7 Jun 2018

She'd had a hard day at work and she was excited to leave, but not because she was tired. She was excited because she'd just received a picture from her boyfriend of his big, hard dick and she was getting wet just thinking about it. She was driving home and the vibrations of the car were getting to her. Knowing she had her sexiest underwear on she was hoping for a good night of rough fucking. She pulled up and walked up the path anticipating a good evening. The door opens and she walks into his bedroom. He's there. Stood waiting. She goes to talk but he hushes her and straight away closes her eyes with a blindfold. He tells her not to talk "or else" she gulps. He starts stroking her body over her clothes and she falls into his touch. He starts removing her jumper. Zips it down and slowly slides it down her shoulders to the floor. He peels her shirt up over head head but stops at the elbow and uses it to restrain her arms above her head. He walks her over to the bed and lays her down. He kisses her body from the bellybutton to her breasts not removing her bra yet. He works his way up to her neck while she whimpers with lust. He moved back down and removes her bra and pulls it over her head. He sucks on her nipples until they are as hard as his dick. He runs his finger over and over her stiff nipples. Suddenly he runs his hand between her legs with force over her trousers. She moans. He grabs the waist band of her jeans and slowly pulls them down slowly kissing her legs and he pulls and throws the jeans to the floor followed by her lace pants. While she lays there hands still bound above her head she pulls out straps from under the bed and ties down her legs and arms. She can't move. He continues to kiss her all over and bites down. He rubs her boobs and plays with her nipples. He moved up and kisses her neck again and bites her neck. He moved his hand down between her legs and feel how wet she is. She moans again. He flicks his finger across her clit and then inserts it into her. He sucks her nipples while his fingers are still deep inside her. He then stands over her just looking at her nakedness. Admiring her. He slowly takes off his Tshirt followed by his jeans. He then moves back down between her legs and lays down. He kisses along the inside of her legs and slips his tongue inside her. She knows he's amazing down there and gets excited straight away. He slips his fingers in and licks her clit. He amazes her and she doesn't take long to climax. He fucks her and teases her with his tongue and fingers. She's in heaven. He then unstraps one of her legs and flips her onto her stomach. He lifts her ass and instantly slams his hard dick into her from behind. He fucks her hard and slaps her ass ever harder. He spins her back on her back and slams his dick back inside her.......