Written by tom steele

30 Oct 2007

My wife's an attractive 50 year old, she was married for nearly 24 years before her ex left her for a younger woman; i'd suspected that her sex life before was more adventurous than ours was becasue of some of the things she'd let slip but i'd not plucked up the courage to ask her what was it like before; one night she invited some of her friends over for a meal, i was going out and she wasn't expecting me back till nearly 2pm, unfortunately things didn't work out and i arrived back earlier than expected at about 1am. The house seemed quite dark from the outside which was a surprise ad i was wondering if she was still there or not; i went round the back as i had a back dor key and wasn't quite ready for what i saw in the living room through a gap in the curtains; my wife was there all rigt but not with her friends as she'd told me, she was being groped and kissed by two men who were a fair bit younger than herself; i didn't know what to do and so decided to stay and watch the action.

She was wearing a to piece suit with a blouse underneath and her hair tied up in a bun, she had he glasseson and i could see she had stilletoes and stockings on as well; one of the boys was behind her and started to unbutton her blouse to reveal a black lacy bra, his hands felt her tits and popped out her tits so he could squeeze her nipples; the other boy was kneling in front of her and pushing her skirt higher up her legs to reveal her stocking tops and a lacy black thong, his mouth was licking at her clit and in no time at allhe had a finger inside her and she was pushing against him; she pulled away and made the two of them sit back on our sofa, slowly she stripped off and then got down on her knes infront of the first one, he already had is cock out and she took it all in her mouth, sucking for all she was worth, the other boy was waning himself and her hand reached out to stop him; she bckoned him behind her and he moved to take his position, he furiously started shagging her from behind whil it was obvious the other boy was coming, she didn't stop and seemed to suck all his spunk down; the one behind kept on pumping away till i heard her reach orgasm. I moved away and didn't know what to do, i was shocked to say the least; i waited till i saw them leave and then went into the house, you could smell the scent of sex in the air and i confrnted her over it, she didn't deny it and said she'd been doing it every time i went out, maybe next time i could join in?

I have to admit, i was tunred on by it and procedded to fuck her very hard once we got upstairs, shse didn't complain!