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A Midsummer's Nights Cream

"A happy memory of alfresco frolics of horny fun with cocks and bollocks."

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Author's Notes

"Another happy memory of cruising"

Its gone midnight on a warm June night and after a few drinks in town I find my footsteps leading me from the bustling well lit boulevards down a side street then into an all too familiar alley and I feel the usual tight knot of excitement and anticipation in the pit of my stomach.

This is another World, a dimly lit World of shadows and recessed doorways peopled by others like me, eager for that illicit liason, that briefest of encounters, that burning desire for release that can only be quenched by hot panting lust fueled anonymous man on man sex.

This area was usually pretty good for cruising
and this evening was no exception.
Sure enough there were quite a few couples making the most of the balmy summer weather and engaging in some alfresco action.
Sadly it seemed to be mostly couples but there were one or two guys who hadn't hooked up yet.

I noticed a guy walking towards  me, glances were exchanged as we passed but as I looked back he was with another guy and wanking him off. Undaunted I thought I'll try my luck a little longer.

I walked on and as I passed a deeply recessed doorway I noticed there were two guys kissing and as I got a little closer I could see they had their cocks out and were vigorously wanking each other off.
They stopped kissing as I drew closer but they still had hold of each others cocks I noticed.

I smiled and looking them in the eye reached down and took hold of them one in each hand and began to stroke them slowly.
This seemed to meet with their approval and they went back to kissing but if anything with more passion.

In these situations no names are exchanged or needed. No courtship ritual. Just the touch of a cool hand on warm skin, a soft wet mouth enveloping firm throbbimg flesh. This is the universal language used here.

Without further hesitation I lower my head and run my tongue along their shafts and over a pair of cock heads already slippery with fluid relishing the saltiness of their pre cum.
I take one of them in my mouth making my enjoyment obvious in the low moaning sounds I make as I slurp on his rampant tool. I do feel letting your paramour know your enjoying what you're doing is important as this adds to the experience. I'm wanking the other guy off whilst doing this. Who says men can't multitask.

I suck this cock for a few minutes then letting it slip from between my lips turn my head to take the second cock in my mouth whilst wanking the first.
The second cock is a little thicker, just what I like and fills my mouth with its weight and heat.
I'm thoroughly enjoying having two hot hard cocks to service. Alternating between sucking and wanking them. Even managing to take both cock heads in my mouth at one point.
I am so turned on now, my mouth drooling a copious mix of saliva and pre cum that's run down my chin. My senses thrilled, drowning in hedonistic abanodon so all I can taste is cock and my nostrils are filled with the warm heady musk of sex.
As with so many of these encounters theres is an inherent need for some haste, all good things come to an end and sadly at the point were I have both cocks tip to tip hungrily running my tongue over the pre cum and spit slicked helmets the first guy takes his cock in his hand and after only a couple of strokes shoots his load, I continue using my tongue as three or four thick spurts of cum splash over my tongue, lips and his friends cock.
I took his still twitching cock in my mouth teasing the last drops onto my tongue and then went to work on his friend.
As I said a fair amount of the first guys cum had splashed over his friends cock and I can taste the first guys cum as I suck the second guys cock.

My efforts seem to please as I felt his hand on the back of my head holding me in place as he begins to fuck my mouth.
This was more like it and I gag a little as his cock hits the back of my throat.
This seemed to turn him on and his thrusting between my lips became more insistent.
As I feel his cock head swell and jerk he pulls back and taking his prick in hand his helmet barely in my mouth strokes his shaft and moaning shoots a huge load of semen in my mouth.
I cup his balls as he cums feeling them tighten as his spunk gushes over my tongue.
Fuck it feels and tastes so good, a thick, warm, sticky flood of salt/sweetness like his cock is a straw I've used to suck this elixer from his now thoroughly drained balls.
His release and my reward is how I look at it.
I swallowed all of this second load and even cleaned them both up.

Passion slaked they put their cocks away and dissapear into the night leaving me hard and needing release.
In case it's not clear there's nothing turns me on more than sucking cock but having no further luck I have to settle for heading home and wanking off thinking about sucking those gorgeous cocks and the hot spunk I'd swallowed.

Written by Tim67

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