Written by Strapped 4 Cash

27 Dec 2017

Until that point she’d been sweetness personified – she’d shown me through to the lounge before making me a cup of tea and sat with her knees together on the settee and went through the usual chat about the weather and the traffic at this time of day. She’d tactfully extracted the agreed fee from me without embarrassment on either side, placing it in the top drawer of a small cabinet next to the settee. She then opened the bottom drawer and extracted a large and well-worn plimsoll, beaming at me all the time as she bent and twisted the sole as if to test it’s flexibility. Suddenly the smile was gone along with the sweet voice and bedside manner.

“Right James – get up on your feet and get those trousers down - quickly now! Pants down too - get a move on! I’ll show you who’s the boss around here! You’re in for a good hiding lad, and I’m the very girl to do it! Get them right down! Now! That’s better! Now get those hands out of the way so I can see your cock. Put them behind your back. Let me see it now. Hold it up till I cup your balls. That’s it. That’s not bad for an older lad! Now turn away and bend over so I can inspect your arsehole. Do you call that clean? Disgusting lad! Your arse needs some colour about it, doesn’t it lad? That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Isn’t it?? You bloody answer me when I’m asking questions boy! Yes, that’s why you’re here eh? Here to get your arse tanned, so you are, and not before time too! Right – I want you down across my lap – wait till I lift my hem back! Now get across my lap – that’s good. Let’s just get your cock in between my thighs. That’s good. Now I’m warning you – don’t you dare spunk my stockings or I’ll whip your arse black and blue with my cane – do you hear me? Do you hear me?? What kind of an answer is that? Yes Ma’am – that’s how to answer! Right then raise your bottom up. Higher! Come on get it right up! That’s better. Now keep it there and we’ll begin!

Well did she! I got at least fifty with the plimsoll, and bloody hard ones too. She fairly bounced it off my cheeks and my upper thighs, which stung like hell by the time she was finished. I was yanked up onto my feet and propelled into the corner with her hand clutching my balls from behind, almost tripping over the trousers and pants around my ankles. A hand spanking of my thighs followed before I was left sobbing with my nose pressed into the corner. I heard her washing the cups through in the kitchen and it was a good ten minutes before she calmly asked me to turn around. She had removed her blouse and skirt and was wearing a very fetching lingerie set comprising a black lacy bra with matching French knickers over dark stockings and suspenders. In her hands she now held a matching black leather tawse which she was flexing up into an arc before ample breasts. When she spoke she was very calm and controlled but clearly in command of her submissive plaything.

“Well then James I hope you enjoyed the starters but if you don’t mind we’ll now move onto the main course. I want you to remove all of your clothes and then bend over the back of this armchair. It’s high time I applied the Lochgelly here to your very naughty bottom. I’m sure a dozen firm ones will be more than enough but I’ve decided on fifty just to have a decent margin for error. We’ll you can beg all you like James, but fifty it is, and if I don’t see you over this chair in under a minute then I might just start with half a dozen applied to your balls lad. Now get a move on!”

Well I soon found myself not just over the back of the chair, but with my body hoisted right up over it and my hands resting on the seat while my legs dangled behind. Most of the strokes were actually applied to the backs of my thighs and my lower bottom, very firm strokes which hurt like hell. From time to time she’d cup my balls and reach through and stroke my cock making in good and hard. I took far more than fifty and my thighs were numb by the time she laid down her tawse. She now had a finger well up my arsehole, massaging my prostrate as she wanked me with her other hand. Very soon I was spraying the back of the armchair with my spunk. She got me down on my feet before making me kneel and lick up my spunk where ever it could be found. I was then made to lie on the floor and she straddled my face before pulling her knickers to one side and lowering herself onto my face. She was soaking wet and extremely fragrant and I felt quite vulnerable as she ground herself against my nose and chin.

“Now James – you are going to pleasure my cunt with your tongue and make me orgasm at least three times before I let you up. I hope you succeed James, and as a reward I going to ride you cock until you shoot inside me. Failure however, will not be pleasant for you. You will be going back over that chair James, where I will cane you - just as hard and for as long as I can. I will still ride you James, but it will be up your arse instead, with the largest strap-on cock you will ever see! Your choice James – get to it lad!”