26 Dec 2018

I don't work Mondays. This particular Monday my wife was going to be out all day. Although married for 30 years, I'm gay in my mid 50's. My wife doesn't know and we've not been intimate for many years. I've met many guys over the years, always a

'At theirs' or at gay saunas. I'm tall, smooth and fairly slim and athletic build. As I've got older I've become an almost total bottom. This particular day I woke horny and sat on my computer on various sites hoping for a meet. By midday though I had had a few chats but nothing developed. I got chatting to a guy Matt, in his mid 40's who looked nice and was looking to fuck, but sadly like many he couldn't accom. We made do with sex chat. I then started chatting to Paul, early 60's who was gagging to fuck too, again though local he too couldnt accom. Now i know i could have risked it but i wasnt willing to take that chance. So the day looked doomed. I was about to end my chats and go and do something constructive, when another guy made contact. Steve also in his 50's, a local top guy who could accom. I didn't want to appear too keen and mentioned the two other guys I was chatting to, Paul and Matt. " invite them along too" Steve offered. He gave me his details and I passed them on to them. Nothing ventured eh! Well I dashed into action. Had a shower and cleaned inside and headed the 20 minute journey to Steve's. I got there and felt the excitement build. Steve opened the door and he introduced Matt who had indeed turned up (so often I'm let down) and following me up the path was Paul. Wow! This could be good. " up to the room on the left, clothes off and on your knees" I was instructed. I obliged, my heart racing. I knelt naked for what seemed ages and was probably 10 minutes. In they came all naked all similar build 510", hairy with above average hard cocks, which they seem to have been mutually wanting.. "suck us in turn about a minute each until one of us cums" commanded Steve. I immediately got to work taking each cock in turn deep down my throat working my tongue on these hard smooth shafts. I gagged a few times, but recovered and continued. I felt smacks on my buttocks and then a finger on my hole. I moaned as it entered me. It was soon joined by a second. They were worked expertly in me and I was now moaning louder. I moaned in disappointment as they were removed, but very quickly replaced by Matt's tongue. I was now so horny and giving Paul's cock my all, when I heard him grunt and felt his hot tight shaft expand and throb on my tongue. To my delight I was rewarded with a jet of hot spunk, then another and another. Paul shoved right into me and the next two streams went straight down my throat. I continued to clean this pulsating erection devouring every bit of his juices. Paul withdrew panting and gasping and Steve knelt and our mouths met. He wanted to taste Paul's cum. Matt slipped his tongue out off my hole and without warning rammed in his hot length. To my delight I accommodated him with no pain and groaned in pleasure as he fully penetrated me. Matt was fucking me roughly but I was pushing back to receive him, loving every feel of him in me. Steve pulled away from my mouth and pushed his cock in its place. He fully entered, his balls bashing my chin. I was being fucked hard both ends. Pure heaven. Matt then gave a loud grunt and a final thrust and he too short his load. Leaning on me as he came. As soon as he withdrew Steve swapped ends and entered my cum filled hole. Surprisingly Paul offered me his now regrowing cock and I once again took him down my throat. He gently fucked my mouth while his cock grew back to full on vein throbbing hard. Steve started to cum in my hole and yelled in a panting orgasm. The second he finished he pulled out and brought me his cock to clean. On cue Steve swapped ends and he too fucked me. Entering me again in one thrust and proceeded to fuck me so hard and fast i felt my cock drip in preparation for my own orgasm. The sex had obviously was so hot Matt shoved his reenergised cock in my mouth. He was so horny he shot his second load seconds after entering my mouth enveloped his knob. Large dollops of cum oozed out of his jerking length and i again enjoyed swallowing his offering. Steve pulled out of my ass rolled me over pushed my legs over my shoulder, re-entering me and pushing is mouth to clamp on mine once again to share the juices in my mouth. I felt a hand grab my cock and second later I was oozing cum onto my chest. Steve fucked me in frantic burst and became the last of the three to explode in side me. I looked sideways and both Matt and Paul were leaving muttering thank you.. Steve started licking my cum of my chest and then kissing it back to me. He then sucked me clean and kissed me deep. He then went down and rimmed me, again coming up to kiss the juices he'd collected. I became hard again ( almost a never for me nowadays.) Steve then entered a finger in me, then another. He started talking dirty,calling me his slut. He was working a fourth finger in me. I was completely under his control now and lowered my mouth to his limp cock, licking his balls as instructed. Steve was using lots of lube and I don't know when he announced his whole hand was in me. He gently massaged my prostate and I suddenly had the most massive orgasm run through me. I bucked and rythed to his touch until I meekly asked Steve to remove himself from me. Steve's control of me has turned him on and I was instructed to suck him once more. For the first time in many years I really didn't want to, but obliged bobbing up and down on him. I once again felt the wonderful throb of cock veins as it erupted it's juices in just two spurts. I greedily licked this up. Steve got up and went for a shower. I lay there feeling used, abused and wonderful. I think I had just had my best ever meet.