4 May 2019

Just wanted to share another bi experience I had recently.

I was working away and horny as hell, sat in my hotel room. Unfortunately, there were work colleagues staing there so knew I would struggle to accommodate for some sexy fun. We had all agreed to eat together, but a few had work to do so I knew I would be able to be free later in the evening. So, I shaved my cock and balls (I do love them smooth), and decided I would wear my black 6 strap suspender belt, nude stockings and black lacey panties under my jeans. I put them on and checked you could not tell I was wearing them by looking at them, however knew if someone felt in the right place they would know what I had on. Anyway, decided to chance wearing them and went to the bar, met my colleagues, had a soft drink and then food. I was on a gay site on my phone, and checked it every so often when I could, and had a few messages, but could not reply to them. Once we had all finished eating a few stayed in the bar, but I left with the others who said they had work to do. Once back to my room, I checked my messages to see if there was any interesting ones.

One in particular stood out for me. It was from a young guy in his twenties, who wanted to meet someone more mature and also like wearing lingerie. We swapped messages, and pictures, and he was extremely fit, totally shaved smooth, and had a lovely cock on him that I was eager to suck. He could not accommodate either but said he knew a safe place to go. We arranged to meet in a pub a few miles away from my hotel. I was very nervous as usual when meeting someone new, and never having had someone so young, but sat in the pub with a semi on (My leather cock ring was keeping me aroused). He arrived about 10 minutes after me, got himself a drink and then sat at the table and introduced himself and he was as fit as his pictures suggested. We chatted for a while, and he had a feel of my suspender clips through my jeans and ran his hand over my cock which was getting harder. I also had a feel of his suspender clips and cock through his jeans and it felt impressive. Once drinks were over, I said I was going to call in the gents before I left and that I would see him outside as we were going to use my car to go to his safe location.

In the gents, I stood at the urinal and was peeing, with my semi on, when I heard the door open and someone come in. It was the young lad I had just met. He said he also needed to pee and got his cock out, which was hard, and stood there stroking it at the next urinal. It was extremely horny, and he did not seem at all phased that someone could walk in. I zipped up and said I would see him outside when he had finished, at which he said why not give me a little suck before you go. I said no, but he just grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, and I naturally just started to wank it. He then pushed me down a bit and I just took him in my mouth and sucked, but only for a few seconds as I was sure we would get caught, but he just laughed.

I then left and waited outside. He came out and we got in my car and he directed me out of town. As we were driving along he took his trousers and t shirt off so he was sat there in stockings, suspenders with a hard cock and nothing else and I struggled to concentrate. He then undid my jeans and got my cock out and started playing with me. After about 3 miles he directed me down a narrow lane for about 200 hundred yards and there was a small area just off the side of the road where we parked, which was quite private. He then started to suck my cock as I was sat there and worked my jeans down and off. I took my short off and was sat in my stockings and suspenders as well. He then said we should get out and have some outside fun, and as there was no one anywhere I could see I agreed. So we got out and left our clothes in the car, and walked about 20 yards up a track to a clearing in some trees where we then started to kiss and fondle each other. I was extremely horny and he pushed me to my knees and I sucked greedily on his cock and balls. I went to finger his arse, and found he had a butt plug in which I then proceeded to work in and out of him. He was getting close to coming, so he stopped me and we swapped over, and he sucked me and fingered my arse. He then had me laid on the ground and we kissed and sucked a lot more. I was definitely carried away and did not hear anything until I heard a voice say, "and what do we have here then" and I realise that there was someone watching us. I made to stop and get up but the voice said to carry on as it was lovely to see an older guy servicing a fit young stud. The other guy then came closer, dropped his trousers and fed his cock towards my face as well and told me to suck him. I did not know what to do, but the lad I was with just took hold of the guys cock and fed it into my mouth so I sucked him as well. While I was doing that the young then started rimming my arse hole as I was on all fours and it felt so good, that I did not object when he put his cock up me and started fucking me. The guy I was sucking then exploded a huge amount of cum in my mouth, which I tried unsuccessfully to swallow, and had quite a bit running down my chin. And at that the young who was fucking me pulled out spun me round and shoved his cock into my mouth and proceeded to cum as well.

So I had 2 loads in quick succession, on my knees in my lingerie in a wood. They then had me lie on my back and wank myself while they watched. As I was getting close to cumming I could see they were both hard again, and the new guy then spread my legs and shoved his cock up me and proceeded to fuck me hard, while the young lad then started to suck me. I came in his mouth, and he then gave me a spunky kiss as he had not swallowed it and fed it into my mouth. It was so erotic, and I then felt the other guy start to tense as he was ready to cum again, he pulled out of my arse, shot his jizz all over my cock and balls, and then the young lad cleaned me up, licking up all of his spunk, and again giving me a spunky kiss.

After all of this I was knackered so said I would have to go, and both of them kissed me long and hard and had a good feel of me, as I did them. They then confessed that they knew each other and had been together previously, and that they often met guys at this spot so occasionally turned up on spec looking to join in with any action. We went back to the car and got dressed, and the young guy got a lift home with his mate and I made my way back to the hotel. Managed to get in without any of my colleagues seeing me and had a long shower. My stockings were ruined, but it was a small price to pay for such a good horny session (I suspect they had set it up together), my arse had a warm glow from having had 2 cocks up it, and I could taste their spunk for quite a while.

I just wish I could have more successful sessions,,,,,,and meet those 2 again

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