Written by someotherblokesback

19 Apr 2017

Me and Polly are no longer playmates, but I'm happy to say, still friends.

Yesterday, she asked me to write a story starring herself and gave me free rein to use my imagination, so I am, this is a work of fiction, it hasn't happened.

Once again I found myself pulling up outside Pollys house at the arranged time and once again, she grinned that grin and opened her coat to reveal my favourite outfit of fishnet body (no bra), short, tight and shiny latex skirt (so tight it showed the fishnet pattern underneath) and sheer, black hold ups with 3" patent high heels. I took it on trust she had already inserted the love eggs as instructed. My cock stirred just looking at her!

She slid into the car and only then asked "what's the plan then you fucking perv?".

She'd find out soon enough, I laughed and thought to myself what her neighbours would think of their lovely, chatty friend who loved gardening and kept her house so clean. Clean apart from the boxes under her bed, filled with dildos, vibrators, clit and nipple clamps and ropes. Filthy.

We drove a few miles along the motorway, all the while Polly flashing the truckers and playing with her protruding clit, the towel I'd earlier put on the seat was soaking wet, and I had plans for that later!

I'd learned this stretch had become famous with some truckers because of her antics and so made sure that she was on full display to as many truckers as possible for as long as possible. It's just a pity they couldn't hear what she was saying whilst she stared up at them, fingers blurred as she came, juices spurting into her hands.

We came off the motorway and drove a few hundred yards into the town centre and parked outside one of a well known chain of adult shops.

I told her again I had plans and a shopping list was placed in her hands, Polly looked at me, a little nervous as she realised she'd be going shopping dressed like a cum slut, with her juices covering her hands and smeared on her thighs, "buy these" I said "make sure the coat's open, give the lad at the till something to see" she read the list, wide eyed then stared at me, but after a seconds thought she smiled, and got out of the car.

Inside there was no time for browsing, Polly quickly got the items required, and returned to the car. She told me she'd paused for a second and nearly came on the spot as she stared at a large double ended black fist/hand dildo (I made a mental note of this for another time) and as required she had paid cash, coat opened wide enough to show off the best tits in England and her stocking tops on display, no doubt could be in anyone's mind what was going to happen next.

Item 1 on the list had been "lubricant" and this was because item 2 was "solid butt plug, at least 1 size larger than you think you can take". As we drove out of town, Polly was told to lubricate it (whilst making sure it was in full view of anyone who cared to look) and insert it.

Polly shifted slightly in her seat and as I glanced sideways I saw her eyes widen (probably in proportion to her rapidly widening arsehole) and her mouth opened wide to make a silent "OOOOOOOHHHH" then she plopped back down onto her seat and she wasn't silent anymore "OH FUCKING HELL ITS MASSIVE!" she shouted, not noticing we had stopped at lights and her window was partly open. The guy at the bus stop looked shocked, then quickly took a photo before we drove off. I wonder what he did with it?

Item number 3 would have probably been useful a little earlier, it was a rubber ballgag (Polly doesn't suck cock so a ball gag prevents a refusal that may offend) and she placed it around her neck in readiness, again, on full display to anyone who cared to look.

Items number 4 and 5 were toys Polly had told me she had enjoyed in the past, a pair of police issue handcuffs and a leather paddle. These were for later.

We then drove a few more miles to a cheap, tawdry little hotel with an awful (in a very good way) reputation where I had reserved a room.

We made our way to reception me wearing a suit, Polly dressed like a working girl, carrying a small hold-all with a ball gag around her beautiful neck.

The receptionist smiled to herself, she'd seen this before a thousand times, she knew the type.

"I'll put you on the top floor at the back" she said

"Can you put us near the lift please?" I said "we're expecting a few guests"

Polly started and bless her, she blushed as the receptionist looked straight at her and said "all at once or one at a time?"

"One or two, maybe more at a time, she'll take them as they cum" I said "some of them will cum and go, some might stick around"

As we got to the room, Polly said she had felt herself gush as she heard us openly discussing what she would be doing.

This was my cue, I'd been waiting for hours, I gently pushed SweetPussyPolly onto her back and kneeling between her legs, I slowly kissed and licked her thighs. The skirt was rolled up and the studs popped on the body giving my mouth access to her shaved quim. I kissed around it, took my time, my tongue probed the swollen lips and I felt 2 hands push my head towards her clit. I kissed, I sucked, I licked, I bit lightly and I kept going, enjoying the moment, remembering what I'd been taught all those years previous and when I heard encouraging noises from above and my face was smeared with Pollys sweet juices, I didn't stop, I just changed tack and concentrated on another spot, another lick, another nibble and the noises continued and so did I.

I tugged gently at the love eggs cord, wiggling them around inside her and moved the butt plug around, all the time licking and kissing and then, as the noises got louder and Polly announced she was was about to cum, I stopped and stood up.

"Time to get this room ready" I said "open the bag and place the contents by the bed"

Polly shot me a look of pure hatred but quickly placed 4 packs of ribbed condoms, some lube, a bottle of vodka, some little blue triangular pills and the cuffs and paddle on the bedside table.

"What now?" She asked.

I showed her my phone, on it was an invite only, private Facebook page entitled "Pollys anal party"

As she read, she saw that I had auctioned off tickets to the party, the holder of each ticket was entitled to empty his cum inside or on Pollys beautiful, spankable arse.

"Now's your chance to go home" I said "because once I update the status, 4 paying punters are coming to use you until they've had enough, and you'll never know who they are"

"Shut the fuck up, and press the fucking button" she said, and I did.

To be cont (?)