Written by Crazymissy

26 Aug 2008

On boarding, to my delight, I see is an old fashioned train, like the ones in Hitchcock film's or Christie novels. There are two rows of bench style seats, covered in green leather, facing one another with luggage racks above. The interior is wood paneled, with a narrow glass windowed entrance door, fitted with a blind. I am so glad that I decided to do this part of my journey on one of the few traditional steam trains still going. I walk across the compartment and open the window, as it is stiflingly hot on this lovely summer's day.

The final whistle blows and the train started to pull out of the station as I take my seat. Then, suddenly, you stumble through the door, a smiling Adonis, all blushing and apologetic looking for having had disturbed me. I shrug my shoulders and gestured to the empty seats in front of me with a trail of my hand. You smile again, put you luggage away and sit opposite me.

I start to read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, but within minutes find it hard to concentrate on, due to the motion on the train, so I lay it beside me and close my eyes momentarily as I breathe in the country air that is coming from the other side of the window. When I open my eyes I see that you are staring at my legs, I glance downward to see what the attraction is. My skirt has hitched up on the left hand side, due to my legs being crossed, and the top of my black lacy stocking is showing for you. I look up at your face again, this time catching your eyes; you hold my gaze, unashamed, and then return you gaze back down to my thigh.

Mmmm, very well I think, let's give him something to look at. I slowly and deliberately uncross my legs and plant my feet far apart on the compartment floor and flash you my smooth shaven pussy. I can see your enjoyment of this growing in your trousers. I snap my knees together quickly and you look up at my face, I smile as I get to my feet, move to the door, and pull down the blind. I return to where I was sitting and spread myself wide again, pulling up my short shirt to allow you a better view of my succulent pussy. I start to tease my closed lips with my fingers, lightly playing with them until they start to part at my touch, like a wild exotic flower starting to bloom. I can hear your breathing quicken.

I beckon you to me with my right index finger and point to the floor between the seats; you take instruction well and kneel on the floor in front of me. I lift my legs one at a time up to hook your shoulders with my knees, my skirt now far above my hips and you face not far from my sex.

I start to play with my clit, slowly stoking it up and down, and then circling it around and around. I feel your body twitch and move closer, but quickly I hold out my hand, upright and straight, my palm very close to your face to indicate that you shouldn't move any nearer to me, you relax back a bit. I continue my show, for you, my clit very sensitive to each touch. I use my left hand to hold back my mound as the fingers on my right start to work faster on my bud. It's not long before these fingers start to investigate further. I slide them down my now open pussy lips and slowly slip two into my now wet pussy. I arch my back slightly as they enter me, enjoying every movement.

I start to slip them in and out faster as I move my other hand down to my clit, which I rub hard, again. The feeling of the waves inside me building is a turn on in itself, realizing what sensations are to follow, so I relax my pussy as my hands continue to work, letting it all just happen. After a few minutes like this I remove my glistening fingers from inside me and use the juice on them to lube up my now throbbing clit, furiously stroking and rubbing with these wet fingers as other hand open my lips wide. I am starting to feel the wave's crash on the shores of my desire; my pussy starts to twitch as I start to cum.

My legs involuntarily shudder, bringing you face so close to me that you would only have to stick out your tongue to be inside me, which, no matter how hard you try not to, you do. I gasp aloud at the sensation and start to pull away, but another wave of my orgasm arrives at that time and my legs jerk to pull you in towards me again, this time closer still and I feel your tongue enter my pussy again, only deeper. Once more I cry out, but I cannot resist any more and I pull your face right into my sex.

You start to lick and eat me without restraint, lapping up my honey. The wonderful feeling is prolonging my orgasm and I soon cum again, hard, into you mouth pouring myself into you. You continue working me with you mouth and tongue but it starts to be too much for me. I move my right foot up onto your chest and push you away so hard from me that you fall back onto the floor.

Shocked by my force you take a breath to recover, panting yet smiling. I stand up and push you further down onto the floor, my mouth soon hard onto yours, which is wet with my nectar. I kiss you, enjoying the taste of myself on your lips, while I quickly unbutton and discard your shirt. I crouch over you and grind my wetness down onto your imprisoned cock as I start to kiss you chest. I slowly work my way down your body starting at you collar bone, leaving nowhere untouched by my lips. I feel your cock straining for its freedom as I slowly, deliberately work my way down to your form, eventually reaching your naval.

I lick along your stomach while popping your button and undoing your zip, playing with your cock through your trousers, which are wet from where my pussy was rubbing against you. I slip your trousers and pants down over your hips, to your knees, to expose your magnificent throbbing cock. It strains towards me, standing to attention, as if begging for my attention.

Although I am desperate to take you into my mouth I start to slowly, lightly kissing you hips and the tops of your thighs as I slip your trousers off the rest of the way. I move in between your legs and start to kiss the inside of your thighs, and lick and suck your balls, taking each one into my mouth. I can hear your breath quicken as I slowly move my mouth up to the base of your cock. I can see your cock tip glisten with pre-cum but I am not ready to give it my attention yet. I slowly work the base and length of your shaft with my lips and tongue, flicking and sucking at every inch of you until you can't take anymore and you speak the first words exchanged between us.

"Put me in your mouth, all of me... please..." I sit back on my heels and laugh at the need and desperation in your quivering voice. I start to wank your cock with both of my hands and lower my face over it, my lips only inches from your cock as I pump you hard. I start to teasingly licking your tip as I wank you towards my mouth, one flick of my tongue with every stroke, driving you wild with desire, so much until you can't take my torture anymore. "I said put me in your mouth, bitch", you rasp.

You grab me by my hair and push my head down onto your hardness as you thrust your hips up towards me, my lips yield to you as you enter my mouth and throat so deep that I gag on you as I take you to the hilt, but I do not pull back. You start to fuck my mouth hard and fast, desperate to cum. I grab your hips as I fuck you back, my wet mouth warm and accommodating. I run my tongue up and down your throbbing cock and squeeze your balls as you start to twitch deep inside my throat. I feel you starting to shoot your hot cum straight down my throat, filling my mouth. I swallow your seed but you fill me with more faster than I can drink you up and it starts to dribble down my chin, dripping onto you. I continue to suck on you until I have lapped up all of your cum. You just lie on the compartment floor, exhausted and spent.

I take a few moments to catch my breath, and wiped your residue from my face with the back of my hand. I then stand up, flattening and patting my skirt down into place, I turn around to pull my bag down from the luggage rack, I struggle with it for a moment during which time you have silently got to your feet behind me. You push my skirt back up to expose my ass. You start to play with my still dripping pussy with your fingers, slipping two deep inside of me, I moan and push back onto them, you start to work me with your hands, finger fucking me from behind as you hook your other arm around me to play with my clit from the front.

I spread myself for you to gain easier access to my entire cunt. I then feel your cock, hard again, rubbing against my thigh. I bend further forward, my palms down on the seat, my pussy pushed up open for you to take. You slip your fingers out of me and start to teasingly circle my hole with the head of your prick, circling again and again, shallowly dipping in and out, I start to beg you, my first words..."Fuck my aching cunt, fuck it hard for me", the words make you lose concentration on the teasing and you thrust deep inside me, I scream with pleasure to feel you inside my soaking cunt. I grip down on the seat as you start to slowly but steadily push into me, deep and hard. You place your feet inside mine pushing them further apart, opening me further to you as you thrust deeper into my pussy. You are watching as your shiny cock easily glides in and out.

My moans start to quicken as your strokes do. You are pummeling my pussy hard now; my knees are buckling with the force of your thrusts. I lift them up onto the seat and straighten my body slightly, my face pushing against the back of the seat. You place your left hand on my hip and pull me towards you with each stroke and your other hand around my neck, your thumb pressing hard into the back of my neck and your fingers constricting the front of my throat slightly.

You start to spank my ass with your left hand, every time you thrust into me you spank me harder, the wet slapping sound echoing around the small compartment, I am moaning and grunting with each blow as you tighten you grip on my throat little by little. You fuck me like this so hard and long that my pussy juice is running down the inside of my thighs as I have cum over and over again on your cock, the power of my orgasms making my pussy twitch and contract, I hear you moan as my cunt starts to tighten around your cock. You place both your hands on my hips as you speed up your strokes, until you start to cum hard and fast into me, you push deep into me one final time and hold yourself there, deep inside me as you pump the last of your spunk into me.

We stay like that for a few minutes, your cum seeping out of me slowly. Eventually you step back and pull out of me. I stay where I am while you find your clothes and get dressed. Once you have everything, you move back towards me, kiss me lightly on the neck, slap me hard on the ass and then pull my skirt back down before you leave me alone and exhausted in the compartment