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A fantasy realised, or just a fantasy about a fantasy realised?

"It was only supposed to be a fantasy but when I got home..."

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Author's Notes

"A long held fantasy but was it actually realised? Well have a wank on us and we'll leave that to your imagination."

I’m Sen, an incredibly horny 60 year old with long hidden and erotic fantasies that I would once never have dreamt of telling my rather conservative toy boy of a hubby (Cab), Well he’s 59 but he’s a toy boy to me.

Something happened over Christmas which changed everything and if I’m honest I’m not really sure what happened to bring about the change. We suddenly started talking about fantasies and ended up masturbating the entire Christmas holiday away watching porn and we quickly realised that other people, either watching us or joining in were part of those fantasies and that’s what drove us to Swinging Heaven, posting rude pictures and looking for like minded people. Of course, we would never do anything about it would we? Of course not, they were just fantasies, fantasies we got off on and had a lot of sex enacting, at least in our heads.

One of my favourite fantasies I regularly recount to Cab when we’re talking dirty to one another, which these days seems to be almost every day, is this. I come home to find him shagging some woman. I have no idea who she is, I wouldn’t want him shagging anyone we know to be honest, and this is just a fantasy right? I come home to find them, but she doesn’t see me, watching them. As I watch I’m getting wetter and wetter as my hand goes down my lace knickers and I start to masturbate. All sorts of things go through my mind but the long and short of it is that we all end up shagging, I suck him, I suck her, she sucks me and him, we all cum and that’s about it. There are so many variations on the theme because they’re just fantasies!!!

We have a cellar, well not a cellar as you would expect, it’s really quite nice with natural stone clad walls and lovely mood lighting. Why do I mention this? It’s what we call our dungeon and it’s where we do our rudest stuff. Anyway, after a hard morning at work and having heard nothing from Cab all morning, very unusual as normally he spends his time sending me rude pictures of himself working out and about with his cock in his hand, something he knows drives me wet and wild. So I get home, a little hurt that I hadn’t heard from him or seen his cock all morning, I open the front door and hear shouting… from the dungeon! We’ve been burgled a couple of times before and so naturally I’m immediately thinking the worst.

It took a few seconds but when my mind started to clear I reasoned that burglars wouldn’t be shouting. But it was Cab’s voice coming from the dungeon; ‘Fucking hell, that’s so good, keep going, don’t stop.’ He shouted. Now one thing you should know about us is that we generally don’t swear, can’t really see the need to be honest but when we’re shagging hard then the language does tend to get somewhat fruity…

Hang on. No, surely not! Now why I didn’t run down the stairs I don’t really know but instead I crept down. There’s no door to the dungeon and our sex bed has its head on the far wall facing the stairs. And there she is, with her back to me, some fucking tart, with one hand on his chest and the other apparently flicking her clit while riding the shit out of my old man, and he’s loving it, the bastard! I’m rooted to the spot as she slowly moves up and down on his lovely thick cock and I see her creamy juices running down his shaft and over his lovely shaven balls. I should be shouting and screaming; ‘It’s just a fantasy you bastard’! But I can’t move and something’s happening. I can hardly believe it but I’m getting so wet and I can feel that tingle in my’ well you know girls! I undo the top button of my jeans and find the waist of my now very wet black lacy knickers, the ones Cab likes to wear but that's a story for another time! I slide my hand down and just can’t help myself from flicking away at my clit. This shouldn’t be but it’s so good and I’m gonna cum, but I can’t make a sound, not a sound, so I bite my lip and take a break!

I was startled when a hand touched my shoulder but still I somehow refrained from making a sound. There’s a bloke on the stairs behind me, Fucking hell, this wasn’t part of my fantasy! He just stood there stark bollock naked, shook my hand and whispered; ‘Hi, you must be Sen, I’m Paul,’ and nodding towards the bed continued; ‘and that’s my wife Beth, Cab’s giving a good seeing to.’ He shook my hand for fuck’s sake, he shook my fucking hand! I was still speechless as he passed me on the stairs and went to re-join them.

Am I imagining things or did that bastard of a husband of mine just give me a sly look and a wink?

As Paul joined them, after apparently returning from having a pee, my new friend who I’d now been introduced to, though had clearly still not seen me, leaned forward to allow Paul to slide his cock into her arse. I’d heard about double penetration but had never witnessed it in the flesh, so to speak. As she raised up on Cab’s cock once more just showing the rim of his bell end he screamed; ‘Stop, stop, I’m going to cum.’ But it was already way too late as I could see his gorgeous glistening shaft pulsating as he filled her beautifully shaven haven with his cum. She did stop now to allow Paul to give a few more hard thrusts before coming himself. Beth was now completely filled with the exquisite cum of both men, which was now oozing out of both stuffed holes, running out of her arse, and her cunt, oozing down my old man’s cock. I wondered if he’d popped a blue pill as he looked much harder than usual!

‘Fuck this, I’m not standing here while you lot have all the fun!’ Beth jerked round in shock as I announced my presence.

‘If you think I’m sucking that cock of yours Paul you better go and have a shower. You clearly already know where the bathroom is and I’m not blowing you after seeing where you've just had it.’ All three looked at me at the foot of the stairs. I walked towards them and continued; ‘Hi Beth, my Name’s Sen and I see you’ve already been introduced to my husband. Now if you wouldn’t mind cleaning up Cab’s cock while I see to your pussy!’

Clearly relieved and enjoying my dominance Beth eagerly buried her face in Cab’s lap as she slurped on her own juice and his cum. Wow I was so fucking horny now as I kneeled before Beth’s cunt and began to feast on the cum of Paul and Cab as well as Beth’s creamy juice and oh what a feast it was, it ran down my chin because my mouth couldn’t contain the sheer amount of this nectar, my tongue darted inside her and around her clit swallowing as much as I could.  Beth soon began to buck and squeal as she too came.

Cab then invited me up onto the bed as my knees were becoming quite bruised from kneeling on the hard tiled floor before Beth. He’d definitely popped a pill as he was still as solid as a rock. I’ll never be able to sing that song quite the same again! Just then Paul returned from his shower and I remembered I had to fulfil my promise to suck his long cock. His old fella needed a little coaxing back to life as I slowly sucked on it and swallowed the whole thing right to the hilt, slowly, again and again. I was kneeling on the bed with Paul standing in front of me. From behind Cab released my jeans and pushed his favourite panties to one side and reached under me forcing two fingers inside me again and again with increasing violence, faster and faster and that’s when his uncustomary bad language began. He knows this makes me cum quickly the bastard. ‘You filthy fucking slut, is this how you wanted it eh? Sucking another bloke’s cock and eating her cunt, you filthy fucking slag!’ Oh wow, I wasn’t just going to cum and he fucking knew that, I was going to squirt and there was nothing I could do, all over the fucking bed! Well, he can clean it up this time the bastard! ‘Oh fuck!’ I screamed as I came, all the time with Cab’s two fingers ramming in and out of me. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!’ Suddenly it was like a waterfall, gushing from my cunt. Cab fell back, Paul quickly turned me round, bent me over and shoved his cock deep inside of me. Shit this was just one long orgasm, intense isn’t the word. My legs were shaking. I managed a look at Cab who was busily licking my juices of his hand. Paul shouted and came inside my sopping wet cunt.

As Paul took his cock out of me I couldn’t believe what I saw next, as if the last half an hour was remotely believable! Cab pounced on Paul’s cock, eagerly sucking my juice and Paul’s cum into his mouth. ‘What the fuck?’ I gasped.

Beth was by now, watching naked and knackered from the armchair we bought just for this sort of occasion, though never actually really believing it would happen. Poor old Cab still had a hard on, so Paul, apparently ever the gentleman laid him back, and with a skilful combination of wanking and sucking soon brought him to his second climax of the day, a rare thing indeed.

All thoroughly knackered but satisfied we did what only Brits would do in such a situation. We dressed and had a cup of tea, on the terrace, in the sunshine. All very quiet, reflective, perhaps a little sheepish, all in slight disbelief as it transpired it was a first for us all.

We all went for dinner that night as normal friends would, we chatted, just as normal friends would but every now and then there was a knowing wink and a snigger. If only all the couples and friends in the restaurant knew what we’d been up to that afternoon, but they didn’t and that was what made it such a great night.

We said to each other as we left the restaurant, as so many do say. ‘We must do this again soon.’ Winked again at each other and parted promising to stay in touch. We are still in touch but haven’t yet met up again, but we must and soon!

Written by cabysen

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