22 Oct 2018

I mhave st follow up on my previous experiences to tell you of my latest bi experiences.

The first was some months ago at Maidenhead Thicket on a sunny Friday afternoon. I had managed to get away and thought I would go chance my luck and find some fun. I was originally hoping to find some couple that wanted to perform for others and perhaps invite others to join in but was out of luck.

As I was leaving this Asian guy asked me what I was after and when I said I was hoping for some fun with a couple he said women didn’t turn him on and that he was into guys and would I be interested? As I was explaining that yes I might be depending upon what he had in mind, he reached for my crotch and proceeded to rub my stiffening cock through my shorts. He also lifted my T-shirt and sucked my nipples. It wasn’t long before we both had our shorts round our ankles and our cocks out and being wanked by each other.

At this time another older guy in shorts walked over to the two of us with his cock out and dangling in front of him. As we were wanking each other he grabbed my arse and started to wank himself. The Asian guy then dropped to his knees to suck my cock as I proceeded to wank the other guy. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard and threatening to shoot my load. The guy stood up and there I was with their cocks in my hands with one playing with my arse and the other sucking and playing with my nipples. I looked around and saw another older guy hanging out and watching the three of us from about 10 yards away clearly with an erection in his trousers.

The Asian guy then proceeded to wank me harder and it wasn’t long before I shot my boy creamy spunk over his hands! The two guys then proceeded to pleasure each other leaving me with my limp cock and still no taste of cock!

Then about 3 weeks ago I was driving past Chobham Place woods and realised it was a great place for dogging. I pulled into the car park and it wasn’t long before another car pulled in along side. I looked over to see a rather heavy set “woman” getting ready to get out of the car. I got out and was quickly asked in a deep voice what I might be looking for. When I said some fun this was met by a hand quickly reaching out to grab my hardening clock through my trousers. “Cindy” soon had my trousers undone and had pushed her blouse up asking me to suck her tit as I felt her stocking clad legs with her hand on my hard cock.

Cindy asked me to lean against her car as she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. Hitching up her skirt to show a nice bulge in her panties made my cock stiffen even more. Cindy asked me if I wanted to fuck her.....i said that I was new to this and want sure to which she said that was okay and she continued to wank me as I reached to free her cock from her panties and play with her pantie clad arse. Cindy then knelt down again and really gave me the best blow job of my life. I soon shot my load straight into the back of her throat as she continued to play with her cock. Wow what a cock suck, as I said the best in my life and my knees felt week. We continued to talk a little more as another car pulled into the car park. We said that we would look out for each other next time we’re around.

Well Cindy next time I bump into you then I will take you up on your offer for a fuck as a thank you for that lovely cock sucking. I plan a visit again next week and not hope Cindy is there at the same time. Maybe others might care to join so I can finally get a taste of cock and perhaps fuck somebody.