Written by Georges

24 Oct 2011

As I was pumping him he had put his hand over my hair malaxing it and saying things in chinese. Moments later his cock became harder and I got his spunk in my throat. I withdrew slowly and decided to swallow it, feeling it was a bit salty anyway. I carried on cleaning his cock with my tongue. After all I was there for my own pleasure and challenge and did not think there was something disgusting in doing it.

He rolled over the bed sheet backwards saying it was so good, whispering loudly. I stayed by his side dogstyle looking at him, moved forward and leaned again to lick his cock that was becoming a bit flat. I left the bed saying I would get drinks out of the fridge to which he agreed.

As I was dosgtyle sipping my cocke he saw my dick and said he wanted to suck it until he would himself recover.

Now he was after me and it all became delicious. He gave me a good blow-job, quite long, turned sideways in the dogstyle position asking that I could caress his ass while sucking..

Now my cock was really hard and I felt I would not cum immediately.. As he halted he said he was becoming a bit hard and asked whether he could fuck me. From his business bag he took out a tube of lube and condoms.

Minutes later I was dogstyle again and felt his cock pushing at my entrance.

(more soon)