Written by Harry_22

8 Jul 2014

The football was finished, the bbq was all done and most of the booze was gone as well so most people made their way home. Eventually it was just me and Dan sat outside on the decking, Em had gone indoors with a couple of other stragglers. Dan was wound up from the poor result so I vanished to find us a couple of beers. I came back out from the garage to the back of his chair. I handed him a bottle and laughed with him about being so tense from the footy, putting my hands on his shoulders and pinching them, joking about massaging away the problem. He told me it was no problem as he let a long sigh. It occurred to me how much he was into the massage, leaning his head back and letting me rub and roll my fingers around his shoulders and neck. Movement at the French doors caught my eye and Em was stood there, looking fondly at me, he tight figure showing sexily through her top and shorts. She slowly turned to go back into the house, patting her bum for me as she went. My cock swelled a little thinking about her and Dan made me jump.

“She is so fucking hot, mate!” he told me.

“Yes she is,” I agreed easily. He fell quiet and I carried on working on him rubbing thumbs down to his shoulder blades now as well. I did my best to casually lean forward, peering down his front searching for a reaction in his shorts. I thought I saw a bulge, but it may have just been the angle.

“You still thinking about her?” I enquired.

“Er well,” he started, clearing his throat and sitting up a little like he had been caught out, “I was more wondering how you can be so calm, out here like this while she is in there, you know Ed is in there, he is a real perv!”

“Yeah, of course,” I replied, “It’s cool, Ed knows her really well!” He stayed quiet so I really pushed the boat out, “For all I know, she may well be blowing him right now!” He responded with a slow groan.

“I thought you would like the sound of that,” I told him softly, pinching hard on him in time with his breathing, “Does that bother you?”

“What, me?” he gasped back, “er no, of course not!”

I eased my hands forwards and down, firmly over his chest.

“Ed gets so horny when he is sucked,” I whispered, “if she is blowing him, it won’t be for long!”

“God,” he breathed, my hands back on his shoulders, “does he spunk in her mouth?”

I laughed back, “sometimes, but I meant more that he gets so horny he likes to fuck!” He breathed out hard and so did I, leaning my body forward I poked his back with my cramped hard on. I saw him twitch in his shorts for definite this time.

“Shall we get them out?” I asked him.

“What,” he said sounding confused, “you mean you and me?”

“Why not?” I answered and I reached my hand further south now, brushing my fingers over his hard helmet. “Come with me.” I led him into the house through the kitchen and into my study. We stood facing each other and he had a look on his face that I had seen many times, and had myself on occasion; not really sure what is going on, but happy to go along with it. I reached down to his crotch cupping his heavy balls and pulling my hand away over his hard shaft, he was average in length and quite thin but with a bulbous thick helmet. In a smooth movement I slid my hand into his shorts and tugged on him, my other hand rubbing my own hard cock. He gasped as I pulled on him, his body swaying back and forth with the movement, I slid my hand under to cup his big balls every now and then.

From nearby I heard a call from the house, it was Ed shouting his farewell.

“Mmmm,” I said, “Em will be here soon then,” On cue the door clicked open and Em walked in, a big smie on her face.

“Hello, boys!” she said brightly. I could tell instantly that Ed had left a happy lad, there was no bikini top under her tee anymore, the nipples on her full tits standing proud. There was also a tell-tale wet line on the side of her tit. As if I was not detective enough, she walked up to me and pulled me to face her kissing me deeply. The unmistakable taste of come was fresh on her tongue and in her mouth. I let go of Dan’s cock to cup between her legs, the heat and dampness felt great. We looked at Dan and could not help but laugh. His jaw hung open, his eyes staring at Em in disbelief.

“Hi, Dan,” she smiled and stepped to him and kissed him. It took him a couple of seconds to react, but when he did he launched into life. His hands were first, he grabbed her tits and cupped with a hand on each, fanning his fingers round before closing in to frame her nipples with each finger and thumb. Then the moved round her, nearly lifting her up as he clamed them on her arse.

Stepping up behind her as they kissed I took the top of her shorts and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and pulled her tee off. She looked amazing naked as she moved to sit in my desk chair, turning it round to face us. I knew the drill by this stage and I lowered myself to my knees, pulling his shorts down at the same time, taking his boxers with them. His cock was exactly as I expected, slim with a fat head, I wanked him in easy strokes, moving my mouth to him as I did so. I had double satisfaction then, firstly from his hard, hot smooth cock sliding between my lips and the appreciative moans that came from Em. He gasped as he hit the back of my throat and I knew I was in danger of getting carried away.

I pulled back off him and then brought my hands up, deftly opening the condom and then rolling over him. I turned to see Em in the chair, her legs hoisted up by her hands under her knees, spread so there was still a great view of her tits and of course, her wet slit, her puffy lips framed by the trimmed mat of hair. I moved behind Dan, my cock pressing brazenly into his back side and my hands back on his shoulders. I marched his forwards and when we were an inch from her, I reached round, grabbed his shaft and pointed him down to her pussy.

Em is always super wet when she sees me with another guy and add that onto how wet she will have got sucking Ed off and it was no surprise that as soon as his tip was in that he followed with the rest of him in one push. Em cried out and the energy Dan had earlier when he started kissing her was back, his hips banging her hard. He grunted loud, pummeling his cock in and out of her, Em was yelping with each stroke. She came hard and quickly (again like I knew she would after the pre-amble!) and Dan’s pace slowed as she pinched him hard with her pussy clenching to her orgasm. Red face and with a sheen of sweat, her legs sagged around Dan. He pulled out and like he had done it before, flipped Em round. Now she was bending over the chair from the side. He moved behind her and pushed back into her with ease.

By now my shorts were at my ankles and I stepped out of them to move to the other side of the chair. She opened her mouth to welcome my cock in and she used Dan’s banging to rock back and forth off and on me. I was so horny I knew I would not last long and after a short while I grabbed her hair and pushed between her lips deep, firing my come off and then shifting to let it fill her mouth. Em spluttered around my dick as with an renewed vigour Dan picked up the pace and the volume.

“Hmmm, here, here!” Em shouted suddenly and in a mad flurry of movement we found ourselves with Dan now in the seat and Em and I on the floor between his spread legs. I could not resist putting my lips round him and taking him in, the taste of her wetness easily making me not notice the rubber flavor. As I drew back I peeled it off and so Em and I began licking his shaft and taking turns sucking him in.

When his groaning reached a pitch again, Em muscled in and took him in her mouth, clamping her lips shut, she jerked her head until his noise told me that he was spunking. I watched his cock pulse form the base wondering if it was all come! The answer was yes and Em let her lips open and big run of cream escaped down her chin. I kissed her, licking her clean as she finished him off and she rewarded me with a full on snog, letting his limp cock fall away.

We all stayed still for a moment, letting our breathing calm down. Then Em took my hand we headed for the door.

“Everyone has gone now,” she told me very matter of factly and looked back at Dan, “we’re going for a quick shower, Dan. You can too if you like, the guest room is en-suite.” Fifteen minutes later we were all sat back downstairs having a Jack Daniels night-cap. Dan still had that could-not-believe-it look on his face, but also the air of a satisfied grin!