Written by higgsboson

29 Nov 2013

Your partner's cock looks bigger than mine, I think that is why my girlfriends eyes sparkled when I suggested we meet up with you two again.

It was a fun role play weekend we had previously had, the rules were simple we had to pretend we were in a relationship with each others partner, and there was to be no interfering between the new relationships, and no discussion of sex. I had never tried anything like it before, I didn't realise how highly sexed you were, or my girlfriend for that matter.

We met on the Saturday morning at our place, as a new couple I took things slowly with you, there was an immediate excitement between us, we both knew that sex could be on the cards at some point over the next two days, but would it actually happen? How far would we go? Nothing was guaranteed. There was a lot of flirting going on, and interested glances between the four of us, perhaps it was time for each couple to have some alone time?

After breakfast we all went out for a walk at a wooded nature reserve and after our ex partners disappeared , we held hands, it felt strange, but it was all part of the game, we talked to each other and I made you laugh, we pretended to talk about mundane relationship stuff, the look on my face when you complained about the junk in the garage made you chuckle, for a moment it felt all a bit too real for me.

We stepped off of the path, there was nobody around, I leaned into you and kissed you briefly on you lips, I immediately felt self conscious perhaps that was too much, maybe we had a Pretty Woman thing going on here, no kissing? There was a pause as we stared into each others eyes, my heart was pounding in my chest I didn't know you well enough to read your thoughts from your expression, I was about to apologise when you lent in and kissed me back, this time it lasted longer, you really are a good kisser, we pulled apart again.

You walked further off of the path and I followed, we found a secluded place, you turned and planted your lips onto my mouth again, this time your tongue slipped into my mouth, we were snogging, a proper snog, like a couple would do, It felt weird, wrong but nice.

I was aroused by this, it is fair to say, you are such a confident woman, your hands were on my belt and pulling my jeans down, in the next instant I stood there on a rather chilly morning in the woods with my undies down to my knees and my erect cock straining in the fresh air. You kissed me again, this time you were holding me, you were playing with my balls and massaging my small penis as we kissed. I was so excited that I came quite quickly I am afraid, my spunk sprayed over the leaf litter.

Having recovered and adjusted my attire you motioned me to kneel in front of you, you hitched up your dress and pulled my mouth onto your sex, I kissed you gently at first, but the smell of your arousal and the noises you were making indicated that I should do away with the niceties and up my game, you fucked me, you actually grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, you stopped before you came though, it was a little too public for you, you said that perhaps later, when you could be a bit noisier.

Pretending we were a couple really helped do away with any uncomfortable silences, we just filled them with silly conversations, it was a game. The four of us were in the one car on the way back to our house, during a light hearted conversation about nothing in particular my ex who was sat on the back seat hitched up her skirt so we could all see the semen dripping from her puffy pussy lips, nobody said a word, it was in the rules no direct reference to sex was allowed in conversation.

I wondered where she had gone to do that, how did they find the privacy? she was quite a shy girl, I felt aroused though, I knew her new partner had a bigger cock than me, his cum had probably squirted over her cervix. They belonged to each other now, or at least for the weekend. You showed your ex your pussy too, it was wet, but no spunk.

Back at the house we started to prepare lunch it was our turn, our ex partners were going to cook dinner later, while we were doing this we noticed them going upstairs, we smiled at each other, it wasn't long before the noises started... I have never heard my ex sound like that, it was pretty primal stuff, the language was a new one for me too, she was shouting about his huge cock filling her up, among other things, she never normally swears like that either.

They both joined us for lunch my ex walked into the kitchen wearing nothing except for a T-shirt and knee length socks, there was fresh spunk dripping from her pussy lips, it had made it down her leg and was sticking to the cotton.

I was so hard, I turned to you and gave you a desperate look, you smiled and we both went upstairs, when I put my hand into your knickers you were soaking wet. You removed your knickers led down on the soiled sheets and hitched up your skirt and pulled your legs back towards you, this time I licked you to orgasm, then, finally, after teasing me for half the day you allowed me to slide my cock into you, finally I got to shoot my load into that gorgeous pussy.

You didn't wear knickers when we went back down to join the others for lunch, as you sat you pulled back your skirt, to let you r ex know we had fucked, he looked so intense as he watched the bead of my seamen slowly drip down your thigh, I wonder what was going through his mind.