29 Dec 2017

A couple of years after we married Emma and I went to Yorkshire for a short holiday. It was also a chance for Emma to drop in on an old friend she had worked with when she was a student trainee in the London Office of a large publishing house. His name was Tom and he was at least fifty five, we were in our early twenties. She thought Tom could help her find work, he had lots of contacts even though he was semi retired.

Tom always struck me as an old lecher but he was a laugh and generous too. He lived in York by then and when he heard we were in the area he offered to put us up for the night. I always like saving money on holiday and I was very keen that Emma should find work.

We found his flat in the center of York without any trouble. He was obviously very well off. It was so spacious, three bedrooms on two floors and all luxuriously furnished in a modern style.

Tom danced around the kitchen cooking up a complicated meal while he laughed and joked with Emma about characters at the office they had known. After dinner he sat next to her on the sofa while he drank a lot of whiskey. He made no effort to hide his attentions to Emma, most of the time it was as if I was not in the room. He hardly spoke to me but looked her up and down constantly. At one point I caught his eye after he had been staring at her bottom as she crossed the room, he shrugged and smiled as if to say who could blame him. I smiled back, in all honesty I didn't blame him, she was beautiful.

Eventually I decided it was time I turned in and I hoped Emma would do likewise but she didn't seem to take the hint. When I closed the door I saw Tom stretch out his arms and give Emma a look clearly pleased now they could relax.

After reading my book and turning off the bedside lamp I lay awake for a little while listening to their chatter below. Of course I wondered what might be happening. Emma is a sensible girl, she can take care of herself. We both knew she wanted Tom to help her and it had been obvious during dinner that Tom needed little encouragement. I also had to admit to a shiver of excitement that maybe Emma might enjoy the attention of this older man.

I must have fallen asleep but when I looked at the alarm clock it was nearly midnight and Emma was still not in the bed. I could not hear anything from below so I crept downstairs and looked in the living room. Their drinks were still on the table but they were no where to be seen. I heard a light go on in the kitchen behind me and with a feeling of relief I turned only to see Tom grinning broadly at me his white fluffy dressing gown hanging open so I got a good look.

I ran up the stairs looking for Emma. I tried the other doors on the landing and the second one opened into a large bedroom. My wife was lying naked face down on the bed, her legs wide apart and her bottom raised on two pillows. Semen dripped slowly onto the covers from between her legs.

“Where have you been” she said, “do me again again”.