Written by John K.K.

10 Dec 2011

On my way home yesterday evening I called into a small dogging site usually used by the gay fraternity.Not a good day at work,looking for a bit of a diversion,looked like that was'nt going to be good either,nobody in sight,bloody cold.Crossed my mind to just have a wank,just got my cock out when here comes lights.Its a camper van thing,I've got my internal light on,switched it off,knowing he'd have already copped it.

He pulled in behind me and knocked his lights,all darkness for a minute or so then on comes his internal kights,yes,yes,I'm thinking,got my internal on and get to real work on my cock,I need to fuck or be fucked.I see him get out of the front and open the van door,I'm looking in my mirror so can't see what he's like but don't give a fuck,he gets in the back,I push my pants down and off,followed by the undies,I'm fucking cock happy,and wanking like fuck and when I'm in that mood I can wank,I stop myself getting naked even though I want to,surely he'll come to investigate,he's getting out,thank fuck for that,then my heart sank,its a woman,I wanted to fuck a man or be fucked by one,I did'nt want a splitarse,my fucking luck,she's at my widow,skimpy top tiny skirt,not bad looking from what I can make out but I want arse or cock,shes looking at my cock being wanked and looks pleased enough,she lifts up the front of the skirt,I know a cock in knickers when I see one,he puts his hand in the knickers and takes it out and points towards the van and walks away.

It was fucking freezing outside my car,naked from the waist down holding a rampant cock,it was hot in the van,not a second was wated he took my cock from my hand and took over wanking me.I can't stay long he said are you alright with that,I just want a quick fuck,are you up for a fuck.Even as he's saying it and wanking me I'm stipping off my shirt,do you want to fuck me or you want me to fuck you.

I need you to pull my knickers down from behind and ram this fucker into me,he turned his back to me ,I lifted the skirt up and he's saying please don't fuck me,don't tear my knickers off and fuck me,you're such a big man with that big cock,don't tear my knickers off and fuck me with that big cock,he put his hand back and grabbed my cock,thats such a big big cock.

I took hold of his knickers and yanked them down,please don't tear them he whined,let me take them off,its not nice to tear a girls knickers,then take the fuckers off I said,because I'm going to really fuck you,he pulled them off and put his hand back on my cock,thats such a big big cock.He had already lubed his lovehole,I pushed his fingers off my cock guided it to his lovehole and rammed it up into him,put my arm about him and took his hard cock from his hand and gave him the wank of his life as I rough fucked his arse,I can usually hold on and make a ficking session last 10 ,15 minutes but not this one,mind you him spunking so quickly did'nt help,it set me off and I'm filling his willing arse.

The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes from when I drove in there but I drove away feeling so much more relaxed.