Written by Anonymous

6 Oct 2018

If you have read my stories before u pretty much know what I'm about

Now I'm in my 40s and the action is littke and far between which I'm cool with as my gay sex has always been about having a dark side and I don't need it it in my life but when the opportunity arrives ,,,,

I joined a few gay dating sites back in the day and tbh has not used them for ages and didn't check anymore and the pic I used was not a clear pic of me but rather me holding a huge flag with only top of my head showing ( which explains the lack of messaging )

I used that pic on my Facebook account in a completley different reason and thought nothing of it. Until I had a call from a friend of my wife's Alex

I knew him via my wife and we were in nodding terms as my wife knew his girlfriend etc etc and may have had a drink. I'm not sure. So I was quite taken back when his name appears on my phone.

" hi alex U ok. This is unexpectefd. Everything ok ?" He asked if he could pop over as he was Ted to ask me something and I said fine. I texted my wife and asked her did she know what he wanted? She was oblivious so I waited in.

He turned up and was looking as he does. Slim. Young. Dressed in white 3/4 shorts and shirt.

I invited him in. Got us a drink and asked ?

He asked me if I had ever been on gay date sites. I laughed " hahah. Of course not. WTF made u ask ? He said he seen a photo that was identical to the one on my FB profile.

" uh oh " I thought. In an instant I knew what he was talking about.

And then a question popped in my head ,,,,,, why was he in 'this gay site? So I asked him

He smiled and blushed. " I'm s but curious about it and like to browse. But never actually gone with anyone " and then stared into me

Jesus. Opportunity was here. Right here. Right now. What had begun as a strange phone call was getting the butterflies roaring and my cock stiffening

" how curious" I asked " curious enough to come here to ......?? I left the ending hanging.

I walked over and stood him up. And whispered. " curios to come here to see if I would oblige ??

He smiled and touched my hand. And we kissed. My stubble on his smooth face. The kiss got really intense and my cock was testing at me to be released. And I could feel his doing the same.

" wait wait I said ". Hold ".

I texted my wife to ask where she was. Home in an hour came the reply.

After that I got on my knees and tugged his long smooth cock free and clamped my mouth on the end and began wanking it. Staring at his face which was a mixture of utter disbelief and serious pleasure. " we have to be quick " I breathed. I led him to our showe room and started to undress us and took the lead by lying on my back and moving us into the 69 position.

I took his hard length in my mouth and pulled his arse apart and slipped a finger in him.

This he liked. I felt his tounge flick on my helmet at first then he got bolder and then began swallowing the length. His head wa bobbing up and down and sucking like a porn star. Then to my intense pleasure he began licking my arsehole and as I lifer my legs he returned to my cock and found something on the floor to fuck me with. Turned out to be a I'll on deodorant if the wife's. ( binned after). He spat in my hole and oroceeddd to ouch it in me.

This was fantastic. I continued to suck him off then felt his balls tighten before the inevitable cum spurt which flooded down my throat.

I rolled him off and gave him a long cum soaked snog. He was spent but I wanted finishing and told him to open his mouth. I stood above him and wanked into his mouth while his tounge slathered all over my helmet. I feel the orgasm coming and emptied the whole load in his mouth and sucked it all furiously

Breathless I sat next to him

" yes. That was me on that site "

We agreed to meet again in hotel because I wanted to fuck him and be fucked by him but this has turned your be a lovely icebreaker ????