13 Jun 2018

I awoke from a heavy sleep. Sun streaming through the window. Birds chirping from the tree outside. I look down at my phone to see the time and notice the date. It's Valentine's Day. Sudden excitement hits me as I grab my phone and straight away start to text you. I tell you all about my sexy dream I had last night. The rough sex, the deep loving kisses and the plans I have for this evening. I feel a stirring between my legs just from describing my dream. Tonight is going to be amazing. I explain more, with details and I'm getting a little turned on. My hand slips down and I begin to rub myself over my lace pants. I continue to text and tell you when I'm doing. I start to moan with pleasure. My hand now moves under the lace and my finger finds my clit. To rub round and round, up and down feeling more aroused with every touch. I slip my finger in and moan deeper. I made a video and sent it to you. And I know you stiffen within seconds knowing what I'm up to. You send me a picture of your hard dick in reply. I groan at the sight. I call you on the phone and you stroke your dick while I rub my clit and we climax together over the phone. I quickly hang up and leave a cheeky message.

"That's all until tonight. I'll be thinking of you"

I get a little wink in reply. I don't text you back for a while and decide I need to wash my moist heaven filled cunt. Bath time. Warm. Wet. And naked. Just the way you like me. I lather up my bath sponge draping bubbles over my arms, neck and breasts. It feels amazing. I start making my way down to my vagina again. I'm still wet. I think of you again and send one more cheeky picture.

I make my way out of the bath into my room, your hard dick still on my mind. "What to wear?" Maybe a little role play?

I open my wardrobe and have a look around. I see my sexy nurses outfit longing to be used and abused and so am I. I pull it out and look it over. Perfect. I dye my hair and put on my make up. The slowing zip up the nurses outfit. Breasts squeezed together. Nipples stiffen with excitement. I pull up my black lace underwear, suspended belt and stocking. I finish the look with a pair on high heels. Fuck me. I know I look sexy. I decide against any other clothing. Just a long black coat. I jump in the car eager to pick you up. I'm outside and I see you walking over. Fuck! You look amazing. I give you a little wink. You open the door and ease into the car. You smell amazing. I give you a little kiss on the cheek.

"Hello my love, you look amazing" you say.

"I know" I reply.

I look you deep in the eyes and place my hand on your knee and give it a little squeeze. I give you a cheeky smile and slowly move my hand up until I touch your excited dick! You give out a little groan. I smile and put the car in gear.

"Shall we go and fuck?"

You smile and agree.

The drive is nice but far too long for eager hands and your fingers start to wonder over to my lap as I drive. You get all the way up and feel the lace on my underwear.

"Now, now! Surely we can wait!"

You hand slips away.

We finally pull up to the hotel. It's beautiful and rural. Just how we like it. You get out things from the boot of the car and we walk into reception. As we stand there I take the option opportunity while you're talking to the lady at the desk to stroke your dick. I feel it harden just a little. You pull away but give the that "I'm going to fuck you hard" look. I giggle. We get the key and make our way up to the hotel room. You throw out things down and push my against the bed. You kiss my deeply and I feel you dick harden against my leg. I push you aside and tell you.

"It's worth the wait" I take off my coat and reveal my sexy outfit and smile. I fight to keep your hands off me. I grab a long shirt out of my bag and put it over my dress. You look confused.

"Lets go eat" I smile.

We head downstairs to the restaurant. We order some drink and sit at a table next to the window. We order our food and wait. I look deeply and full of lust into your eyes. You're eager to get me back to the room. Sat next to each other you pull my closer. Nearly sat on your lap. My hand once again finds its self on your cock. I smile and I start to slowly stroke up. And start to move about trying to loosen my grip. I smile again. The lady with our food walks over but I don't remove my hand. Instead I rub harder.

We eat quickly.

Before we know it we've had a few drinks and our meal and we find ourselves making out on the staircase to our room. A couple walk past and catch up. We all smile. We get into the room and you instantly take off my shirt once again revealing my nurses outfit. You take a step back and look me over. That cheeky smile of yours appears again. You push my against the wall kissing me deeply, hands finding my sweet areas. I moan out. You kiss me deeper. You spin me around to face the wall. You kiss my neck and grab my ass. Massaging each groan out of me. You reach your hand between my legs and find my moist vagina in your hand. I moan again. You pull my ass towards you so I'm leaning again the wall. You grab both my breasts and slowing grind your hard dick against my ass. You slab my ass and lead me into the room.

It's my turn.

I push you onto the bed. Smiling over you. I lean over and unbutton your jeans. I pull them down and it sets your hard dick free. It's huge against your boxers. I take my chance and hold it in both my hands. I smile and look down at you. I get down my my knees and take your hard dick into my mouth. You groan loudly. I look up at you with your dick still in my mouth. Your head falls back as you moan again. I Remove your shift and stand over you again. I slowly unzip my dress. Breasts over flowing out of the top. I see your dick stirring waiting for me to jump on. I stand there in lace bra, pants and stocking. Heals still on. You lean forward and grab my ass pulling me onto of you. You chuck me aside so I lay next to you. In one move you've removed my pants and you tongue is inside me. I moan. You go crazy, holding to prisoners. And fuck me with your tongue and drive me wild.

You slam your fingers inside me, tongue flicking over my clit. I arch my back and moan deeply. I cum instantly around your mouth. You grab my legs and flip me over grabbing my hips and pulling them towards you. You thrust you hard dick into me. We both moan loudly. You slam into me again and again. Pleasure building again. It's amazing. You wrap your arm around me reaching for my clit. It's immense. Powerful. You grab my hair and fuck me harder as I push back into you. Building again. Faster and harder. And with a huge moan, we both cum together. Your Warm juice fills my moist cunt. I feel you pulsing inside me. You fall into me and we pant side my side.

"Worth the wait?" I say.

"Defiantly" you moan.