Written by Old Dog

16 Jan 2012

Im new to this site,but I love sex sites,I dont get around much anymore so use them for wanking.A few weeks ago I spent a few nights away from home in a hotel,a bit of a cheap break,Im 72 now and a widower.I was sitting on my own in the bar,there was a young waiter fellow who talked to me,he said he had a room at the back of the hotel,I could tell he was a bit girly like but he was pleasant,Id never had sex with a boy before but I supose most men have wondered about it from time to time and I do read about and look at what they call gay sex.

It never crossed my mind about having sex with him,Id had a few drinks and had just got in the shower back in my bedroom when there was this little knock on the door,at first I thought it was just a noise in the corridor then I could tell it was a knock on my door,I gave myself a quick dry and pulled the towel around me and went to the door.It was him,we,d been talking about astronomy which Im not really into but he was standing there with his laptop saying hed like to show me something and he kind of just came in,I had to hold my towel because it wasnt that big.

I thought hed only be a couple of minutes,he sat on the chair and Im sitting on the edge of the bed.I didnt realise he could see up under the towel until he said about the size of the towels the hotel provided and then I realised he was actually looking between my legs.At my age I didnt think it was possible to get a surge of sexual excitement but suddenly realising that he was looking betwwen my legs at a cock that has,nt seen a lot of activity in a long time and in his own way letting me know he was looking at it was something I had,nt felt for a long time,I had no idea what to say.

He switched the laptop off,we were,nt going anywhere with it anyway,he got off the chair and came and stood in front of me,I didnt have a clue what he was doing,but I did when he reached down and put his fingers inside the top of the towel and opened it leaving me sitting on the bed completely exposed.

I know I wanted to say stop it,Im not homosexual but he,d already reached between my legs and took my cock in his fingers,it was still soft but as he lifted it upwards and I still had,nt told him to stop I felt the first throb indicating that I was going to get a hardon.It had been a while since Id last got a real hardon,I usually pull myself off on a semi.I still had,nt told him to stop and he is wanking me and even though Im not homosexual Im enjoying what is happening and what he is doing to me,my cock was already harder than it had been for ages and now I know I dont want him to stop and when he took his hand off me I was,nt sure what to do.

But he only took his hand away to start to take his clothes off.Id seen pictures of young lads wearing girls pants but I never thought Id see it for real,that was all he left on,just a little pair of pale yellow pants,I didnt know if his cock,which was,nt large would fit in them when it was soft but it was,nt in them now,it was standing up out of them,but his little set of balls were inside them.

He reached back for my cock which seeing what was now in front of me was as hard as it used to get when I was twenty years younger.Id seen cocks being sucked on sex sites and up to that time it had never occurred to me that it was something I would ever do.Still wanking me he moved closer between my knees and his cock was almost touching my face,I realised he had no pubic hair and I could smell fragrance,hed prepared himself.

He placed his other hand behind my head and drew me forward touching my lips with his cock which was now twitching,suck me he whispered,I realised that was the first thing we had said since this started.

I didnt know if I could do it and as if he could tell what I was thinking he said it again,please suck me.I did nothing more that open my mouth and he did the rest,he stopped wanking me and took his own cock in his fingers and guided it inside my mouth.Id never sucked a cock in my life but right away I could feel my tongue feel it and roll it around and then I was taking long slow sucks on it,the spunking bit hadnt even crossed my mind,his hand was back wanking me and he was now pushing his cock in and out in my mouth.

Even when he began to do everything faster and faster did I realise he was going to come off,it was all new to me.It was only when I felt the hot liquid hit hard into the back of my mouth did I realise he was coming off,I couldnt stop myself swallowing it was just an instinctive reaction,I was swallowing spunk.I came to the point of coming off myself and then it stopped,he took his cock from my mouth and dropped onto his knees and took my cock deep into his mouth and started sucking it,that worked,it was the best spunk Id had in years.

He asked me if I wanted him to stay on and come to bed with me I said yes,at first we just lay side by side naked,then I had a massive urge to touch his cock,at first it was soft but then I felt it rise in my fingers,he reached for mine.