16 Sep 2016

Our neighbors were having a loft conversion done along with a ground floor extension. Because of adjoing walls the builder spoke with me about the plans and work and how it would affect our property . We chatted about the local area and how he had gone to school locally etc . I gave it no thought about him going to the same school as my wife. A few days in to their work my wife went to work later in the day one day and happened to meet the builder outside . Why do I know that face he said to her its Amanda isnt it he said. I'm Simon, Simon ****** I went to school with you. My wife was surprised to be at being reconised by him I havent change much then she said. He replied that you look much more attractive now then when we at school she blushed at this and said thanks and went off to work.

My wife is a red head and at school she had a plain ugly haircut but now in her mid 40's it had grown longer and still maintained its natural looks no need for dyeing of any roots. She has an ample chest of 36 gg even after breastfeeding 3 they still hold a good shape.

As I had a week of night shifts I elected to sleep in our caravan in its storage compound in the day time. What with night shifts and building next door we had very little time for sex and it was her horny week just before her period when I can persuade her to try things she doesnt normally like. Like all of us men we had always thought of her with another man and in the next few days all she talked about was Simon at school and how he was one of the cool kids and never looked at her.Well I said now is the chance to get him to look.Behave she said that was then this is now. I thought no more of it except I was putting the washing out before heading to the caravan to sleep and I noticed that her usuall knickers had changed from her normal comfy plain work ones to sexy thongs and more then just a normal ammount that would be in the washing. She didnt seem too bothered either that I wasnt at home to be woken up by her for mid afternoon shag as normally happens when I'm on nights.

With the weather being hot sleeping during the day was a pain and haven twisted trying to sleep I gave up and knowing it was her day off I thought I would go home earlier and surprise her.I couldnt park outside the house because of the builders vans so drove down the lane and parked out the back. I came in to the house via the back door and walked in to the kitchen and found no sign of her here so I walked in to the back room and again no sign. I heard the floor upstairs creek footsteps on the landing as well as our bedroom I was about to call out when I heard her say Simon come to the bathroom I've got a surprise for you. You wanted that shower well now you can have it lay down in the bath. I was curious as to what was going on and stood still in the hallway listening. I heard him say come on then let me see your fanny piss on to me.Are you sure she replied too right I'm sure Denise wont do that for me. he replied. Pete asks me to do it to him but I keep refusing him so your the lucky one. Suddenly I can hear a hiss and then him groaning I can only guess that she is given him a golden shower.Come closer he says I want to kiss and taste it. I can hear slurping and kissing and she then says do you like it drink my piss up and lick my pussy clean. I hear her moan as what i think is him then kissing her pussy and sucking and licking the last drops of her pee away. I decide to move back in to the back room and make sure the door is shut like before. I hear her say that if the price is right there maybe more if you want it. Now you best get dressed and get back to that work. You can go home and smell of my pee when you fuck Denise later.

I hear him come down stairs and out of the door I creep up the stairs to our bedroom and I step on the noisy floor board. Simon get back to work I hear my wifes voice. I step into the bedroom to see her on the bed fingers between her legs. Pete! What are you doing home I wasnt expecting you she said. No I replied it was Simon. A look of horror is on her face.You dirty cow you couldnt wait to get some extra cock.She looks horrified and go's to get up but I push her back on the bed and force her to turn over so her ass is facing me.Smack my hand lands on her cheeks and she yelps in surprise.Again I slap her ass dirty bitch I say do you like extra cock. All I get is a muffled mmm. What was that as I slap her ass again yes she crys but I havent fucked him. No but you pissed over him didnt you.I'm sorry she says.I just got so very horny and one thing led to another.I want you to tell me about it while you fuck me I said.

I stripped off and lay on the bed my cock standing proud and balls aching for release Amanda climbs over me and my cock finds her hole and slides in with little resistance.

He knocked on the door and asked to use the loo I let him in and I went to our bedroom to do some ironing.I needed water for the steamer on it and walked out to the bathroom forgetting he was in there. I walked straight in and saw his cock in his hand all embarrassed I said sorry and walked out. He called out a few mins afterwards and said to not be embarrassed. She said they talked for a few mins and he then went up to her and gave her a hug and it turned in to a kiss. She said she need a wee and broke off but he asked her if she would do something for him. She said he had a cheeky glint in his eye and she was feeling hot and flustered by him. What is she asked. He then explained about golden showers and Denise his wife refusing him. She said it was a spur of the moment thing as she had thought about us two doing it. I just felt the urge to call his bluff and see if he was up for it. I thought he would back down but as s soon as I stripped off and went to the bathroom he followed like a little dog. Then I realized I had a hold over him and made him be my servant and do as I wanted. She said she found it a thrill to make him the once cool guy beg and do as he is told.

I looked at her and said do you want to try it again with me. In the bathroom she asked No I said here now on the bed my cock inside you and just go. She hesitated for a min or two then with a look of concentration on her face I felt a warmth from her thighs over me. I could see her yellow pee coming from hr lips and trickling over me on to the bed . She started to rock back and forth on my cock her enjoyment starting to show. I told he r to stop and lay down on the bed. I get my cock which is hard and aim it at her. pussy at first it comes out in a little dribble as my cock is hard.He fingers rub it in over her pussy and clit. As my erection goes down I'm able to pee a little more and she opens her pussy lips and tells me to piss in to her hole. She rubs her clit as I aim and she is soon in her own world of enjoyment.As I finish peeing I offer her my cock to suck the dribbles away. this in turn becomes a full on oral session I lay down on the bed and my head is between her legs and she resumes with my cock licking sucking and kissing each other.

I will go on to say how the discount is earned .