Written by Carlosfifi

16 Jun 2014

I finally decided that I couldn't put it off any longer, I really needed to loosen the knots in my legs and back. All these months at the gym were great but playing havoc with my muscles. But, having fantasised about, getting a massage and it going further, for so long now I was terrified of the reality of a massage.

Ridiculous! Stop being so stupid. It's only a massage for gods sake. What on earth do you think is going to happen, some hot chick is going to jump your bones......I don't think so. So, after my little telling off I contacted a spa, with a really good reputation, and booked an appointment for the following weekend.

It had been one almighty busy week and so I hadn't had much time to think about my massage but at 2.00 pm today I was booked in. So, I took a shower and used my favourite Van Cleef and Arpels Feerie body gel. At least I would smell nice when the masseur had her hands all over me. Why were my nipples so sensitive?

I couldn't help myself but I found myself soaping up my hands and touching my breasts as if they were something to behold. Slowly, I circled each nipple with my fingers, ever so lightly touching and watched while my nipples grew. I imagined what it would be like to suck on a woman's nipple and let it grow inside my mouth. To let my tongue roam round and around.

My hands were now making small circular motions down my tummy until they found my centre. I couldn't help myself. My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own. My middle finger stroked along my centre until I found my clit. With my head thrown back and the water pounding down on top of me I fingered myself till I came with such a shudder. That was so unexpected. Where on earth did that come from, I thought. Hey ho, at least I won't be as sensitive when I have my massage.

Now I am really nervous. I'm trying to act confident and like a woman of the world, when inside I have little bubbles of excitement going off like fireworks. I'm sitting waiting for my masseur to come and get me. I hope she's ugly! is all I keep thinking. Alas no, here she is. Why oh why do I have to get this hot young woman? With a beautiful face, long blonde hair pulled back off her face into a neat ponytail, bright blue eyes and a smile to die for. "Anya, would you like to follow me?". She turns and I walk behind her. Oh she has a great backside. I watch as it sways side to side, its almost hypnotic. What in the hell, I am checking her out! Stop!

She stops by a room at the end of the corridor and ushers me in. "Hi Anya, my name's Selina......." I'm sure she was still talking but I was playing with her name in my head. Ssssselina. I feel awestruck by her beauty, I'm staring like an idiot. "Anya, are you ok?" she asks. "Oh yes, sorry, you were saying?".

She tells me to remove all my clothes and to put on the robe provided. We then discuss where all my aches and pains are and if there any areas of my body which need particular attention. I can think of some areas which need her attention, but I quickly dispel those images and concentrate on what she's asking me. I tell her that my legs ache and my lower back aches so they would be good areas to concentrate on.

Selina takes me through into another room that smells divine. Softly lit, warm and with some very light music playing in the background, this room is perfect! She stands behind me and asks me to remove my robe. She takes it while a climb on the bed, face down. I'm so pleased to be face down, she can't see how embarrassed I am. I have never been completely naked with another woman before.

She softly places a towel over my backside and starts to massage my ankles and feet. Her hands are so soft but strong. Its such a contradiction. I'm so tense but its not long before I feel my body relax into the bed.

Her hands are magic. She works on each muscle, smoothing and kneading into my calves. Although it hurts a little, I have to admit I am enjoying this pain. Up to my the back of my knees. Oh no, this is one of erogenous zones. Selina seems to linger here, slowing her hands, making small circular motions.

As her hands move up further, to my thighs, her movements become long and exaggerated. Sliding up to just below my backside and back down, up then down, up then round to the inner and outer of my thighs. Oh how I want her hands going higher, please go higher, I think to myself.

Selina moves up to my shoulders and asks how I feel. "I feel fantastic" I say all breathy. I can't help myself. "Thats excellent" she says. Her magic hands have released the knots in my neck and shoulders, moving down my back. Long, lengthy strokes. As her hands travel downwards I wish for them to go lower this time. Up and down, up and down. "Hmmmm" I say. It was out of my mouth before I could stop it. "Are you enjoying this?" Selina asks. Does her voice sound more husky than before. "Oh yes!".

Selina's hands go up again but this time she dips just a little lower, her hands disappearing under the towel. Did I just imagine that, I think. Up again, then down to just below the towel. I am definitely not imagining this. Up her hands go and then achingly slowly she brings them down, and I can't help it but I ever so slightly lift my backside up to meet her hands. Shit!!! Did I really just do that?

"Would you turn over now Anya?" Selina asks. She opens up the folded towel and as I turn she gently places it over me, keeping my modesty. I look down and am mortified to see the outline of my nipples even through the towel. Again Selina starts at my feet and ankles, moving up my legs, then to my thighs. Her hands slide up the middle of my thighs then on the downside they slip to the outside, then up and then this time Selina's hands come down the inside. She's oh so close to my pussy. I ache for her to touch me. In my head I am begging her to touch me. Up again, then to the inside again, up again, just a little higher under the towel and she just glances over the side of my pussy. "Oh" I moan, then cough to try and hide my moaning.

Up again, under the towel and then she touches the side of my pussy again, a little bolder this time. Oh, how my pussy aches for her touch. I imagine I am soaking now. Please don't let her know how wet I am for her.

Suddenly, she pulls away and is standing just behind my head. She puts a little more oil into her hands and then lifts my chin and gently glides her hands up my throat to the base of my chin then with featherlight touches she moves her hands along my jawline to my ears. Taking my earlobes between her thumb and first finger she strokes. I think I am going to combust.

Selina is ever so slightly leaning over me and all I want to do is to reach up and touch her magnificent breasts. They are so close. I inhale, trying to take in her scent. She brings her hands down onto the top of my chest pushing just below the towel, she pauses, then travels just a little lower. My breathing has quickened and my breasts rise and fall rapidly. My nipples jutting upwards. I don't think they have ever been so hard.

Her hand have stopped just before my nipples and I feel like crying out. But then she circles my breasts and back up to my neck. Back down and around, down and then this time she brushes the palm of each hand over each nipple. My hands flex at the side of me. She is touching me so intimately, more intimately than any other woman and I want to touch her and make her feel the way I do.

Bolder this time, she folds her hands around my breasts. "Uhmm" I say, not even trying to hide my moan. "You're enjoying this aren't you?". "So much", I reply. She takes my nipples and pinches them and I feel this electricity shot straight down my abdomen to between my legs. Selina lifts the towel and I am now fully exposed to her. A small smile lifts her lips and she looks me directly in the eye and says "you're beautiful". "Me! Oh no, you are beautiful". I put my hands over my pussy but she pushes them back to my sides. "Don't hide your beautiful pussy, I can't wait to taste it", she licks her lips then turns and looks at me. She bends and slowly trails her tongue along the seem of my lips. Oh god, I think I could come just from that. She places one of her hands on my cheek and leans in, her lips touching my lips. Lightly she kisses, slipping her tongue just between my lips. "I'm going to make you come with my tongue" she whispers. She then sweeps her tongue into my mouth, but I am more than ready for her. The kiss gets bolder, our tongues duelling, licking, tasting, teasing. We're both breathless when she breaks free, then kissing down my neck until her mouth closes over a nipple while her hand finds my other nipple, pinching and pulling. I am writhing on the bed now. I am so turned on!

Her hand leaves my breast, and I feel bereft, but that hand travels slowly down my tummy. She's taking forever and I ache so bad. Selina's hand glides over my mound and her finger dips brushing over my clot. I can't help myself and buck upwards with that one touch. She dips a little lower, opening my lips and touching the moistness which has accumulated. She curls her finger then lifts it up. Looking at me she smiles and puts her middle finger into her mouth! "Yummmm" she breathlessly whispers, then puts her finger back down, over my clit and dipping just inside. Curling her finger again, she brings it up to my mouth. I can't help myself, but my mouth is already open and ready for her finger. As I suck she leans over and pushes her tongue in to taste as well. This time I wrap my hands around the back of her head to hold her in place. I need this kiss. Its hot and frantic and even our teeth clash, she nips my bottom lip and pulls away.

Selina walks to the bottom of the massage bed, climbing up between my legs. Her ass is lifted but her head has dipped, if I was to lift up ever so slightly her mouth would be on me. I look down as she inhales. Her eyelids droop and she looks like she is in ecstasy! I can't look away. I am fascinated! I watch as she lowers her lips to my pussy. She laps at me like she's a cat. Swift, sweeping licks, first, just over my clit but then dipping further. Her tongue licks along the length of me. She looks up at me and I can see my moistness on her lips. That is one of the most fucking sexy things I have ever seen.

She dips again but this time she places a finger to my opening. I am so wet! Her finger slides in and her mouth has now closed over my clit. I can't keep still, I am writhing and moaning. Selina pushes another finger in and I lift my pussy upwards giving her more access. Her fingers go in and out, in and out. Her breathing quickens. My breathing quickens. She's watching me as her fingers fire in and out.

I am lying on a massage bed with my pussy pushed up with a stunning blonde fingering me, how is that possible? She pulls out her fingers, wraps her arms under and around my legs, holding me in place while she descends her mouth to my pussy again. She licks and sucks. I slide my hands down and pull my lips apart so she can feast. She licks my clit over and over again, never leaving it and I can feel my orgasm getting ready to take me over. "Oh god, oh god" I chant like a mantra. She licks and licks and licks until I can stand it no more and my orgasm explodes!

I can't think, I can only feel! My body shakes and shudders and Selina watches as my pussy convulses. I have never had such a strong climax as that. She climbs off the bed and stands to the side of me. She still has my moistness on her smiling lips. I sit up and wrap my legs around her body holding her to me. She leans down and we kiss. Not frantic this time, more intimate, softer, more gentle. I have never kissed a woman before this but always wondered what it would be like. Its so much softer than a man, not better, just different.

We stay like this for some time, enjoying this closeness. "I told you I would make you come with my tongue" she purrs. I realise that although I may be sated she is not. We kiss again and I try to cup her breasts but she pulls away. I look at her puzzled. "Lets keep that for the next time we meet. I am late for my next appointment". She turns to leave, pauses, then turns back. "I just want you to know, I have never done that before but I just couldn't help myself. The spa has your email, I will be in contact soon, if you want me to?". "OMG yes! I have to see you again". With that Selina leaves me to get dressed.

I wait to hear from her!