Written by baron

15 Jun 2012

had been chatting with dave about a meet between us, he asked if i fancied a 3 sum with just men as he had an old friend who would join us.

i said it was ok by me, anyway we met as arranged at daves flat, john was about 60 and looked in good nick.dave explained that john and his wife used to meet with dave and ruth for sex parties including bi sex between the couples.

back to the flat we went into the bedroom where dave started to strip of so me and john followed suit,dave was soon naked standing there holding his cock i watched as john removed his pants releasing a nice thick 6" cock,it had a sexy cock ring round the shaft and balls making it stick up in the air,

i removed my boxers letting my cock be seen by them both,we moved to the bed are cocks swaying in front of us, dave layed on his back with me and john on either side

i kissed dave as john ran his hand along daves cock i moved my hand across daves chest till i found johns erect cock between his legs, i rubbed my erect cock along daves leg as i caressed johns cock.

after a while john replaced his hand on daves cock with his mouth sucking all along its length,i moved above daves head and lowered my cock to his mouth he sucked my balls as he wanked my cock,i felf him twitch when john sucked his purple head licking the precum from its slit.

dave fed my cock into his mouth as usual taking all 7" in on every stroke, after a while dave started to moan has john brought him closer to cumming he sucked on my cock harder holding it in his mouth as john made him cum he spurted spunk out of his cock onto his chest as john stroked his cock,

john stroked along my arse crack fingering my anus as dave sucked my cock,i leaned forward john fingering me i felt the cold lube being rubbed into my hole followed by a finger which made me push my cock in harder, i looked back and watched as john lubed his cock then slowly fed his cock into my arse, dave was still sucking my cock as john speeded up his strokes as i relaxed more taking all his cock into me;

i squeezed his cock with my arse has he fucked me making him moan out loud i wanted to make him cum in me i wanted to feel his hot spunk in my arse and feel it dribble out,

john fucked my arse harder i felt him hold his cock in as he spunked in me his spunk felt hot in me he let his cock stay in me till it slowly slipped out his spunk dripping from me.i slipped my cock from daves mouth and layed on the bed.dave and john moved me to the middle as they layed either side of me my cock still erect between them.

dave said they wanted to tie me down and play with me so 4 scarfs appeared and they proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the bed. so there i was on my back with my cock sticking in the air,

john removed his cock ring and put it around my cock and balls making it harder still, i watched as they moved around the bed there cocks dangling between their legs.

to be continued