Written by Harry_22

2 Sep 2013

Across the remainder of the week I was lucky enough to get more action than I thought was going to be possible. James left the site after a couple of days and I was amazed at how easily and quickly Owen would introduce the next or the additional guy to join in on the fun. The really amazing part though was how the utmost discretion was maintained and respected and I would find myself nodding good morning to guys who, the night before, I had fucked or had been in me, one way or another. Even a turn in the weather did not stop the meetings with Owen explaining fairly broadly how the rain would often bring out he best fishing and he would tend to brief me on some details of the fishing on the way back to camp in the event that I got quizzed on what I had been up to.

Walking back to camp one night, it was about two thirty, he stopped me asking me to hold on for a minute. We were in the copse that I walked through on my first night here just about fifty yards from the tents. He clicked off his torch.

“What?” I whispered and turned to him, but of course unable to see anything in the pitch black. I heard the movement of clothing disbelieving that anything more was going to happen. But I was wrong.

I was sore and tired, but on reflex I turned to him and dropped to my knees. His dick was familiar to me now and I was quite surprised and impressed that he was half hard already. He slid in and out of my mouth, just pushing at the back of my throat as he does and despite my tiredness I felt the tingle rising in me that I get when I know I am pleasing some one. As soon as he was fully hard his hands were on my head and pulling to make me stand up. I could not help but notice how ragged his breathing was and his sense of urgency was exciting. It was a very sexy moment as I felt his breath on my face and reached into my pocket for a condom. It longer than I would have liked to fumble it open in the dark and he snatched it from me, I heard the rubber as he rolled it on his nice thick dick and I turned around, pushing my shorts down to be ready for him.

Bending in front of him I smiled at the courtesy of this older chap, I heard the squelch of his lube bottle and then the cold wet tip of his dick pushed at my hole. I was almost embarrassed at how easily he entered me and flinched slightly as he invaded my tender arse. I could feel how hard he was though and his thickness soon slid in and out smoothly, massaging me into a more relaxed state.

He pumped in and out of me slowly and silently as the moon broke through clouds and gave us a dim view of the campsite. I could see my car and pictured all my fellow campers wondering how many of them were as lucky to be up to what I was doing right now! Owen was starting to push hard into me now and I was losing my footing. I nearly fell for the second time when he used the momentum to push me to my knees. I felt my own hard cock nudge my leg and I pushed make onto him to let him bang me some more. It was difficult to keep quiet and I feared that my breathy grunts might be heard. With more pushing I braced the ground with my hands until I realised that this is where he wanted me; taking my weight on my hands I moved to lie flat on ground. Cold but not damp, I most noticed my cock being pressed uncomfortably, but like a pro Owen stayed in me and soon adjusted himself above me so that as he fucked I was now driven wild with his prodding massage of my prostate. I gasped now as I realised that he was going to make me come. I tried to lift my bum up to give my cock room underneath me. I managed about enough that is moved to be flush under my stomach, just in time for his pumping to get the better of me. I felt a dizziness which was odd as I was hardly moving and then warmth on my belly as my cock twitched a little beneath me with each squirt of my come.

I gasped and felt my body slump as my orgasm passed and then Owen moved slightly again and I felt his cock throb and pulse, silently delivering his load into my arse. Considering his usual vocal nature I was surprised he managed to come so quietly, but I smiled as I enjoyed the experience. My hole hurt as he pulled out and I stood in time to see him vanish from the copse. I pulled off my tee shirt and mopped up my stomach, standing there with my shorts still round my ankles and feeling used. I liked it I thought as I pulled my shorts back into place. I turned with a bounce in my stride, more tired, certainly sorer and definitely satisfied. For tonight at least.