28 Feb 2017

Enough of my bulk time to lose it so I joined a local health club that offered membership to suit my work pattern. I went to the main gym and used various machines then decided to have a swim. The pool is not massive or deep but enough to swim up and down getting some strokes in. For mid morning it was busy but not in such a way it would stop any swimming. The age group was mainly 50/60 most of us all carrying extra weight then we should do.

I started to swim up and down and occasionally as I went in one direction a person would go in the other and as I stroked out with my arms I would accidently touch them . The first time it was a man and I tried to alter my path so we didn't pass or touch. Second time it was a woman my hand caught brushing on her thigh as we passed I didnt take too much notice of her . Going back down the pool again we pass this time i lower my hand so as not to touch but her hand touched as we past. We seemed to keep passing each other in the pool and her hand seemed to keep brushing me . The only stroke I like in swimming is the breast stroke . So again on going up and down we pass but I let my stroke push out from me and run down her chest as we pass.

After a while I decide to head in to the steam room to just sit and relax I've been in there a few mins when the door opens and in walks the woman I've been passing in the pool. She wore a large dark blue bikini swimsuit large pants that came half way up her belly and a largeish bra top to hold in her moderate tits. She sat on a bench to my right as I was at the back of the room.

I thought it was decent of me to say sorry for brushing her while swimming. Oh dont worry she replied it cant be helped sometimes in a pool. Besides I found it amusing a mans hand touching my boobs. She introduced herself as Claire , Paul I said . Haven't seen you before she replied I come here every Tuesday and I noticed you came in the wrong door so I guess your new. She stood up and moved to sit next too me I saw she had large thighs and a big belly but not in the sense of a BBW. We made small talk and discovered that her husband had left her for the classic younger model. She decided it was time to lose her Mummy figure and to stop being frumpy. I honestly wasnt thinking about anything when I said he was a fool as your not in bad shape look at me I said my belly casts a shadow over everything. Her reply was to be not so hard on myself as I had a figure some women would love to cuddle in to . Its just as well its dark in here I said or you would see me go red from your comment.

I felt her shift sideways a little so our thighs were touching I'm getting all hot and its not just from the steam room I said to her. I like it when a man gets all hot she said to me and her hand reached across and stroked my thigh on the inside slowly tracing a path towards my cock. I looked own at her top at her impressive boobs inside her bikini top she had a lovely cleavage to look down in to . Her hand reached over and took my hand and placed it on her boobs. Her nipples stiffened under my touch. The rule in the club is men have to wear trunks and not shorts so my cock was soon straining at the material . Claire's hand reached and pulled my trunks away at the side and her fingers found my cock and pulled it out. My hand wormed its way under her top and found her nipple. I rolled it around in my fingers and Claire groaned and she started to stroke my cock.

Just then the door opened and in walked another man I took my hand away from her boob but she stayed stroking my cock. He looked over at her and just laughed and said I see you have made another new friend then. She likes the new ones he said enjoy her she is worth it. He just left the room and left us too it. I want to feel your cock in me she said and stood up removed her bikini bottoms and told me to lower my trunks .I did as she asked a little worried of who might come in but also excited over the sight off her large ass in front of me. She backed down on to me and took hold of my cock and rubbed it across her fanny I could feel the heat from her and she was already wet. Then when she was ready she just pushed herself on to my so I went in her in one stroke. Oh boy did that feel good but so naughty at the same time.A woman who I'd only met a few mins ago impaling herself on to me. She sat still for a few seconds and then pulled her top up to allow her boobs to dangle free. My hands reached to them and they felt like the kind I liked slightly saggy but firm enough to hold and play with. Claire told me to not fuck around holding on to my cum she wanted it fast and quick. She started to raise her self up and down on my cock I lent in to her so my head cuddle her back and my hands pulling her nipples and boobs. Twist them she said I want to feel them being used.I did as she asked her nipples seemed to get bigger with each twist her riding on my cock got more frantic I could feel her wetness coming out of her fanny and on to my balls. I could feel the build up in me. Then I just let a good jet of my cum shoot in to her fanny she sat back down on me and ground her ass into my cock my fingers still twisting her nipples. She got off me as my cock wilted she pulled her bottoms back on to catch my cum in them. We got up and walked out of the room to a small round of applause . I was feeling embarrassed but Claire turned to me and said welcome to the club. With that she padded down the pool in to the women's changing area. The bloke who walked in on us came up to me and explained that Claire likes to seduce the newbies and if she approves you get more . Seems to me that you have joined the group.

I think I will like this club.