Written by Terry

29 Sep 2011

I'd gone from my home in Wales for an interview for my first job at a hotel in Blackpool,I don't think I had any plans to have my first homosexual experience,I knew I had a leaning towards men but in the village where I came from that was completely taboo,when I'd be with my mother at Colwyn Bay for a day out I would always be taking sly looks at men in their trunks and like one or two other stories on here I'd come across a bit of exposure in the gents toilets,but that was it really.

I was staying over in a B&B in one of the back streets in Blackpool,just a cheap place with a sign saying vacancies in the window.The owner was a chap in his 50s,he showed me to a little room,basic with just a washbasin,he took me along the corridor and showed me a bathroom/showerroom/toilet which had a sign on the door saying gents.

My interview was the following morning so I went into town for a look around.I came across these toilets which were downstairs off the street and found myself going into them,still innocent to some extent.There were 4or5 chaps standing at the urinal,a couple of them turned and looked at me,I did'nt have a clue,I'm a young fairly good looking lad heading into one of the cubicles.

Within seconds of pushing my pants and undies down a piece of toilet paper which was stuck on the wall fell away and theres a piece of rolled up paper coming through a hole in the partition asking what I like doing,I'd never even heard of a gloryhole and had no idea what the note was about and I have no idea why I looked thriugh the hole,but I did.

He was standing there and from what I could make out he was naked,it was the first time I saw another man wanking himself,I remember pulling away from that gloryhole in shock shaking from head to foot,did I really see what I'd just seen,but before I could work things out the next thing happened,he's pushed his cock through the hole,in complete panic I pulled my pants and undies up and got out of there fast.

Back in the B&B I went in my room and lay on my bed in my undies with what I'd just experienced going round and round in my head.I put my hand inside my undies and started to play with myself and I've got myself an erection,I can see him wanking himself ,I can see his cock sticking through the gloryhole,I push my undies down and off and lie there on my back with my eyes closed masturbating.

I don't know if I dosed off for a couple of seconds or I was completely lost in my thoughts but I did'nt even hear him open my door which I had'nt locked,it was only when I heard him say"sorry young man,I should have mentioned about how to work the shower" and opened my eyes and nearly died of shock,I'm lying there completely naked masturbating and he's just standing there watching me.

He was making no attempt to disguise what he was looking at and was showing no signs of leaving my room,he stood there and smiled at me,"thats nice" he said,I start to scrabble around trying to find my undies,he walked towards the bed bent down and picked them off the floor where they'd fallen,pity to hide that,he said and sat himself on the bed.

I realise now that he had no idea that I had never engaged in a homosexual act in my life and because I was in a state of complete embarrassment and confusion appearing to be compliant was a come on.He reached and started to move his fingers up and down the inside of my thighs,all the time looking in my eyes and smiling,I wanted to tell him to stop but somehow no words were coming from my mouth.

I could feel his fingers move closer and closer to my balls,I'm layed there not moving, holding my cock in my hand,its still fully erect,I looking into his eyes,everything I'm doing is telling him I'm OK with what he's doing.It was as if that second that his fingers first touched against my balls that my homosexuality became real,I felt my body have what I can only describe as an orgasm,I felt my bottom rise off the bed and my cock begin to jerk in my fingers,he saw my reaction and just repeated his earlier words"thats nice",I'd given him the green light.

He moved his fingers up over my balls,gently feeling each one in turn,he moves my fingers from around my cock and replaces them with his,I can't prevent myself from pushing upwards towards him,I'm finding it difficult to breath,I make no attempt to resist as he starts to masturbate me I can hear his reasuring words"thats nice,thats nice".

I start to realise I'm going to ejaculate,but I don't want to,almost as much about embarrassment as anything else,up to that point that was the most private thing in my life,shooting my load.He's bending down between my legs which I have opened wide without even thinking about it,I could'nt believe he was doing what he was doing,he was licking the head of my cock,would a man do that to another man,he was doing it to me,surely he was'nt taking my cock in his mouth,but he was.

I felt the unbelievable heat and the wetness and then the long slow sucks as his head moved up and down,and then the complete and utter explosion of my previously untapped juices.I won't even pretend to remember the next seconds or minutes,I know he kept sucking me until there was nothing left,and his words as he lifted his head up"that was nice".

The pull cord for the shower is outside the bathroom door he said,and as you're the only guest tonight you can help yourself whenever you fancy,you need anything give me a shout.I did'nt get the job at the hotel.