Written by john@42

13 Dec 2013

Popped over to my favourite sauna a couple of weeks ago ,showered lubed in anticipation and had a wander round. It was quite busy with a nice mix of all ages in . Settled on the couch watching the dvd and letting my 8.5 inches come into view .I soon had guys on both sides tugging my towel away and getting down to some serious hand work on me,nipples and cock all in play !

It was far to soon to blow so I disentangled and followed several guys into the adjoining dark room. I do enjoy it in there unknown hands cocks and mouths all moving on each other in a constantly changing movement . I had hold of two nice stiff cocks and knelt down in the dark to feed them into my eager mouth. My wanking and slippery mouth had the right effect and soon their hands were on my head forcing me from one cock to the other whilst their owners kissed and groaned above me. I was nd letting this chance go to waste and really went to town on both cocks and was soon rewarded with cum from both of them as they shot their loads over my face and into my mouth. "Enjoy that boys" I asked the two deflating cocks !

I went in search of the shower cum still on me which caused a good look from a chinese guy who held my eye.Showered and a coffee later I was of again and soon ended up on a secluded settee with my eastern admirer . I soon had his small but very stiff cock out and knew where I wanted it ! Off to a cubicle ,door closed (pity I do like a show !) his cock in my mouth and my hands on his smooth chest and hard nipples. He motioned me onto the couch ,spread my legs and asked me if I wanted fuck ! I opened my legs wider in reply ! After putting a condom on he tugged me to him and eased into me ,I was well lubed and his smallish cock was soon slamming into me,all I could do was groan and tug at my bouncing cock as I was thoroughly fucked.

He suddenly stopped his hammering pulled out ,slipped the condom off hopped onto the bed and pushed his cock into my mouth jacking of at the same time . A few grunts later his first spurt hit my tongue, hi pulled out and proceeded to splatter jet after jet of come onto my face . I am not sure what he was saying as he covered me ,I didnt care as He gave me just what I wanted !