8 Jul 2018

So, you read my story about meeting with the younger married guy, I left off with him wanting to come to my house & get naked,

Well, he didn't disappoint me, a few weeks later he messaged me asking if we could meet again, I said of course as long as it's at mine so we can get naked, he replied sure.

He arrived, we came into my house & immediately our hands were going all over each other, we went through to the bedroom, I started to undress him & tried to kiss him again, he turned his face away saying "I'm not into that"

He started to undress me, we both ended up naked together, we lay on my bed, I started by licking his balls again, he moaned & writhed so I moved lower towards his hole, he surprised me by lifting his legs, I took the opportunity & licked his virgin hole, although a little sweaty it was nice & clean, he moaned like crazy so I suggested that he got on all fours, he did so, I then went to town licking his tight hole while reaching under to wank his very hard cock.

he mumbled "rub your cock on me" so I knelt behind him & started to rub my nob over his hole, he said "try putting it in" so I lubed up my cock & started to push into his hole, when my nob pushed in he said it hurt & he couldn't take it so I pulled out, he turned over & lay on the bed, his cock had gone soft,

he said "perhaps I should go", I told him it was normal & suggested that it would be easier if he straddled me, I watched his cock come back to life, next thing I know he straddled me & was trying to sit on my cock, this time he took me half way down moaning with pleasure, I wanked him as he rode me, very soon he shot a huge load over my chest,

he lifted off me & went quiet, said he had to go,

I let him out saying "message me if you want to meet up again" he sort of grunted bye,

a few weeks later........