Written by Joe Nine

8 Apr 2013

I was a little surprised to say the least but also a little excited “the other guys you work with darling?” I enquired whilst still playing with his hair. “yes, not all of us but 3 of us live together. We came to England together and we all got a job together and share the bills and sometimes each other’s boyfriends” I kissed his forehead “tonight you said? Are you sure?” Yes, very sure, would you prefer to come to our house?” My cock was still rock hard and what he was suggesting made it feel as if it was about to burst, 3 guys, all half my age, and randy and all up for fun! “What time were you thinking of coming round?” “about 10 o’clock, we will finish work at about 8 and then get showered” “NO!!!!!!” I interrupted “come straight round and shower here!” I will pop some pizza in the oven for you as well” That sounds very good, thank you” he said with a smile. His hand reached down and grabbed my cock, not gently but squeezed it quite firmly “ O yes Costel, yes” I panted as he began to quite forcefully start to wank my cock, he looked me in the eyes “ you like this then?” Yes! Very much” he stopped and said “show me” I looked down at his now limp penis, still beautiful and thought what we had just done before taking my own cock in my hand and started to rub it “harder” he requested, i tightened my grip “harder, faster” he demanded, I did as instructed, he slapped my bum “cum on, cum for me, cum for Costel!” I was wanking myself furiously now and beginning to get hot and sweaty “fuck yes, YES!” I screamed “YESSSSSSSS” my god, my head was filled with lust and as I came, wanking myself violently I thought I was going to pass out, Costel gripped my nipples and squeezed them as the first stream of cum shot from the end of my cock and splat! Landed on Costels chest, Spurt followed spurt until my lust started to fade and my nipples were released. I hugged Costel, I thought I might cry with the emotion but managed just to keep it together. We laid there in each other’s arms for a while not saying a single word.

“I will shower and go back to work, I would like you not to shower before I come back later, we will like you sticky and sweaty and ready to play with us!

Gulp “Yes Costel, yes Costel sir!”