Written by C

First Time
11 Jun 2019

My name is Jacky and I have been Married to Colin for 5 years now, and no kids, we don’t want any yet. We have an active sex life, quite regular, and my husband Colin is quite adventurous, but I draw the line at anal sex. I was a virgin when we married, quite shy really, had some boyfriends, but nothing serious.

We own a nice detached 3 bed roomed house in the suburbs, we socialise with friends from over the years and work colleagues. Colin tries to encourage me into a more adventurous sex life, we watch some porn, I like this! We always end up having fantastic sex afterwards, Colin has tried to get me to sleep with one of his mates from his school days who is single, Colin always compares Steve his mate with some of the guys in the films we watch, he says Steve is a big guy in his trousers. I can’t help myself but look at his groin whenever I get the chance, he turns me on.

Steve comes over to stay with us on a regular basis, he has a bedroom next to ours, I always tried to be quiet when lovemaking with Colin, but find this hard especially with Steve in the bedroom next to ours, and Colin said one night whilst lovemaking, Steve enjoys hearing some action! I froze in embarrassment, Colin said don’t worry I’m only joking, but was he?

Anyway a couple of days after Steve visited us last, I was collecting the wash basket at the top of the stairs and found a couple of pairs of my panties screwed up and crusty around the gusset, wondering why I unfolded then and wondered what the mess was, how naïve of me. Anyway on his next visit I had a shower before bed and left my panties on the top of the pile, and retired to bed, Steve and Colin stayed up for a while before they came up. Later in the night I needed to pee so crossed the landing to the bathroom, and I noticed my panties were not there? Wondering where they were I rummaged a little, no sign of those pants?

Next day Colin and Steve had gone out, I had a lie in, and remembered those pants? I looked into the wash basket, and they were there on the top. I picked them up and they were soaking wet and a little warm, I took them into the bedroom to examine them more closely, they were filled with semen, obviously Steve had wanked into them. I was turned on be the smell and texture of his ejaculation, I stripped and masturbated at the thought what Steve had done.

At bed time Colin and I was alone in bed, and I decided to tell him of my discovery, Colin didn’t seem surprised, in fact he admitted He and Steve often talked about me, and Steve fancied the pants off me! I questioned him, he said he wouldn’t mind me sleeping with him, he is an old mate, in fact a best mate, and always had a wish for me to go with another guy, and he said Steve would suit us both, he’ll be discreet, and he is well endowed, smiling at me he pleaded with me to go with him!!!

I confessed to Colin I had a strong urge to try some other guy, Colin begged me to, I promised , but he’ll have to wine and dine me first, not just a leg over! Steve said he would put plans in place.

Steve arrived at ours as usual a few nights later, whilst watching the TV Steve came straight out with I’ve come to take you out Jacky! I looked at Colin, he smiled and said it’s ok with him. I shot upstairs to shower and put some sexy gear on, As I came in the lounge both of them said wow! You look gorgeous Jacky, Kissing Colin I said see you later, don’t wait up! Steve and I left, a couple in the local pub, then had a lovely meal, then onto a nightclub, we had a great night chatting and dancing. The end of night neared, and I felt nervous, Steve reassured me everything will be great, Colin and I have talked about me sleeping with you lots of times, and I have had many a wank thinking of you with me in bed! We arrived home and Colin had left a note saying he had gone to bed in the spare room, enjoy yourselves!

Steve and I sat in the lounge chatting for a while, he then turned to me and moved closer, and we kissed passionately . Steve was fondling my boobs through my dress, tweaking my erect nipples, I felt Steve ‘s erection and he felt big! I was feeling very damp now and suggested we go to bed! Steve jumped up and led me by the hand towards the stairs, I led the way, Steve was feeling all over my bum as we climbed the stairs.

We started stripping each other off as soon as we entered the bedroom, down to our underwear I couldn’t help notice Steve’s cock stood up like a tent pole. We both climbed into bed naked, and continued kissing and playing, Steve gently rubbed my clit and I climaxed , Steve climbed between my legs, and I raised my knees and let me legs part to allow access for Steve. He guided his bulbous knob onto my slit which was runny with passion, sliding it up and down along my slit Steve started to slowly push into me, his helmet popped into my labia he was lovely, I felt so fulfilled. Slowly Steve started to push up me and back out until his helmet was half way out, then he slowly each stroke pushed deeper and our pubes meshed with each others. I rolled my hips as Steve pushed into me, I hadn’t felt a feeling like this before, it was lovely, I must have come about three times before I felt Steve’s cock swell in me, Steve started to pump away faster, and he moved his hands around my bum holding me as close as he could, then started to moan loudly as he come inside me. After a while Steve softened and he slipped out, as he did I could feel a big load of his semen dribbling out of my pussy on to the bed. Steve and I relaxed in each other arms, and talked. Steve and Colin are closer than ever now, I get the treatment from two caring lovers regularly, servicing my needs sometimes sharing. The added bonus is I get spoilt by both of them. I recommend every girl should try this !!!