2 Jan 2016

I'm a married guy of 40, always had bi fantasies and had the occasional wank and suck but nothing further and always very random.

I had recently been chatting by text to and other married guy early 40s and we arranged a meet for a quick wank and suck session. I drove to his work after all of his colleagues had left for the day, he locked the door and soon we had dropped out trousers and pants and we were wanking each other. I went down on his thick 7" shaved cock and balls and he did the same to me, I'm about 6" and also shaved downstairs.

What took me by surprise was how he asked me to bend over his desk as he rubbed his cock against my crack, first time I'd felt a guys cock against my arse and it felt amazing, getting carried away in the moment he then rubbed it against my hole and slowly entered me, I was in absolute heaven and relaxed to allow him in me, I guess he was half in and thrusting gently when common sense took over as we had no condoms so reluctantly I asked him to stop.

He gave me the best blow job and I came loads I his mouth, I just wish I had some condoms on me so he could've fucked my arse, but from what I'd felt I know it will be awesome.