling team, fifteen including substitutes, some are touching them selves up through the it shorts. The rest, one still in a jock strap and a couple in long black lycra undershorts have their cocks out out as they watch and wait their turn.

She kneels down, still in her shorts and takes the wing's cock in her hand swelling and stiffening it, until big and rigid she takes it in her mouth sucking until face fucking furiously he comes into her mouth. She licks him clean. Spunk oozes from her mouth, dribbling down her chin.

Now she has three fucks. The fly half, used to standing behind the scrum is going to take her doggy style. He kisses her cunt fondling her arse and peels off her shorts. He gets a chair and bends her over it. Holding one breast with one hand and her hip with he other he slowly slides his cock goes in. Slowly at first then as his passions are inflamed, he pumps.

The team closes in to watch and wait their turn. With a final rapid thrust he cums, pulls out and Mak drops to her knees to finish the job with her mouth.

Mak is now cock hungry and she takes one in each hand and one in the mouth. The rules have gone by the board. Greedily she takes on any cock offered, sucking men off, draining them of spunk letting it dribble down her chin onto her top or the floor. Some want to wank themselves over her or into her open mouth, tongue hanging out to receive donations.

The full back lies down to be ridden and she lowers herself onto him riding him hungrily breasts bouncing fantastically. Though its difficult she still tries to take others in her hands while a couple of others jerk off to shoot arcs of gorgeous, thick cream juice over her. The fullback wants more doggying her over the chair until his load shoots into her.

Number 8 pulls off his shorts and out springs the meat he's been preparing. Meat it is.

It is unbelievably massive - nearly a foot long a couple of inches thick with a girth of about seven inches. The vein stands out for it is pumping up to The head is big, swollen and blue. He stands there his immense member almost vertical and throbbing as the blood pulses up it to feed this gravity defying giant.

Mak kneels down. Her hands look tiny as she takes him in hand. She opens her mouth wide and cum already filling her mouth drips onto it. The seemingly impossible task now takes place as she stretches her mouth to the limit and takes the head in. Slowly the pair manage to get three quarters of it in cautiously starting an oral fuck. Surprisingly, he is completely shaved and everyone watches as she starts feasting on the helmet as if it were a great ice-cream. She lifts her head away leaving cum still running downHer tongue seems small as she licks around the knob then over the tip. Her hands reach out to his balls. They are firm and massive, the size of tennis balls. She leans forward again eager to feel this beast in her mouth and carefully slides her lips over it. Cum escapes her lips as she does so. Then up and down carefully she pleasures him. The watchers have crowded forwards to see the action, hands slowly playing with themselves.

No 8's hips begin to thrust and, hands behind her head, he draws her down onto himself.

She lifts her head again and stands up. Her top is above her boobs and she still has her white stockings and shoes on. Her body glistens with spunk.She puts her arms round her neck and her lifts her up and lowers her gently onto his gigantic prick. Fortunately .her cum filled cunt is well lubricated and supple thanks to the two previous cocks.

Carefully, inch by inch he lowers her onto himself. Arms round his neck, legs round his body she kisses him with her cum filled mouth tongue deep into his mouth, spreading cum to complete the it union. Hands under bum he stands, legs apart lifting and lowering her up and down his pole. He is patient and gentle but soon they are fucking properly. Every time his cocks is buried deeper in her.

The watchers sense the point of no return is rapidly approaching. His hips are thrusting furiously. She is riding him furiously. It is noisy shrieks and encouragement from her beg more and yet more from him. He is grunting noisily. Suddenly he comes, burying his cock up to his balls and holding it there for ages. We can imagine wave after wave of thick, rich, yellowy cream sperm-filled spunk coursing into her. We wouldn't have been surprised if we had seen it ooze from her ears and nose.

He lifted her off and gently put her down. His massive still erect member too glistened with their juices and she knelt down an licked every part of his cock and balls of it.

Her mouth was full of the stuff as she opened it tongue out to savour the last few members donations.

She was carried off to the shower to be cleaned by grateful members.

I was as stiff as a girder imagining this. Koko realised I had a big hard on and wanked me and blew me to relaxation and sleep.