Written by Dafyrucker

17 May 2018

Running North on M40, I decided after 14.5 hours working I’d had enough and feeling horny decided to park in the gay lay-by just outside Banbury, being a Thursday and the sun shining I was surprised when i pulled in and it was deserted, having had a shower at Oxford svcs and a good douche I decided to strip naked straight away, I didn’t bother closing the curtains as I was all alone in the lay-by, paperwork done, cock strap on and passenger open I took a cold beer from the fridge and put the Tv on..

about 40 minutes later I heard a rustling in the hedge so looked out to see a guy about mid 50s standing there with an impressive cock in his hand. We started chatting and he declared he was a top, excellent result.. I climbed out of the truck wearing nothing but my flip flops and a hardon, in my hand was a condom and a tube of lube.

My new pal wasted no time pushing me forward over the fuel tank, and he had the condom on in a blink, I’d already told him how I love a good spanking prior to being fucked, he didn’t disappoint... wow fuck could this fella plant some amazing smacks on my cheeks.. ( note to self made, take pics of hand prints for Ann)

Soon enough I felt the cold chill of the lube being rubbed in gently around my hole, followed closely by one finger then two and so on.. the fingers were suddenly removed and more spanking commenced.. then I could feel the tip of his reasonable sized cock probing my hole, I reached back and parted my cheeks to give him easier access. And very slowly and gently he pushed his manhood deeper and deeper into me until he was fully entered. As he slowly and expertly fucked me, he reached around and was slowly wanking my now very hard cock, we had both been so engrossed in our own world to notice we had a voyeur, a younger guy probably late teens early twenties was standing behind us in the hedge with his cock out having a wank, I motioned for him to come closer but sadly he declined.. a few minutes later I felt the telltale pulse of a cock about to unload.. and after a few really hard deep thrusts and a few more slaps of my ass I felt this guy unloading his cum. As he withdrew he gave me a few more really hard slaps and then his pants were up and he was gone, I noticed our voyeur was shooting an awesome load onto the floor, and as he left I climbed back into the truck, I’ve left the door open for now in the hope I get more cock tonight...