Written by Harry_22

24 Aug 2013

It is what could best be described as being trapped on a family friendly camp site for a week and that is as much description as I need to give that side of things. I needed the break, but as often is the case, I was horny with no sign of an outlet. The format of our days meant that by night fall, I was on my own watching the BBQ come fire burn down. I had limited connection on my phone and after an hour of trying I gave p trying to even get a saucy picture downloaded onto the screen.

Out in the countryside as I was I inevitably found the outdoors noises, darkness and cool breeze to cast my mind to various escapades I have had and so I would end up aroused as ever! I was stiff under my shorts but the site was a little too busy to risk pulling out for a stroke. I had not intended it so, but the tent was pitched at the edge of the field, adjacent to a copse that led onto the woods area. You do not win a prize for guessing where I was 2 minutes later, shorts round my knees leaning on a tree an wanking wishing I was not on my own! I always get hornier and hornier and where possible try and save myself form coming to let it build. This is a good plan usually, but I soon realised that there was no way to improve my situation, or was there…

Stopping close to coming once more, I tucked my cock back into my shorts and headed up to the toilet block. It was dark, but it was a family site afterall so I stayed away from any lights conscious that the loose shorts would in no way hide my stiffy.

All cubicles were empty but one and I took the one next to it, slumping into seat as I clicked the door lock and tugged my cock out. I thwacked my cock in my hand and listened for the breathing next to me to go silent, the tell tale sign of some one listening in. I let out a few strategic gasps as well and to my delight I soon picked up similar thwacking noises next door! I stopped wanking and just looked as my cock throbbed, listening to the wanking going on on the other side of the wall. Man I was horny. I leant forward and unclicked the lock on the door.

“My door is open,” I whispered. All noises stopped now and I waited listening to my heart beating as I wondered what would happen next.

I heard noises, things being gathered up and I figured I had lost a chance. When I heard a tap running in the basins I decided to try one last move. I got up and struggled my cock back away again. At the end of the shrot corridor of doors, I got a bit more of a buzz; there was an older gent, newspaper under his arm washing his hands. I said nothing as I walked past him, washing my hands in the basin next to him, standing upright so as to show of my bugle, bot that it wasn’t already obvious. I made a point of adjusting myself and letting out a little groan again. I saw him glance over his shoulder to the door and then finally he looked at me. He coughed quietly and then he stood back as well showing that he was still hard too. Like I was on autopilot now I could not help but lick my lips!

“Show me.” This time I glanced at the door, it was open and dark outside so I knew it would be a clear view in for anyone outside. I stayed facing the basin and pulled my shorts down so that my cock sprung out.

“Go down there,” he whispered again, nodding back down the corridor, “show me more.” I love being told what to do so I walked compliantly to the end fo the corridor. I pulled my shorts down fully and pulled my tee shirt off over my head. I looked up and he was gone, a little confused I was relieved to hear the click of a lock and the slide of a bolt. Hearing this I stepped out of my shorts completely and stood naked as he walked towards me. He stopped just three feet before me and I felt self conscious for a moment. I reached for my cock worried that nerves would be getting the better of me, but it felt hard in my hand and he smiled as I wanked it slowly. He seemed to be liking the show, but I needed him to know I fancied some more so I looked at his crotch and asked him outright,

“How about yours?” He simply nodded so I reached out to take hold. He was half hard, but had a very pleasing girth. Like me he was only in shorts and I gripped his shaft through the material. He twitched at my touch. I let go of my cock and dropped to my knees.

Taking the hem of each leg in had I pulled his shorts smoothly to his knees. When I looked back up he had lifted his top and I was facing a solid cock, fairly short but nice and thick. It twitched again and the last bit of his thick helmet popped out of his foreskin. I opened my mouth to lick him and as I did he pushed forwards and I found my lips stretched to accept his thick cock into my mouth.

I was taken aback, but the assertiveness of him really got me going, he was a big mouthful, but a pleasing one as no sooner was I thinking he was too much, his wiry pubes nestled in around my nose. I gasped around him as he pumped it into me, I could not hear anynmoise from, but managed to look up and catch a glimpse of his face, he had that sexy concentrating look and his hand was up his shirt pulling on a nipple. It was sexy view and I wanted him to spunk there and then, but he had other ideas. He stood me up and turned me to the wall, his hand went all over me as he pressed his hard cock on my thighs. I gasped at him whispering and breathing out words of thanks and encouragement. He moved to side of me and he grabbed my arse and pushed between me and the wall to get to my nipples, his hand still grabbing the flesh of my arse cheek.

“Do you fuck?” he asked gruffly.


“I wish I was more prepared,” he said as his finger trailed in between my cheeks and pressing my hole with his finger. I grunted back at him and moved as much as I could, shifting my bum back a bit and moving my feet apart! I answered no, honestly, but knew that in the mood I was in I would only need lube! He grabbed my hips and he pulled me back slightly, he was in position to take me and I felt so filthy and sexy I wished he would. He moved slightly and I felt his tip press on my ball sack. I pushed back on him.

“mmmm,” he moaned, “you dirty little…”

“I wish you could fuck me” I ventured and to my pleasure I felt the tip of his wet thumb pushing on my hole.

“Patience,” he said back at me, “patience…” he pushed his thumb hard into me and it caught a little. I flinched though I loved the friction it caused on me. I took a hand down (not remembering at what point I had spread them out across the wall) and put it on my cheek, pulling them apart for him. I heard him chuckle. He pulled his digit from me and turned me around, the wall felt cold on my back and my arse instantly longed for something more.

“Spunk,” he told me as he stood back from me his hand on his cock. I arched my back responding to the sensations in my cock as I took a hold of it again.

“That is it,” he goaded me, reaching forwards to pinch on my nipples. I gasped for him. I watched his face as he looked me over before I closed my eyes in preparation for my come. I gasped loud as my spunk rose and he put a hnd gently to my mouth.

“shhhh,” he reminded me as I looked at him, my eyes now wide with orgasm as I felt blast after blast leave my hot dick. I gasped hard as I came, a hand dropping to my arse instinctively, it separated my cheeks and I touched my hole, but was too much into my orgasm to have the coordination to do much more! Finally my breathing slowed as did my stroking and I felt me shoulder go heavy as I relaxed. I looked into his grinning face and without the chance to catch a breath he gave me my instruction,


Still buzzing I did exactly that and as my eyes leveled with his hard cock once more it was clear that my come had flown pretty far; his tip and shaft glistened in places and his pubes and stomach had come on them too. I looked up at him and smiled moving aside slightly so that I could lick my jizz off him. There was an obvious warmth and hardness to him telling me he was more turned on now as well. When I licked up all the come I could see, I fell back gently yo the wall and opened my mouth for him.

“Do it,” I told him, “fuck me now,” and I opened wide. The heat hit my lips as his fat tip pushed into me once more and I it might have been my memory deceiving, but I was sure he was thicker now as well! I had licked as much saliva around my mouth as I could and I accepted with glee, the smell of my come still heavy on his pubes as he pushed in all the way. His hands touched the sides of my head and I felt aroused all over again as his pace picked up, his hips shunting his fat cock in and out of my eager face. I felt his heat rise and with a hard push he lodged it in as far as he could. With that a hot cascade of thick cream pumped into my throat and I felt its warmth sink down my neck. Still it came pumping strong as he moved it fired around my gums and tongue. I gagged briefly but kept it together, swallowing him back down, the tightness on his hyper sensitive dick making him flinch slightly.

I could feel his legs trembling as he finally moved away from me, his now soft cock still pretty thick leaving a a last dribble of juice on my lip as he did so.

He seemed to take it all in his stride apart from that though and he casually picked up his clothes.

“You clean up for a few minutes,” he told me nodding at one of the shower cubicles, “while I sort the door out.” He looked down at my semi hard cock as well and moaned one last time at me.

“See you tomorrow night,” he smiled. Damn right I though to myself and knew that this quiet camping trip was not going to be so bad after all!