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Wife's Fantasy

"One very greedy girl ...."

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Sunday mornings were a time for lying in and relaxing. Linda had found my bachelor stash of Escort and Razzle magazine. Wanted to throw them out but I protested. Intrigued to see what the appeal might be, she looked and started to enjoy reading the stories and readers’ letters. We used to take the opportunity before children to get them out and have a read in bed. One such Sunday we didn’t leave the bedroom till tea time all because Linda had read her exact fantasy enjoyed by a reader and his wife. Intrigued, I read the detailed letter that had so hit the spot with Linda. Can’t remember their names but the story is etched on my brain. The lady wanted a gangbang and her husband wanted her to enjoy a gangbang possibly more than she. It went on to describe the events of their night in a swingers club in Munich. So I asked Linda to tell me her fantasy in detail. At first a bit embarrassed and reluctant, my fondling teased it out of her. Her father had been a civil servant and mother a stickler for discipline, both highly religious. Linda struggled to allow her hormones to rule her puritanical upbringing. This was her first issue. Second, she was and still is highly possessive and jealous by nature. Her freedom to enjoy life was curtailed by the fear it would allow me to do likewise, something that has never appealed to me. My joy has always been Linda and her zest for full on dirty sex. With me or anyone else she may choose, just so long as she’s safe and doesn’t embarrass us in our local community. Of course, I like to be there but it’s never been a prerequisite. To assuage her concerns Linda told me how she fantasied that what she was about to do, she had no choice in doing. A highly willing party but with no choice but to provide pleasure to others as they wanted. They could do to her as they chose, no holes barred. And she would enjoy it. No violence but possibly mild BDSM. That way neither of us could blame her for her misdemeanours. She also said that all the men of her fantasy were faceless. Every body shape, age and colour were there but no faces. Here’s Linda’s fantasy as she relayed it to me in bed as we slowly made love, spooning with my cock deep inside her moving ever so slowly, fondling her boob and as the story was about to reach it’s conclusion, her clit. “We’re in a foreign land, a large city enjoying a long weekend away. The weather is warm and we’ve enjoyed a relaxed day by the pool in our private villa. I’ve bathed and dressed in stockings, suspender belt, white to emphasise my tan and match my white bits you find so sexy And. A white just above the knee sleeveless dress with a gold belt and gold flat shoes. No bra and I’ve going commando. We stop at a bar playing old American style jazz, smoky and busying up in the early evening. We order a drink and take up stools at the bar. The lights are dim but you can see plenty. I cross my legs and seek a young guy staring at me. I’m conscious of my hem line having ridden up, my stocking tops on display and start to feel his gaze more acutely. It arouses me. I smile at him then look away but make no attempt to hide my stocking tops. Some friends join him. You are oblivious. He comes over to the bar, stands between us and looks me in the eyes. “Buy you a drink Sugar?” “Rum and coke if you insist”. We talk a little more over another couple of drinks he buys. Tells me he and his pals are off to a Club. Did I want to go with them? I told him “Why not”. I slid off the stool and left with them looking over my shoulder beckoning you to follow. We walked two blocks. He was fondling my bum as we walked. I exaggerated the swagger making no attempt to stop him. He’d have felt I was pantyless. That excited me. We took an abrupt right down a side ally. A hundred yard on I looked for you following. No sign, nervous now. A few more yards and one of the guys kicked a metal reinforced door. He’s holding my arm tightly. A big bouncer opens the door ushering us in. I had no choice but just hoped you’d seen where we’d gone. It would have been nice to be paid for to get in but a gruff old lady, fag hanging out of the corner of her mouth asks for 20 each from the guys, ladies get in free. Beyond the reception area there were big double doors, to the right stairs up and down. I could vaguely hearing your voice asking how much to get in and was so relieved you were there. Through the big doors we went, bar and dance floor. Men lining up on the raised floor surrounding the dance floor, drinks in hand ogling the women dancing, some girls alone most with their partners. Drinks at the bar, saw you coming in. Me and my new found friends although they made me feel a little frightened and apprehensive went to the rail overlooking the dance floor. For the first time I saw that the women were wearing very little. Some in pants, stocking and suspender, others with bras on, and still other wearing no more than a dash of perfume and makeup. Some of the men were in a state of undress. All were fondling each other, one couple fornicating in a knee trembler at the side of the dance area. He took me by the arm again, a fierce grip and suggested we look around. We left the dance area and went down the stairs. Here there were signs for toilets, changing rooms and a lounge area. Porn was showing on a big screen hung on the wall. It was empty. Further down the corridor were rooms with clear labelling on the doors. Private Play Room – of which there were four. At the end of the corridor double doors marked as BDSM Communal Room. He took me in. There were half a dozen people in there. Two women tied up against the wall, one had her boobs roped the other weights dangled from chains attached to her nipples and her labia. There was a barrel a few yards in front of the women. The men stopped and looked at us. My main admirer pushed me toward the barrel, forced me to lean over it and cuffed my hands and legs. Here I was stranded over the barrel trussed up with legs and arms apart. Before I’d worked out what was happening I felt my dress lifted, bum exposed. He jammed his cock into me, the other men in room ignoring their women, enjoying the performance taking place in front of them. He shot his load inside me. I was horny but taken little pleasure from the experience. A fat middle aged bloke laughed, said something I didn’t understand. My admirer said something and then the fat bloke was inside me, I could feel his belly wobble on my bottom as his thrust into me. Fat man came, returned to his woman and started adding weights, the others seemingly just waiting their turn on me. You were nowhere to be seen. He untied me from the barrel. Then retied my wrists and led me out of the room. Six loads of mingling spunk dribbling down my inner thighs as we walked. The swagger had gone. Up the stairs past the bar / dance doors and on upwards. More loos, I needed to pee but didn’t dare ask. Rooms labelled, the first with a long window down the corridor on the right labelled Communal Couples Play Area. Opposite a door marked Greedy Girls. A bigger room to the one opposite and much more brightly lit. We passed on to the end of the corridor, here another large room with a dozen well-spaced large boxes a bit bigger than a telephone box. There were padded holes in the sides at two heights. I had no idea what they were for – but he led me to one, untied my wrists and pushed me inside. There was a bolt on the door both inside and on the outside. He slammed the bolt across on the outside. I looked up, the tall walls had no ceiling but there was something above that moved. No idea what it was as the blinding lights shining down on me prevented me seeing. In the middle there was a chair. I sat down. Suddenly a penis appeared through one of the apertures. I looked at it for a moment. Then took hold of it, started to wank it. My trepidation eased, I took it in my mouth, it tasted salty and was beautifully smooth. Not the biggest but a fine specimen I told myself as I went to work. Soon he shot his load over my face and in my mouth. I gulped it up like I hadn’t eaten in a while. Which I hadn’t. Hands came through another hole higher up the wall, groping for something. Dress over my head dropped on the chair. I placed my little boob in clutching distance. Below came another cock, so I used my hands on it not wanting to deprive the guy of my boobs. He shot his load over my stockinged legs. A beautiful big black shiny prick inched through. On my knees, my God, what a specimen of loveliness. I sucked and tongued it until I could resist no more. Always wanted something that big inside me. I turned my back to it and tip toed up to slide my wet pussy down its length. One hand on the opposite wall to help keep me balance and push back on it so I could enjoy its full length. Another prick came through in front of my head. I couldn’t resist, taking it in my mouth. A hand came through from above and reached down for my breast mauling it roughly. I didn’t mind. Prick shot in my mouth, dribbling down my chin. I started playing with my clit and orgasmed myself, massive, loud and such relief of pent up excitement. Big prick inside me pulsated squirting juice way up my cunt. I wanted more. So much more. It continued as did my enjoyment, 30, 40 50 loads in my mouth on my tits up my cunt. Whose counting? But I need more. I knock on the door. He lets me out. I don’t even bother putting my dress back on, just carry it. I see you sat in a chair. Twelve TV screens on the wall each labelled Gloryhole 1 - 12. Ten are off, one showing an empty room, the other a girl on her knees giving head. I look around and see one chap stood next to one of the boxes further down. Now I work it out. The TV’s show what’s happening in the boxes. A demur side ways look at you. You smile. He leads me through the doors, naked and dripping in cum. Next he leads me into the Greedy Girls room. Although well lit and with a window running the length of the room giving visibility into the room you could see nothing. Four beds, tables, benches, whatever they were, well spaced out. Two were in use surrounded by guys. Some pumping glutes, some exercising forearms. You just couldn’t see the girls. He let me in and motioned for me to take the spare cushioned bench. Cold plastic shocked my back as I lay down. I was blindfolded. Seconds only seemed to pass then I was surrounded by hands groping my body, prick straight inside me, cocks being slapped against my legs, arms and face, one in my mouth. I had one in each hand, one in my mouth and another in my pussy. Spunk was constantly flying at me, up my pussy, onto my belly, tits, face, into my mouth. And still they came for what seemed like a heavenly eternity. Eventually with few men left in the room and another girl coming in, he pulled me up. I was slipping in all the spunk deposited on the bench and he steadied me as I slipped to the floor. He undid the blindfold and gave me my dress. Outside the room you were waiting. I told him I was now leaving with my husband. You smiled and kissed me. But you rotten thing. You made me put my dress on and walk home with you dripping in spunk, drying in my hair and crusting on my face and body. Once home I could have stood my dress and stockings up on their own. But you didn’t let me shower before taking me to bed and fucking the living daylights out of me. So that’s my fantasy. To be a cum dump wife.” “You’ve laid down a challenge now” I told her “but it may have to be on a smaller scale Lind”.
Written by Anonymous

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