Written by Lucky Jim

22 Jan 2009

I’d been out for tea with one of the girls from the office. She’s a lovely, sexy little woman and great company. We got back to her place for a quick coffee, but soon we were kissing as the kettle boiled away; neither of us was really interested in coffee. Pretty quickly she was squeezing my dick through my jeans and leaving me in no doubt what she was after and that it was all systems go.

She was wearing a denim skirt and a tee shirt. Her tits felt fantastic I was feeling so pleased that she’d decided to go braless. She started to undo the belt of my jeans as I did my best to hitch her skirt up so I could get at her fanny. Eventually I got there and she was warm and damp through the gusset of her tights. She pushed me away and sat down on a dining room chair to take her boots off. She made no effort to cover her long legs and as she pulled her boots off her legs were apart and I saw everything. I almost came on the spot when I saw that she wasn’t wearing any knickers under her tights. Commando under tights has always been a special turn on for me and it served get me even harder than I already was. She got her boots off and then stood and, lifting her skirt up, she took her tights off too. I was so fucking hard, my dick was throbbing and I was a little worried I’d come before I got inside her.

She came back over to me and finished the job of undoing my trousers and pushed them down off my hips and quickly had my dick out and in her hand and was pulling me off as she continued to kiss me. She guided me over to the couch in the living room and she sat down and twisted sideways to lie down against the arm. We struggled for a while to get in to position, but I’d soon pushed her skirt up around her waist and she opened her legs nice and wide.

She was shaven perfectly smooth and I couldn’t resist getting between her thighs and licking her out until she came for the first time that night. She pulled me up from her fanny and we kissed again as I got between her legs and entered her. She was so fucking tight I could hardly believe it, but she was also wonderfully wet and I slipped easily in and buried my dick right up to my balls on the first push. I could feel her gripping me as I stroked in and out of her soaking wet hole. Her legs were raised in the air and I felt as though I was as deep inside her as I could get. I could feel my balls pressed against her arse as I was fucking her, and she was pulling me hard against her and grinding herself hard against me. She came again quite quickly but then I could feel the start of my own orgasm.

In what seemed like no time at all I had reached the point of no return and couldn’t help myself but to bang her as hard as I could. We fucked each other’s brain’s out like animals for a minute or two then she came for the third time, just a few seconds before I also came and off loaded my spunk deep inside to her.

I suspect that the whole session, from the time I entered her, took no more than two or three minutes, but it was the most passionate sex I’d ever had and one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced.