Written by Joe

6 Jun 2018

My ex and I had talked about another man joining us for sex a few times but never did anything about until now. We’d gone away for a few nights on our last night we ended up in the hotel bar and began chatting to a couple both well dresssed and looked good, we’d had a few to drink and my partner mentioned our little fantasy, the other couple said they had discussed the same thing before, my partner started flirting with the man and the wife said why don’t we try it, I told my partner she could go alone with him and we would join them later, his wife was 54 about a size 11 and had a black silky skirt on and black heels with a white blouse which you could clearly see her black bra through, she said shall we go to her first to see how things go, so we did, she undressed instantly and had black seemed stockings and suspenders on black knickers and bra, I undressed to and was rock hard so she knelt down and began sucking my cock also licking my balls, I then asked her to lay on the bed and open her legs, I pulled her knickers to one side and began licking her moist hole I licked her clit gently and also slid a finger into her, she then asked if I’d ever given anal which I hadn’t but said I’d love to try it, she got on all fours and again I pulled her knickers aside and opened her Arse cheeks a decided to lick her hole first which she loved I then pushed a finger into her and pulled in and out, she then said to put my cock in, it went in slow and a began fucking her, she was fingering her pussy at the same time whilst I fucked her she asked me to give it harder, a really slammed it in she said it was amazing, she said we should go and see our partners, we just put robes on and went to the room I used my card to get in my partner was in her stockings and heels too and was getting fucked with him on top, it was so horny to see, me and his wife removed are robes and went over to them his wife sat above her head and my partner licked her, she told her husband about having anal and my partner said she wanted to try it as well, he soon was in here fucking her hard whikst i fingered her soaking pussy his wife lay beside and I also fingered her the man came into her Arse and the wife licked it up, I wanted to come and asked them both to sit inftont of me whilst I wanked into there mouths, I came and they were covered but lapped it up. We have kept in touch so we can have another night like this