Written by mark-ne

24 Apr 2009

This happened last year but it's taken me this long to finally put pen to paper.

John had responded to an add some time ago, we'd kept in touch until finally the wife had arranged to go away for the night with friends. I fired out a couple of messages to a few likely culprits, all I needed that night was cock. At about 19.30hrs I got a message from John, the meeting was arranged for 22.00hrs

When John finally arrived I was quivering like a leaf, he was a tall fella with what looked like a prommising package. We went into the sitting room where I'd put a duvet on the floor with a few pillows, porn on the telly. I soon had Johns cock out, nice and hard, about 8in and very thick. I quickly got my mouth around his bell end and sucked him for a good 10 minutes playing with his ass hole and balls all the time.I was in cock heaven, as much as I wanted to drink his cum straight away I had other needs to be sorted out first.

I soon had a johnny on John's cock which made it look even bigger, my ass was twitching dying to try and get that monster into me. John started calling me his cock whore and dragged me onto my hand and knee's, he got behind me and teased my ass with his hot cock, not quite pushing all his helmet in. Then he pushed my face down into a pillow and pushed the full 8in straight into me in one go! I was in pain but loving it, he pounded my ass as I bit harder onto the pillow to muffle my moans. I don't know where John got his stamina from as he fucked me like a machine, my ass had got used to his size by now but the sheer power I felt inside my bowels as his cock pistoned into me was fantastic.

John started to slow down a bit so I suggested that I rode him for a bit, I pushed him on his back and straddled my big cocked friend, I slowly feed his rock hard cock back into my ass and started to ride him slowly at first. I had a river of pre cum oozing out of my cock which John put on his fingers and then fucked my mouth with as I started to hammer up and down on his cock. I was behaving like a dirty whore and was loving it.

John was urging me on now, faster harder deeper, I was ready now for John to fill the condom full of his hot cum, but he had other idea's. I was pushed off quickly, before I realized what was happening John had ripped off the condom and had his cock down my throat, he fucked my face hard and deep, tears streaming down my face, I knew he would'nt be long more as he was groaning quite loud by now calling me all of the sluts under the sun. I felt John start to shake and his cock expanded in my throat, he grabbed hold of my head and pumped the first jet of cum down my throat, he pulled away and sprayed another 4-5 big powerful jets of cum into my open mouth and face. I love the taste of cum and always lick it all up, John was now pushing the cum covering my face into my mouth with his cock, lush!!

After that we cleaned our selves up and John went home with a huge smile on his face, we still fuck now and then but the 1st time we meet was definitely the best.

So if there's any lads in the North East that need a cock slut please get in touch as I can take as much cock and eat cum with the best of them. I'd love to be spit roasted by two big cocked fellas or even be abused by a bi loving couples as I love pussy just as much as cock.