Written by Mutard

19 Jul 2010

My wife is size 8/10 with pert breasts and runners legs i.e. firm and toned. She's a cute blonde who doesn't know that men want to shag her whenever she walks past. Anyway, we were driving home after a family party, I hadn't drunk anything as the noiminated driver, she had drunk plenty and was slightly more adventurous because of it.

As we headed along the M1, she started stroking me, easing closer to me crotch. She noticed the growing lump and asked if I needed her to do anything about that. I said yes, and to my surprise she undid the zip, loosened her seatbelt and stretched across the car to kiss my shaft.

She sat back, and I told her she'd just made it worse, she needed to do a proper job of it, as I reached across with my left hand and groped her breasts, her nipples were already firm.

It was dark, and as she settled back down head in my lap, I found it so hard to concentrate on driving as she teased and kissed my tip. I reached across and stroked her legs, raising her dress revealing her stockings, with suspenders etc... It then occurred to me that if we passed a lorry or taller vehicle they might be able to see her. She was well into it now, and the feeling was incredible, so as we next approached a lorry to overtake, I slowed to run alongside the cab and flicked the interior light on. She asked why, and I said so that she could see what she was doing. She was unaware of the lorry to our side. i did this a few times each one making me more aroused.

I raised her dress more, and pulled her nickers to one side, pushing the tip of my finger into her. Knowing that the lorry driver could see everything - wow, what a turn on.

We came off the M1, and I decided to drive through town. As we pulled up at traffic lights, my wife asked me why I'd stopped and I explained that we were going through town, she was horrified. She tried to sit up but I put my hand on her head and told her not too as there was a police car behind us. Just stay there and keep sucking. She did - heaven.

The thought that pedestrians and other vehicles might see her as we sat at lights and passed slowly through town was such a turn on, and then she started bringing me to a conclusion. I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all apart from a little dribble down the side of her mouth. She sat up, as a group of lads walked past and they cheered. I reached across and pulled her dress down showing them a glimpse of boob as we set off in the traffic.

My wife was really gagging for it when we arrived home, and we had a fantastic night of sex as a result. Let me kow if you'd like to hear more about her.