Written by Joe Nine

7 Apr 2013

I leant forward and put my hands on his shoulders then kissed him again deeply, our tongues darting around each other’s mouths before I half pushed him onto the bed. I stooped down and started to kiss his chest, running my tongue over his nipples and giving them a gentle loving kiss. I slowly moved down his chest and playfully kissed his belly button. His torso so firm, not so much body hair but his skin soft and dark and so utterly sexy. I made to remove his towel, he shifted his hips so once I freed the knot I could remove it totally. After undoing the knot I wanted to taste him again so raised my head and we kissed again so deeply. As I was doing this I removed the towel and put it on the floor before kissing my way down his body again. I had my eyes closed and as I reached his belly button again I felt the tip of his cock touch my cheek. Without looking up or opening my eyes I instinctively turned my head and started to kiss the end of what felt like a very hard, large cut cock. I found myself licking then kissing then licking the end of him. He did not make any effort to assist me, his warm hand was massaging my shoulders as he made approving noises. His touch was firm and wonderful, I pulled myself away from what I was doing and kissed him again before opening my eyes and looking at his cock for the first time. It was beautiful, a work of art! A lovely purple/ red mushroom shaped gland on top of a meaty shaft, the darkness of the skin set off against the colour of the head. Veins just bursting out all over probably about 200mm long. I moved my hand down and wrapped my hand around his ample and wide shaft before gently and slowly masturbating it. We kissed again before moving onto the bed properly.

Once on the bed, we kissed again before I lowered my head onto him. Slowly at first and kissing and running my tongue along the shaft before taking the plunge and taking him all into my mouth. I kept the whole of his shaft in my mouth for a moment to let my throat get used to it so i didn’t gag then slowly moved up and down him deliberately and slowly. I used one hand to squeeze his bum cheeks, mmm very firm, i felt his hand move down my back so quickly changed positions and straddled his face still with him most wonderful cock in my mouth. He gently took hold of my very hard cock and slowly started to wank me “ho Costel, that feels fantastic” I told him before plunging down on his cock again but this time with renewed vigour. I could tell he was raising his head then as he released his tender grip on my cock I felt his warm soft lips kiss the cheeks of my arse, heaven, pure heaven and I could not help crying out in pure ecstasy. His hands parted my cheeks and I felt his warm wet tongue dart over the opening to my hole, I almost collapsed with the sensation and could no longer concentrate on sucking on his cock. Instead I lay across him with his cock in one hand letting it slap into my face with every buck from my hips created by his expert tongue.

Costel was now in control, I would have done anything he asked, i was putty in his hands, his to mold and use as he wished. His tongue left me hole and after a short while his finger started tracing my bum and eagerly found my hole. He pushed and I just opened up and welcomed him in. “lube is in the top draw if you want to use some hunny?” and before i knew it i could hear the draw opening whilst he attended to me with his other hand. I also keep my condoms in that draw, “hope he notices them, I am so his though i don’t think i could resist him even if he does not use one” i thought. I heard the cap of the lube being screwed off as his fingers were removed from me then the wonderful cold sting as his lubed fingers sort out my willing hole. I went down on his cock again, firm and sweet and wonderful as he pushed first one then two then, o my god! Three fingers! It stung but he held them still until i got used to them before sliding them in and out of me. He bucked his hips to force his cock as far down my throat as he could and groaned the most animal noises i have ever heard. He uttered words not familiar to me but thought they must be words of desire as his fingers probed deep inside me. I wanted him, i wanted to feel that wonderful, beautiful cock inside me. I was passed caring if he was prepared to wear a condom, i knew exactly what i wanted and i wanted Costel and i wanted him there and then.

I moved my mouth off him and moved my legs so i was no longer straddling him, i turned and saw his wonderful smile. I bent over him and kissed him, as i did i noticed he had also removed a condom from the draw. “I use” he said picking up the condom and felt like saying “don’t care, just use me!” but panted “yes please” I took it from his hand and ripped it open, i played with him before rolling the condom over his firm shaft. I took some lube and applied that to the condom before straddling him and guiding the tip of his cock to my hole and just left it there. I lowered my head, our mouths met again as i lowered myself down on his cock. It was quite painful at first but once his stunning head had entered me the shaft soon followed, being swallowed up by my lust for him. I stayed still for a moment until the initial discomfort had passed before rolling my hips side to side and gently raising and lowering them. My mind was filled with lust for this man as he moved his mouth from mine to let out a sound of pure enjoyment. I looked down at his face, lust, total lust. His eyes closed and his teeth clenched and panting. Suddenly his eyes opened and he forced me off him, he knelt up, parted my legs and knelt between them. He raised my arse and guided his cock into my welcoming hole with force. I was used to his size by then but the force took my breath away “ho baby fuck me! Fuck me hard, I want you” i heard myself saying as he grimaced and used me. The thrusts were hard, the noises louder, i knew he was about to cum but i wanted him to carry on for even then suddenly he pulled out of me, removed the condom quickly. I raised my head and eagerly took him in my mouth again. He fucked my face for a short while before screaming out as his cum, warm and thick burst into my mouth, thrust after thrust until his force subsided. I clamped my lips round him not allowing a single drop to be spilt then lovingly licked his shaft making sure all his lovely cum was inside me.

I looked up at him as he collapsed on the bed at the side of me, both of us panting we kissed again as i ran my fingers through his hair “you okay?” i asked “yes wait till I tell the guys at work, i think you may get a few free car washes from now on” “the other guys?” i said puzzled “yes, do you want to meet them? I can ask them if they want to come over after work”

To be continued? Up to you lot xxxx

To Mario and Chris and my very, very special V, hope you enjoyed it xxxx