Written by Dee aka Nancy

9 Jul 2017

Well - I have caught up with my Harem of men which is going well. No new men to add at the moment but I am sure more will come and go and that turned me to thinking about writing about my fantasies, some of which I hope will become a reality. Now this fantasy is definitely one I would love to put into practice.

I am dining alone in a restaurant and there is a couple on the next door table looking as miserable as sin and not talking and appearing not to be enjoying the fantastic food in front of them.

I lean over and say hello, are you enjoying your meal, I am sorry to interrupt but are you two celebrating anything?

The man speaks and says its their 25th wedding anniversary. I respond and say, I am sorry but you both look so miserable that if you carry on this way it isn't going to last many more. I introduce myself - Nancy James and pass them a business card. I whisper that I am a Marriage Guidance Counsellor and Sex Therapist.

The woman takes the card and say's I'm Monica and my husband is Tom. She bursts into tears and says that I am right and they should consider counselling.

Well - never to turn an opportunity down to offer my services I said, looking at you both, I can see that you love each other but the spark has gone. Have the courage and appoint me as your sex therapist. Please be warned that the therapy I provide is not the normal discussion type of therapy but has a hands on element. The man's eyes lit up. Ha, I think I may have new talents. They appeared to be well off (well my hunting ground for new clients has always been expensive restaurants.

Go on said both at the same time. Well, its not cheap, its very private and discrete and I come to your house. It is £500.00 a session and the session can last between 1 to 4 hours and usually starts at 7:30pm. The average number of sessions is 3 and then couples tend to book a follow up session once every 3 to 6 months (these cost £250.00)

Tom looks at Monica and raises an eyebrow at her questioning if she thinks its a good idea. She nods.

"OK, we'll give it a go" Tom said. We agreed to meet in two days time at 7:30 on the dot. My instructions were as follows. To be sober when I arrive, no alcohol and to wear what they normally wear.

Another new client, they will be so thankful!


I arrive promptly at 7:25 - I am never late! I ring the bell and Tom lets me in and guides me to the sitting room. I instruct Tom to sit next to Monica. I tell them that they may feel intimidated, embarrassed and fearful, but rest assured if they get through the next half hour they will understand.

I instruct them to strip to their underwear. OMG - this is laughable. Tom has white MS Y fronts on (a passion killer right from the start) and Monica, oh Monica what is she thinking! Granny style bra with thick straps gray - was once white and big old knickers.

I pull myself together and try not to laugh. Right you two, what the hell are you wearing! You have both lost all respect to your bodies and no longer make an effort, no wonder your marriage and sex life is up shit creek! I said. I stand up and take off my dress, revealing a beautiful green and black lacey bra, knickers and suspender belt. Tom's eyes practically pop out of his skull and i notice a stirring in his underpants. Monica stares, mesmerised at my cleavage.

Right you two, you are going shopping tomorrow and I know can afford it and replace all of your revolting underwear! I practically scream at them. All of it has to go, Everyday wear also has to be sexy. Monica - big pants only when you have your period, UNDERSTAND!. She nods sheepishly. Tom, you are no better, grandad pants! for fuck's sake, you should be ashamed of yourself as well!

Right, you two, your worst nightmare is just about to start! Make love to each other now in front of me on the sofa. They sit there stunned, awkward, not knowing what to do!

OK I back down. Tom, who initiates sex, you or Monica? Ummm Errr I do, he says. OK then, tell me about it? I ask.

Well, we are in bed and I will lean over and give her a kiss on the cheek and put my hand on her breast as a sign I want to have sex. Monica opens her legs and I have sex.

What!, how often? I screech at them! Monica says about every 3 months! Oh for fuck sakes! in this day an age, are there really people who still fuck like that!

Right you two, you are in serious trouble here, you need to open your minds and explore sexually. Tom, have you ever had cunnilingus with a woman? Yes once, I didn't enjoy it. (Now I do know, a few men genuinely hate it, but make up for it in other ways). Monica, have you ever had a cock in your mouth? No she replied.

Where do I start, I shake my head. Its hands on time you two. Both of you strip naked and sit back down. Who wants to go first? Tom points at Monica, without a clue as to what was going to happen.

Monica, I say, sit back and open your legs. Wow, she does, not questioning. I come over and I kneel before her. Tom, get your head down here and watch closely I demand.

I gently start to stroke Monica's pussy and when I move to her clit, she gasps. Tom your turn, you try. He does and Monica starts to moan and buck. I slap his hand away and kiss her clit and lick gently and her slit, she starts to become more vocal. Tom's turn now and he copies me, he starts to get more and more enthusiastic, licking and sucking away. Monica grabs his head and pushes him in. He continues and Monica throws her head back and starts to spasm as her orgasm hits her violently. Tom gets up and sits back in shock.

Well Tom, how do you feel? He grins, Wow, that was wonderful, she tasted sweet, I didn't know it could taste like that, and Monica making those sounds was music to my ears! Monica, how do you feel I ask, she just blinks and smiles, speechless.

Well that was easy. I give Monica a few minutes to recover and turn to Tom and say its your turn! I go over and as he is already hard its easy. Monica sits up and watches closely as I lick and suck his balls, probing behind them with my finger and licking up his shaft and the tip and swirling my tongue around his bulging head before I ease him into my mouth as far as he can go, I suck and lick slowly and then withdraw and indicate to Monica to take over.

OHH Tom says, did that hurt Tom, I ask - he nods, OK Monica you need to be gentler, she complies and repeats what I did. I pass Tom a tissue and tell him when he is ready to cum, cum in the tissue. About 5 seconds later, he pushes Monica's head off his cock and takes over wanking himself into cumming.

Well these two have been easy pupils so far.

OK its time for me to go. Session 1 is over. Your home work until next week is as follows:

Throw out all your current underwear

Buy new and for Monica, especially, sexy underwear that she likes and feels good in.

No fucking until next week

Every day have oral sex with each other - at least once a day.

Write a diary of how you feel.

I put my dress back on leave.