Written by Dave B

15 Sep 2008

This happened to me last week it is 100% genuine and still makes my cock ache thinking about it.

I was at home and a little horny so decided to browse the internet to see what i could find to help me out. I came accross a free chat site and after 10 mins of getting no response from anyone i decided to switch rooms. I was bi curious and love wearing my girlfreinds underwear especially when i go out in public, so i decided to enter the gay room. after a a few mins a guy local to me asked if i wanted a meet, so we agreed that the next morning would be better for the both of us. We arranged to meet in a car park in a dense forest near where we both live, as a treat i asked him which underwear he would like me to wear. He asked if i had any crotchless ones, fortunatley my Girlfreind has 2 pairs, so i agrred i would wear them. I made it clear to myself that i would not turn up but wanked off at the thought of what could happen if i did. The next morning came and as i showered i couldnt get the thought of the potential meet out of my head. I was hard and horny and decided that i would go and park up just to see if he came. as a back up i decided that if it went ahead that i would keep my promise and wear what he had asked. so i put on the panties with my hard cock stretching at the lace bursting to get out. I dressed and set off. The rain was torrential, as i pulled into the car park. there were several other cars and a few vans but no one was in them . I sat in the car lookin for any movement. The meet time came and my cock was aching it was so hard. still no movement. 10 mins passed and just as i had started the engine to drive away i noticed a guy get out of a blue car and take shelter under a large oak. i stopped the car and sat shaking. i really didnt think i could go through with it but if i was ever going to try it this was it, this is what i had come for. I got out of the car and walked towards the exit he looked at me, i smiled and he followed. we crossed the road and entered the thick pine forest, i knew he was right behind me, in a nervouse voice he asked if i had kept my promise, youll have to wait and see was my reply. Soon we came to a bit of a clearing but well away from the main paths, we were alone. i stopped and turned and leant against a tree. my hand shaking i reached out and felt his hard cock through his jeans, he smiled and asked me to get it out for him, i unzipped him and put my hand in his jeans, it felt smooth and hot, i held him tightly and took his cock out. i wanked him slowly, i asked if he wanted me to suck his cock, he just nodded.I had never done it before and was so scared, i squated down and held his cock near my face. I could feel the heat coming from his tip, i opened my mouth, moved my head forward and closed my lips around his shaft, i flicked my tongue aroun his end and gentley started to suck, moving backwards and forwards like i\\\'de seen on so many films, god this was amazing, i loved every second of it. he started moaning and then suddenly asked me to stop, he said i was too good and if i carried on he was going to cum. he asked me to stand and turn around, he undid my jeans and pulled them down, i heard him gasp and said i lookd fantastic in the lace panties and felt his hand cup my ass, his fingers gently slid down to my hole. I had brought a bottle of lube with me that my girlfreind uses when she plays with her butt plugs. I took it out and passed it to him, gently he circled my ass with his finger, then slowley he stared to finger me, fuck it felt so good, but i desperatly wanted to feel his cock in me. I asked if he had brought any protection and my heart skipped when he produced a durex from his pocket. the next thing i knew was the nugging feeling against my ass, i felt around and helped him find my tight hole. slowly i could feel myself opening up to him, the tip was in, now more of his shaft. I felt so full, it was absolute bliss, finally after years of wanting it i had had my ass filled with a cock, this was much better that plastic dildos, i could feel the heat, he slowly started fucking me, i felt his hands on my hips, i felt like a slut, the rain was cold and ran down my back, over my ass and onto his hot cock making it even more lubricated. suddenly he jerked and moaned i felt around and grabbed his hips, come in me i asked, a final thrust and he tood there for a few moments, i could feel his cock throbbing as he came. he withdrew, he turned me around looked at me and said thank you. he took off the durex, put his cock in his trousers and zipped up. he asked me for my mail address, asked if we could meet again and walked off. i was leant aginst the tree, jeans around my ankles hard cock streching at the lacy fabric. my hand reached down and i gently started to wank myself off thinking about what i had just done, i came in seconds, went back to the car and got in, i noticed a card under the windscreen wiper, it was a number and a message which said, next time i want a white g string and you in a tarten skirt.....

I will let you know what happens..