Written by Bingy

17 Aug 2018

This happened today I was walking round the wooded path in strathy Park and as I walked past a guy about my age late forties in a shirt and tie and suit trousers he touched his crotch as he past I smiled and looked back he stopped and we spoke we started walking together just talking about what things we liked we came to a as we were walking John said come on in here so we walked of the path into the trees to a clearing where I sat down on a log John came over stroked my hair and said go on then so I unbuckled his belt undone the button unzipped his fly and pulled his trousers down now facing me was a nice par of white briefs with a nice bulge I began rubbing his cock through his pants and John is telling me how nice it is so I just took the elastic at the top of his briefs and pulled the done to his knees and out springs this lovely 6 inch cut cock so I started wanking him while cupping his balls when John puts his hands on my head and tells me to open my mouth and suck his cock so i like to fill my mouth with saliva and take it all in it was a we bit sweaty but what’s a guy to do at that stage so I’m runing my tongue up the back of his helmet when John starts to pump my mouth quite fast and says I’m gonna cum and holds onto my head then stops and grunts then 2spurts of cum the first goes straight down my throat the othe just in my mouth I keep sucking until his cock is 2 sensitive the he pulls out puts his cock away and before I can get up to get mine sucked he’s off back to the path so as I sit here righting this I’m unsure whether to have a wank or wait to see if anyone else about wants to suck my cock lol selfish people